hey besties get ready for plot 2!!

...”announcment: we will be having a halloween party! it will be in the school this sunday!”

that’s all you get to know for now


hey besties get ready for plot 2!! ...”announcment: we will be having a halloween party! it will be in the school this sunday!” that’s all you get to know for now

12 1
i’m in school but i’ll be on and off
i’ll be very after after school though
i’ll be on all day
i might forget cause i have a very short attention span
hi friends
idk if i’ll be on tonight
my mom got really mad at me for having an anxiety attack at the dinner table last night😗✌️
so i’m just thriving
good to know I’m not the only one who’s parents yell at me for that stuff
my mom made fun of me for crying the other day lol
can’t tell my family anything
yeeeah my mom yelled at me when i had a panic attack
that was fun
so we don’t know what the plot is yet
also this post is a vibe🤩🤩
hi :)
you wanna rp?
I’m gonna be slow because yet again, I have loads of homework :)
i’ll be on
i’m back
i guess i’ll wait for you guys
I’ll be on all day tomorrow because I’ll be driving for 10 hours
but I have a few projects I have to finish before the weekend so I won’t be able to rp tonight :/
oh okay
i’ll be on in the afternoon tomorrow since i have something to do in the morning for school
okie brooke have a good night <3
hey i’ll be on tomorrow i was with my cousin tonight :)
good morning
rp anyone?
wait so how is this going to work? is brooke waiting for a lot of people to be on to reveal the plot or do we just continue rping like normal until she wants to reveal it
hey bella :)
i think the second thing you said is what she’s going to do
hey ella :)
i’m just gonna rp and we’ll see how this goes😆
okie sounds good
Shoot I forgot muh ocs
there was that one dude
and then that chick
ahahah I’m temporarily happy so that’s good
wait I love how bElla said “I’m just gonna rp” an hour ago and then she was silent lol
bro I know I was here waiting for her to commence the rping
aW caroline I’m glad to hear that but I hope it stays that way
Archie gripped the charcoal between her forefingers, putting the finishing touches on her sketch of Archie from Riverdale
she’s drawing her twin :0
yeah sorry carol i’ve been like in aNd out
NOW i’m gonna rp.
julia walked into the school, went to her locker, and hung up her fall jacket.
it’s been a hot min :)))))
Ross saw Julia and approached her. he didn’t know what to say so he said “noice jacket.” and then he stood there awkwardly, looking at her shoes.
how does one role play
I forget how
Archie held the sketch up to admire her work, then sighed audibly and slid down in her seat. she flung the drawing over the arm of the chair. “who the hełł thought it was a good idea for me to draw” she spoke to herself
I’m over here trying to think of things that people do at school caUse I dUnNooo
hi kat
Bruce ate a cheese stick on the roof.
^see that’s something people do at school
julia raised an eyebrow, then said, “thanks?” she closed her locker and turned to face him. “are you alright?”
i have arrived
ethan was on the football field, laying on the turf. (bc why not)
Ross nodded. “yep, sorry. what about you? are you alright?”
julia sighed and said, “its fine,” as she walked away from her locker. “i’m alright.”
Ross started walking with her. “you sure?” although this may have as well been normal Julia behavior.
bruh i just accidentally killed someone in among us and the kill cool down was so long and the speed was so slow and this guy caught me smh
“yeah,” julia said sharply, continuing to walk down the hall. they passed a poster for the halloween dance. “they’re doing a halloween dance?” she mumbled.
😂 oh no
Ross nodded. “uh-yeah. are you going?” he looked at her, trying to make out her body language.
what the heck is up with this chick
yeah i’m not the best imposter snsiduehriir
“i don’t know,” julia said, studying the flyer.
yesterday I was a crew mate and the whole time I kept saying “guys I think I’m sus but idk” and different variations of that, but they ignored me and when it finally came time for me to be the imposter, I kept saying it and they were used to it so I won 😂
Ross nodded slowly. “well. do you wanna go with me?”
julia’s eyes widened at this, and she turned to face him. “i- i don’t know, i-“ she stutters. why couldn’t she string together a sentence?
Ross laughed a little bit. “okay, I feel you. take your time.”
oh hey
i’ll be on in a couple minutes
“i- okay,” julia relented. she just looked at him, not sure if she could rely on herself to form a coherent sentence.
i wonder what the plot is🤔🤔
i honestly would vibe with all of them so
Ross took out his phone and pretended to be busy while he awaited her response because in reality, he was impatient.
“can i just... think about this for a little while?” julia asked after awhile.
Ross nodded. “yeah, sure.” and he put his phone away.
“okay. good,” julia said. “i’ll see you... around?”
Ross bit the inside of his lower lip. “yeah, sure. have... fun in class?” he snapped his fingers, pointed at her, and walked off.
alright i’m here now
lolz ross is such a spaz
right? 😂
baby we’re like lightning in a bottle
I can’t let you go now that I got it
hiiii sorry I haven’t been active lately
I haven’t been here in like 2 decades.
hello from the other side
logan !
oops didn’t see that this started
rp anyone?
i'll rp
heyy i’ll rp
I’m on all night too so I can rp whenever you guys are here
I unfriended my guy best friend last night :/
I know it was better for my mental and emotional health but now I’m regretting it
awe what happened :(
well I’m proud of you for making the right move <3
it’s funny because I felt nothing when I did it last night and I thought doing it was gonna make things better even just a little bit but now I can’t stop thinking about it and I’m stuck here stalking his instagram
but I know I’ll get over it, it doesn’t hurt like crazy but yeah
oh hi ella
thanks, it’s kinda hard to explain hahah but i.... idk if I explained it in a post or not
hold on
oh I did
it sounds like it was a toxic situation which means you had to be close with that person beforehand so it’s only natural for you to be hurting. it’ll get better in time and it’ll be better for you because you’ve removed the toxicity from your live
hold on
thank you 🥺
hi Caroline :))
Brooke hasn’t been on all day 🙁
or yesterday. was she on yesterday?
I don’t even know at this point
the Halloween party was supposed to be today 😬
yeah she hasn’t, but I think she said she had stuff going on
I really want this to bounce back and I know it can we just need everyone on at the same time
I wish we’d just done things differently here a couple months back, everything would be ok
we just can’t give up on it yet
I refuseee
yeah same
this is still open siS
yeah but i don't think brooke wants us rping here during the week
it’s Friday :D
f-f-f-friday rp?🥺👉👈
watch this
now we play the waiting game
I failed :(
you should of waited two more minutes :(
I’ll be in in a few, I have to fold clothing
my whole family is talking abt politics *sigh*
I’m so sorry kat I got impatient
what a fun topic
i’m just sitting here on my phone whilst my dad complains abt ppl blabbering on abt the politic opinions whilst he blabbers his political options at the dinner table
so i’m down to rp :)
ah don’t you love watching political parties rip apart our country by the seams
yep especially when subjects have nothing to do politics
hello sal :)
buckle up y’all seatbelts bc now i feel the motivation to actually rp
hello kat 😈
Theo struggled to hold an armful of papers whilst shoving another stack into his duffle bag. He sighed defeatedly as half of them flew askew and landed on the ground below
hello there
juni watched theo raising his eyebrow, “very clumsy” he commented
hello ella 😈
i arrived here from the gc when u said to revive the rp
I zoomed
Theo lifted his gaze “oh- I didn’t know I had an audience” he knelt down to recover his belongings
ella?? gc?? am i missing smth here?
I’m glad it attracted some people
on insta
did ella just comment bc i can’t see her comment
“well now you do,” juni grinned and remained sitting not bothering to get up and help theo. his eyes trailed up and down theo and he muttered something incoherent. “what is your name?” he finally asked
wow your phone is blocking me out. how rude
kat do u have insta cause we can add to the gc
*add you
Archie laid sprawled out in the grass, her arms crossed under her head as she watched the clouds
oli was just tumbling around, y’know the usual
Theo gave up on trying to stack the papers nicely and finally just shoved the remaining pages back into his bag. “Theo.” he said flatly, his accent evident in the single word
as all the best do, oli
you want to hear something really dumb
“where are you from?” juni asked, he was curious he heard the accent before but couldn’t place it. he watched as theo shoved the papers into his backpack, “well that was rather harsh. papers have feelings too”
i didn’t realize ella changed her icons and brooke and ella’s icons look similar
omg i just realized their icons are similar lol
i am the pinnacle of idiocy
hi carol :D
“Is that so? well they’ve already hurt mine today, so I’m not sparing much sympathy” Theo cracked a grin. “Northern France, I just transferred recently.”
I didn’t even realize that :0
we’re twins now😎
“Northern France? That makes sense now.” Juni concluded. “why are you feeling upset?” he remained seated, and twirled the ring on his finger, “i’m juni.”
Braxton ran around the track. 🤷‍♀️ Blair scrolled through tik tok, trying to find ways to get more famous than her brother. Keely sat in the bathroom. Bruce sat on the roof and ate some cheese. 🧀😊 oh and Ross was existing somewhere because I don’t like him now.
oh. rip Ross
Archie stared idly at a cloud closely resembling the silhouette of a penguin
“Well to start off, do you know how many forests were annihilated because the teachers here refuse to do anything digitally” Theo waved a paper in the air as emphasis. “oh and it’s nice to meet you Juni” he quickly added with a lopsided smile
my teachers think assigning us a project two weeks in advance in going to solve the problem of procrastination haha
I just finished it an hour before it’s due and I’m feeling accomplished
hi i’m back
well it was a pleasant 15 minutes of having more than two people on
ah yes
how are you Kat :)
ah of course i'm never on when people are actually here
hi elizsa
hello :)
i’ll rp with anyone
give me 5 minutes and I’ll be on too
I lied it was 7
Sue me
Archie weaved blades of grass together, forming a crown of sorts. she flopped onto her stomach and picked flowers to add to it
hi i’m back
back again
gn guys i’m sLeeping oopsies😎
night bella
good morning
good morning
well actually i guess it's afternoon now but whatever
that’s true
but my sleep schedule says otherwise
yeah, if i'm being honest i thought it was still pretty early until i checked
got my pr today in cross country 😽✌️
not like you guys’ll understand 100% tho 💀
on my first meet it was 32 minutes and it keeps dropping down, my pr goal was 30
next year it can probably be 25 or less
wait I might get on varsity
anyway I’m gonna go shower and make tea or something
nice Caroline I’m proud :D
hello lads
aww I just made a friend 😭
wait this always always happens
every time I lose a friend I gain one
although this situation is odd
c to the c’s
cats and catahoulas
carpet and cupboard
treasure planet is the best movie
hey bïtchxches 😃
not y’all dying LFNAOFHSIFH
hi I didn’t know you guys are still kinda dead oop..
add me on discord annalise#0725
will do
and yeah we’re dead but we’re kinda trying
oh hi yeah I’ve been very dead 🗿
hello there
can we all make a vow to rp this weekend
i’ve been busy but my schedule should clear up now that it’s getting colder
oh heyyy
and i'll absolutely rp this weekend if other people are here
i just won't be here on saturday
I might be free on Saturday, my cross country meet may be cancelled although I hope it’s not. there were 3 confirmed cases at my school yesterday and so they had to shut the school down and now they’re investigating and doing contact tracing, it’s such a mess
some girl on the soccer team went to a party and got the virus and my friend’s whole season was cancelled because of that
so I’m just thankful that at least I can still do meets and practice at home
but I will rp when I’m available, I’ve been busy haha
I’m down for this weekend
girl our school has like 7 cases and we haven’t shut down because COVID is apparently a joke here
okay so i'm commenting this from my ipad cause i haven't updated it yet, but i'm not gonna be able to rp anymore. with the recent update i can't click on collages anymore so i obviously can't comment on them.
😕 holy hełł
Um bye not pc breaking
hahaha yes
I got to this through the feed but it took like two minutes
is it still a problem for you guys
yeah, it is
😬 ok
the problem is finally fixed!!!!
finally fixed!!!!
thank goodness omg
ah kat cute pfp
I’ve been so lonely heh
happy friday
can we PLEASE rp tongiht.
rp anYone🥺👉🏻👈🏻
good morning :)
dang a lot has changed within this past month
yes it has
also i’m bored even though i have 29374937485 things to do for homework
this weekend is actually the first weekend I’ve been free of work since the whole year and I can finally focus on myself
but bc of corona I have 3 months until winter track starts and cross country just ended so it’ll be like that for a while
so we should really rp
hey guys
feeling lonely, feeling anxious
i miss u guys
especially since i’m staying at a condo that brings bac so many memories i had with you guys
i remember like two years ago i was staying here and i snuck out of my room that i was sharing with my mom just to rp with you guys.
good times.
oh my god aww
imy guys too
the other day I heard “moral of the story” by Ashe and it made me think of tor because that’s the time it came out and I listened to it all the time while playing Xbox and roping there at the same time
so I’ve been avoiding songs that came out around that time bc I miss it lol
yeah the songs: “moral of the story” and the softer version of sweater weather- like boy the original- were songs i used to listen to during tor
*not the original
omg did I say “roping” that’s embarrassing
rping smhhhh
but yeah certain songs just bring back memories
aww giys. i miss u too
if you can, we should rp tonight. i’ve had a really stressful weekend and i need something to take off the edge
also i was listening to passenger by noah kahan and it brought back so many mems from tor
GUYS** actually, you guys are my giys now. a mixture of girl/guy
i’m listening to it rn and the reminiscing vibes are making me nostalgic :)
this makes me sad but like nostalgic
“this city” by Sam Fischer always reminded me of the tor plot plus all the ships 🥺
i’m gonna listen rn
and yes kat it does :(
omg that song is so accurate for tor
oh hey people were actually here
of course i somehow managed to miss you guys as usual
everyone’s kinda been on and off. but if anyone wants to rp i’m down
julia walked into school, noting the winter dance flyers posted all around the school. christmas was definitely one of her favorite holidays, but she never let anyone know that.
i'll be able to rp in like, an hour
ok cool
heyy i'm here now
hehe hi 🪦💀
Archie watched a firefly dart through the frigid air, only landing when it reached a rose bush She rewrapped her scarf around her neck and tugged her beanie over her ears as she stood outside the school alone
i have to go take a quick shower but i swear i will actually rp when i get back
I’ll be here :D
sorry i was trying to get tiktok famous and now i’m going to bed
alright i'm here
not sure if brooke wants us rping on the weekends or if she knows if the problem is fixed
i'm pretty sure weekends is fine for rping, but maybe someone should let her know we're all here again
for some reason I don’t think she ever sees my comments bc I’ve never gotten a response so it can’t be me 🙂
8 more until 900 😨
i would but i don't want to bother her
what’s her main
I don’t think it’s you Caroline she probably just forgets to respond which is what I do a lot😂
her main is @Conlar
but yeah, she probably did. i forget to respond to people all the time.
Theo roamed the library, walking behind a shelf secluded in the corner. He shivered as the schools AC unit kicked on despite the freezing temperatures outside.
we can rp tonight but let’s hold off for now on tomorrow just so we can get her opinion first
aw theo 🤧
I’ve missed him but I really need to sleep
get some sleep carol
but if you’re still up later I’ll probably be here still
Archie snapped a photo of the illuminated scenery and gasped as the firefly landed on her hand
dang we’re so dead
indeed we are
hello lads
so um...
happy thanksgiving?
happy thanksgiving to you too :)
happy thanksgiving
it is technically Friday for me
in 8 minutes
and on Friday
the chaos will ensue 😈
imagine not being able to sleep
that’s wild man
hey hey hey
can we PLEASE rp today :))
and does anyone know if brooke knows we’re on here? i’ve seen her posting on her extras but i don’t know if she knows we’re talking on here
I don’t think she’s really into this anymore
literally miss tor
we can still rp tho cause it’s the weekend and she has it open
yeah can we
i also miss tor. i was going to ask her a little while back if we could round everything out, since everything was so unfinished
like have a weekend or two to finish the last two weeks
i’ll be here all night if anyone wants to rp :)
hi bella
what’s tor?
I’ll be here in about an hour cause I’m decorating for Christmas :)
tor is the rp that we were a part of before this one
darn i have to turn dark mode off bc i cant see what i’m typing in the chat🥸
oof I remember when dark mode first became a thing. rping was a whole new struggle
it rlly is so annoying
how are you bella :)
oh hey
people are here
hi elisza
I’m in and out lol
i should be on for the rest of the night but i have the attention span of a goldfish so who knows
hey there 🥺👉👈
my friends went to visit my other friend at work today and I couldn’t because my parents are strict about the virus but I haven’t had social interaction in such a long time and doing things over FaceTime is really gonna so bad things to my mental health soon 🙂
anyway let’s rppp
oh *do* not “so”
yes yes yes
i’m good ella hru :)
oh yikes, i don't even remember who my characters are
aw carol i know it su cks. try to think ahead, the vaccines are really hopeful and i think we’ll be slowly on our way back to normal soon.
same elisza i had to check my sign up😳
and i'm sorry about that caroline, i'm kinda in a similar situation and it sucks
also, if this rp doesn't get revived this weekend i might start one myself
not to replace this one or anything i'm just bored and need social interaction
yeah i definitely would be on board for that
hAha my social anxiety hAs been thRiving during quarantine
I’m doing just splendid bella thanks for asking
okay let’s kick this thang off
Theo grabbed a box out of the schools janitor closet labeled “Christmas decorations”. he had signed up for the school committee and was in charge of decorating the school for the holidays
Archie studied the theatre productions announcement on the bulletin board. she ripped the paper off of the staple and folded it, placing it in her pocket
i shall join you
thanks guys, we all got this
julia walked into school, glad for the relief from the cold weather outside. she went to her locker and took off her jacket bc i’m too lazy to come up with something else
ethan was on the football field, capturing pictures of the fall day.
i’m a little... um... rusty
lol same
toni was laying in the middle of the school field (is that even a thing?) listening to music. cause yeah, that's probably a thing people do.
Archie took a seat on the bleachers outside, enjoying the crisp weather. she turned her head to the sound off a camera clicking, and watched as Ethan captured the scenery. “Do you come here often?” she chuckled to herself. “sorry- that sounded like a cheesy pickup line. I meant is this a good place for photography”
bee was sitting up against their locker, a cup of coffee in hand. they were probably in people's way but they didn't really care.
ah yes, this is fantastic rping on my part
Theo hauled the box out of the closet, his head barely visible over the top of it. He started down the hall, not seeing Bee and tripped, sending the box and all of its belongings sprawling across the floor
I was trying to combine hello with welp
Bruce was running through the hallways, bags under his eyes, late. He’d overslept and was still so tired, he couldn’t even find his own locker.
bee pulled their legs closer to them and looked down at theo. "uh...you okay?" they asked.
Ross ate a bagel in the kitchen while texting his sister. The lunch lady was confused as to why he was in there but didn’t seem to mind the company.
Theo gave them a thumbs up. “man, gravity is a real pain” he picked himself up and grimaced at the mess “maybe I shouldn’t be in charge of decorations anymore.” he chuckled. “I’m Theo, sorry for tripping over you” he stuck his hand out
Keely browsed the internet in the cafeteria. she was feeling different and was thinking about going grunge.
hEllo it’s me
i commented on this tiktok positivity video and people complimented my eyebrows & voice and called me CHILL
and I’m gonna find that post and comment I KNOW HER
😂 omg
ethan looked up at the bleachers and smiled. “that’s alright,” he said, walking towards archie. “i come here a lot, actually.”
Blair watched Keely from a distance, wondering if she should go up and talk to her. it had been a while but the past few weeks had been tough for Blair and she really needed a friend.
bee rolled their eyes and tried not to laugh. "yeah, seems like gravity is out to get you. suppose it is mostly my fault though." they said. "i'm bee by the way."
“I see why,” Archie mad room for him on the bench “for a highschool field it actually is quite breathtaking. can I see you work, if you don’t mind?”
Braxton made tiktoks on the track. I don’t feel like being descriptive for this one.
aaand that’s all of em. feel free to approach my lonely childrennnn
someone make ✨drama appear✨
bee is such a mood
oh no not the drama
Blair finally summed up enough courage to approach Keely. “hey,” she mumbled. Keely whipped her head around and stared at Blair for a few seconds. “I- hey?” she tried her best to seem intimidating but it wasn’t working.
ethan nodded and sat next to her. “it’s nice, isn’t it,” he agreed. “sure, definitely.” he got up off the bench and started to talk more shots of the field around them. (girl i typed this 28478484 times bc i didn’t know what to say)
yEs. drAma
I don’t really want to rp with myself but i need the character development to start
so here we go
fun fun fun
“Nice to meet you Bee.” Theo tried his best to sweep the broken bits into an empty classroom. “you’ll keep this between us won’t you?” he gave them a small smile
Blair took a deep breath. “yeah, um, I was wondering if we could talk?” Keely gaped at Blair, unsure of what was happening. “sure-I guess- if you insist.” and then Blair sat down.
Archie rested her head on her hand as she watched him. “So are you part of the school paper, with this talent of yours I’d suspect as much”
bee shrugged. "we'll see about that. it might be a whole lot funnier if people found out though."
Theo reddened “you wouldn’t-“
why... is the closing quote on the next line...I-
"like i said, we'll see." bee said before taking a sip of their coffee.
because pc likes to format things weirdly
Theo pursed his lips “remind me not to get on your bad side,” he joked. “how come I haven’t seen you around here before?@
very true
on second thought, I don’t feel like doing that
"probably because i tend to avoid other people." bee said. "i'm not much of a people person."
Theo grinned and ran a hand through his hair. “I get that- people are a lot sometimes. well it was nice to meet you Bee, but I’ve got to finish my job before I get fired from a school club” he said sarcastically “if you ever see me around the halls feel free to say hi”
hello :D
oh hEavens both of my dogs have collars with bells on them now
our house is like a church on Sunday with all this ringing
i’m ashamed of myself
“no, actually,” ethan said as he took another shot. “i kind of keep... a low profile here i guess.”
"alright, try not to fall over again." bee grinned. "and don't count on it, i'm not one for saying hi either."
bella no
tik tok is bad
yes it is
i made the mistake of getting it
wormhole wormhole wormhole
Archie gazed at the forest just beyond the field “seems most people have a similar idea. have you ever entered in a contest?” she inquired
bye bye bella see you on the other side
“right so we’ll just plan on awkwardly passing each other in the hall then” Theo grinned, waved goodbye, and turned back towards the room to gather more boxes, preferably ones without broken ornaments in it
ethan took another shot, then stood upright. “no, actually,” he said, walking towards her. “i’m more of a quiet person i guess. never really put myself out there for other people to see.”
“That’s admirable. you do it for yourself after all. I just think that someone with such talent should let the world see it too” Archie shrugged her jacket off her shoulders. “obviously I’m not trying to pressure you into anything” she added
Theo stacked a more manageable sized box into his arms and flicked the light off with his heel as he left the room
“yeah, i guess you’re right,” ethan said, leaning onto the bleachers. “i just never felt the need to flaunt my work. it was always kind of, the one thing i had to myself, you know?”
Archie studied him, “I do.” she leaned forward, pulling her gaze away “so if that’s what you keep to yourself, what am I going to associate you with. To me you’re just the guy with a camera who’s work he’ll never show” she tilted her head
ethan looked up at her. “are you sure i can’t just be the guy in the blue hoodie?” he joked, gesturing to his sweatshirt. “what are you known for then, if it’s so important?”
“oh well I’m known as the girl who isn’t known for one thing” Archie grinned “you see it’s kinda my thing. the hoodie is a good gimmick though” she smirked
“really?” ethan said with a laugh. “i’m sure you’ve got to be known for something... what are your hobbies?”
“Well let’s count them together shall we” Archie counted them off on her fingers. “I intrude on other people’s personal affairs, I skip classes an unruly amount, should I go on” she smiled as she finished
hey 😅
carol :0
I commented on your post the same time you came back
ella :O
I’m magic
wait really hold on
ahah what an icon
thank you thank you
Bruce continued to run down the hallways, still not sure where his own locker was.
Theo placed the boxes down on the tables in the library, his favorite place in the school. he gathered the garland preparing to distribute it among the room
oh bruce
all of my oc’s are such disappointments 🤨
that’s just untrue
your ocs are iconic
why thank you 😅
Theo smiled as he decorated the bookshelves in the empty library by himself oh how alone he was hint hint hint
oh hint hint hint
Bruce gave up looking for his locker and skiiiirted into the library. he saw Theo and still out of breath, gave a head nod.”
why did I püt a quote
whatever I’m busy watching james Charles’ new video I may be slow
geez the gay energy I’m feeling between this and the video is unbelievable anyways-
understandable I’m multitasking as well
Theo smiled to himself “what, did you just run a marathon?”
Bruce nodded thoughtfully. “wait, probably.” he walked to Theo. “I slept in today so I was late to school and in all of that rush, I forgot where my locker was so I ran around the school a couple times.”
“i’d like to hear it,” ethan said with a laugh. “so you’re basically a gossip and rule breaker?”
Theo shook his head disapprovingly “oh Bruce, when will you learn” he cracked a grin. “so is that why I haven’t seen you all day?”
welcome back from the depths of tik tok
yeah... it’s bad
on the bright side i got on the fyp
“I like to think of myself as unpredictable and fun going” Archie smiled confidently and leaned back on her elbows
carol your ocs are iconic GIRL
you got on your own fyp... how does that even happen
Bruce grinned. “most likely. anyway, how’ve you been?”
obviously I don’t have tik tok cause I don’t know how this works pffft
“Busy. David the head of student committee volunteered me to hang the schools decorations up” Theo spoke tight lipped, “and as you can see that’s been going very slowly with a few setbacks” he recalled the broken box he had dropped hours earlier
dAvid the made up jOck
my friend told me LOL
idK if i wAnt to shAre
well congrats man
like there’s strangers seeing my tiktoks rn
so i’ll share
it’s @bella.schmella
oh ok ok
haha my friends call me schmella
i’m cringy yeah yeah yeah
ella schmella & bella schmella
I couldn’t find it that’s depressing
Bruce nodded. “that’s cool, well do you need help?”
“well, i think that’s a good thing to be known for,” ethan said with a smile, sitting next to her on the bleachers.
wait actually
huh i wonder why
what’s urs?
yeah lol wait if you send a link maybe
well I have an account just to view videos
“that’s my opinion too, unfortunately the excuse “I skipped class to maintain my my notoriety” is not a welcomed phrase” Archie laughed
Theo pointed towards the table lined with boxes “start with those. and if you could do the higher shelves that would be great,” Theo causally asked for help because he was too short. “So besides the running late, how’s your day been?”
Bruce walked over to the boxes. “fine, I mean nothing special’s happened.” he opened his mouth to say something cheesy but decided against it.
no :(
do not refrain Bruce
we welcome cheesiness
i'm back :)
Theo had his back to Bruce as he moved some books aside to make room for faux snow. “Well there’s still time in the day” he said with a smile, not thinking much of it
i have returned
Bruce nodded. “yeah there is..” he eyed Theo, and started decorating. “so what are you up to later?” he said casually.
“i wonder why not,” ethan said with a laugh. “seriously, you’d think thatd be more welcomed...”
I ate pie and now I am here again
fun vibes
Theo caught his gaze, before breaking it again “nothing that I’m aware of...how come?”
I wanted pie tonight but my mom said no bc that was my lunch 😅
“yet another flaw in America’s schooling systems” Archie nodded “so mr camera man, what’s your name? I think we’ve been acquainted enough to be on a first name basis, no?”
Bruce shrugged. “just wondering..” his heart started beating quicker suddenly and he had to take a few discrete deep breaths. not him catching feelings for real. “I mean, if you wanted to...”
pie for breakfast pie for lunch pie for dinner
Theo looked at him hopefully “Yeah?” he urged him on
we know no diet
Bruce played with a decoration. “if you wanted to um... you know, hang out or something?” he ran a hand through his hair. this was very unlike him, he was usually very confident.
oHohO Theo broke his confidence oop
I meant Bruce 😂 but yes Theo
Theo tapped his heel against the inside of his leg “of course” his smile growing. “do you want to hang out at my place?” he took a deep breath, and waited for a response
Bruce gulped. “I mean... sure.. if you.. yes, I’d love that. I mean, no, yeah, I’d like that.” he leaned against a shelf, flushed.
Theo laughed. this was more difficult than it should’ve been (do you want to do this tonight?)
(I mean if you’re available 😂)
He glanced at the clock above the door “wanna leave now,” he said with a mischievous gRin “I only live a couple blocks away”
yeah we good. just wanted to check so we didn’t start something we couldn’t finish
ok sounds good
Bruce nodded and brightened up. “oh yeah, that’d be great.” he looked around. “let’s go.”
Theo grabbed his hoodie before heading leaving “It’s a small duplex that we share with the landlord...who might be home. so we’ll go through the back door so they don’t knark on me” he grinned
hey hey hey
hi hi hi
oh woah ppl
oh wow hi guysss
Bruce nodded and followed Theo. “alright,” he chuckled, “sounds good.”
once they arrived Theo led the way to the backyard, and in their path sat a gray cat guarding the door. “Bruce meet Blu, blu this is my friend so don’t embarrass me in front of him deal” he picked up his cat, scratching him behind the ears
i'm back again
Bruce patted Blu on the back. “is this a French cat? I’ve never met a French cat before.” he smiled at Blu. Bruce was an animal person.
i probably won't rp though cause i'm going to sleep as soon as my laundry is done and that should be pretty soon
that made me think of this tiktok song- nvm welcome back 😭
ooh ok
Theo laughed at him “you’re cute. no he’s American, well as far as I know. I found him on the streets the week I moved here and he hasn’t left since.”
okay well goodnight elisza
Bruce nodded slowly, taking in the “you’re cute” then said “alright nice, well he’s really cute.”
Theo watched as Blu took to Bruce “I think he likes you” he nudged Bruce
Bruce regained his confidence and ran a hand through his hair. “I mean, who wouldn’t?” he patted Blu on the head and took in everything around him.
“I really don’t know” Theo spoke under his breath, then turned to open the door before his face reddened even more. “you can set your stuff down there” he pointed and led the way in
Bruce set his bag down and followed Theo, looking around. “it’s cute.” (word of the day maybe)
ok i have a show suggestion
everyone should watch suits
10/10 recommend
when you don’t have time for tv anymore~😆
when all you do is watch tv-😆
also I’ve been using that emoji way too much bc my new friends use that emoji a lot and now I can’t stop
jk I do have a life
does anyone else do that
it’s contagious
just develop habits from certain friends
oh ella 🤦🏽‍♀️
“so I would offer a game of mario kart but I’m kinda a known legend at it so you’d stand no chance” Theo said cockily
oh yes
Bruce laughed. “oh I don’t know, I’d say I’m pretty good too. Mario kart was a part of my childhood, you don’t even know.”
“is that a challenge?” Theo raised an eyebrow his expression serious. “guess we’ll have to race to find out” he set up the game and handed Bruce a remote, taking his seat on the couch and patting the cushion next to him
when guys use this emoji 🥺 it makes me cringe but when girls use it, it makes them seem so cute ugh
I h a t e that I’ve caught onto this low key sexism
but did I lie
Bruce laughed. “dämn, it’s on.” he mentally prepared himself.
oh and he sat down that’s essential
🥺🥺am I cute Caroline🥺🥺
gender roles/ stereotypes are no bueno
oh my god 😭
thank you for clarifying he wasn’t just squatting while playing Mario kart
no like my friend used it today when I told her I couldn’t go out and my heart just- ugh and then my other friend who just broke up with his girlfriend used it like two minutes ago and I literally just took a deep breath idk why~ anyway let’s carry on
Theo crossed his legs and leaned forward squinting at the screen “dAm that tree came out of no where!?!”
get an inhaler
Bruce caught up to Theo and rammed into his car, getting ahead of him. “so did I.”
oop i’m back
Theo risked a glance at Bruce “stopppppp, your distracting me” he huffed
Bruce laughed as he kept speeding ahead. “these bots are actually trash.”
“yeah well half of them are beating your aśś” Theo smirked as he pulled ahead
Bruce grunted. “NO.” and he used his banana power up, hoping Theo would slip on it. “how did you catch up?” his fingers furiously pushed at the controller.
“I told you, I’m a gOd” he laughed as he crossed the finish line 1 second ahead of Bruce. He threw his arms up in triumph
Bruce crossed the finish line a few seconds later, in second place. “BUT so am I, see? see? you just got lucky.”
Theo turned to Bruce “but I still beat you” he poked his chest playfully
Bruce blushed at the poke. “fine fine.” and he looked at Theo.
Theo looked away blushing, “s-so...what do you want to do now” he sat back, returning the space between the two of them
Bruce sighed. “hey Theo, I have to tell you something.”
Theo stared at him “oh,” he brought his knees up to his chest and rested his head on them “go ahead then” he offered him a small smile
Bruce closed his eyes. “I feel like we haven’t been bringing this up on purpose and we should probably talk about what’s going on but.... I like you Theo. and I think you knew that, and I think you like me too. I’m sorry, it had to be said.”
Theo’s widened “I-you..” he lifted his head and took a deep breath. “I do like you Bruce- or at least I think I do” he shook his head and forced a laugh “I’ve never been in this position before.” he buried his head in his hands “sorry I’m messing this up”
sorry that took so long for me to respond it took so long for me to type it out😂
😂 dw I probably wouldn’t have thought it out enough and typed out something stupid 😂
why did I put laughing emojis on both ends
see stupid
Bruce nodded. “it’s ok, take your time.” and he crossed his arms.
ya gotta express the humor 😂 by doing this😂
He steadied his breath before continuing “Bruce you mean a lot to me” he admitted “and I hope- I want this to be more. I just think we should...take things slow” he looked back up at him to see his reaction
Bruce nodded. “yeah, no I get it.” he sighed. “I just felt like it should at least be addressed.” he looked at a clock and got up. “hey, I have to go but it’s been fun, catch you later.” he waved and rushed out.
Theo watched him leave and shut the door behind. he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, sliding down the wall. as he looked up again, his face bore an ecstatic grin that suppressed his anxiety
oh dear
did I trigger Theo’s anxiety
well I have to sleep now
no it’s always there 😌
night Caroline
goodnight lads
sorry i was on and off a lot
i kept getting distracted
good morning
well, afternoon now
hey :)
hey :)
Starbucks does bad things to my stomach
I think I’m getting my period bc I feel like I need to pee but i don’t
I would’ve been on last night but I was on a FaceTime with my friend until midnight 😂
fun fun fun
does anyone know if brooke knows we’re on here?
i’ve left a comment or two on one of her posts last week when the problem was fixed, and since then i’ve complimented her collages a few times but she hasn’t replied to any of the comments.
she never replies to comments it’s a vibe
on another note, I do not think parents realize how insensitive their comments can be
I’m in the care and queens and kings by Ava max came on and my dad said “gay men call themselves queens, I bet they go crAzy when this song goes on” and I just said nothing because that was low key homophobic and stereotypical
car** not care
no sir we don’t stan that comment.
i would try to give you advice but the only thing i can think of is that you have three and a half years until you can move out😅
oh hey there’s people
oh hey another person 😃
oh hey
hey kiddos
if you’re feeling nostalgic, listen to “i know a place” by MUNA
you’re welcome :)
here’s a brilliant idea
among us rp
hey hi yes I’m alive 😀 also that’s a great idea
yes that is in fact a very good idea
that is a good idea
oh my god that’s such a good idea
hey :))
i’m not sure if brookes aware we’re on here🥲
we should all play among us together tonight <3
ooh yeah we should
just tell me what time, anything works for me
i’m not sure if anyone’s going to show up, but maybe around 9 PM est?
guys guys guys 😫 I have tea
so I dmed the guy I liked before and he was dry as heck
so I’ve given up on that
but my friend had another friend who thinks I’m cute and I think he’s cute and he dmed me and we’re talking now 😩😩😩
that’s sweet
you got this!!
hello lads
l o l
hello darkness my old friend
i miss u guys :(
i miss you guys too :(
yeah me too :((
someone do something so we can all talk again please and thank you :(.
i'm actually going to try to start a new rp in an attempt to get the gang back together
i'll comment here from that account when i get the chance
this is the account
join <3
god it’s been awhile
i missed this
i miss it too
It might not be the same but we could always attempt this again on discord
i think we could do it if we tried
if only to say you’re mine
sofia know that you and i
shouldn’t feel like a crime
ah, memories
green beans
oh hey
what if i just started rping with myself here
that would be exciting
good idea
la la la