✨Collab with -LittleSunflower-✨
✨QOTD: What colour are your eyes and hair?✨
✨AOTD: Eyes: blue&green mix✨Hair: Light brown with blonde highlights✨
✨Make sure you join in on my Icon Contest✨


✨Tap✨ ✨Collab with -LittleSunflower-✨ ✨QOTD: What colour are your eyes and hair?✨ ✨AOTD: Eyes: blue&green mix✨Hair: Light brown with blonde highlights✨ ✨Make sure you join in on my Icon Contest✨

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omg gorgeous
AOTD: brown eyes and black hair and u must be so pretty!
and ur welcome
this is beautiful
AOTD: my hair is brown and my eyes are hazel
aotd: eyes green Nd brown mix/ hair brown with blond highlights
aotd: eyes: hazel, hair: blonde
gorgeous 🤩
so pretty😍
awww ur welcome ❤️😘
YOU TOO!!! 💕 💕
hey! is our collab finished yet? I’m just wondering (sorry if I’m annoying)take your time!
OMG YESSS I’d love to too Maddie!!
do u wanna find the background and quote or do the text and pngs?
aw ty! and yeah, that’s great! :)
anything is fine!
ok great! :)
your collage for my battle of collages is due soon!! 🥳
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re:// yea np :)
Amazing!!!! AOTD: eyes: dark/light brown and hair: dark brown with light brown highlights
thank you
heyo Maddieeeeee hows it been?
your on the ocean team and you have to scroll down a bit to find it 😂
adorable + ty!
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tysm 💓 beautiful
I’m alright, on spring break rn. hbu?
cool! I have so many tests to make up for bc I was gone last week during school as well 😑
Love this! AOTD: eyes: dark brown, hair: brown with purple tips
are you gonna to do a face reveal?!
congrats on the feature Maddie! you totally deserve this
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BEAUTIFUL!!! AOTD: Eyes: blue-green, Hair: blondish
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congrats on the feature
aotd: brown and dark brown
wow! amazing xx this made my day, congrats on the feature
AOTD: Hair: Light Brown & Eyes: Brown
soo beautiful!
it’s a buety
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so cute xx
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omg!! this is awesome! congrats on the feature xxx
love this ❤️
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what are you talking about
that quote is very true
I agree! Very awesome!
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wow! you are so talented! love this!
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this looks amazing