tap 6/11 💌
wowow it's Nov now, and I'm scorching under the heat (Aus) ugh exams on Friday and Monday... this isn't the collage I wanted to post but oh well... 💞🍯💖


tap 6/11 💌 wowow it's Nov now, and I'm scorching under the heat (Aus) ugh exams on Friday and Monday... this isn't the collage I wanted to post but oh well... 💞🍯💖

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Which background? And which collab?
It’s ok I know you must be confused right now but i am too because I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t steal anyone’s background I use whatever the person who collabed with me gave me and claimed was theirs
Can you send me which collab you are talking about through remixes? And who was the collab with? You should probably ask them because I haven’t stolen anything since I’ve gotten on piccollage all collabs with anything stolen which I didn’t even expect to be the case are not caused by me and I would know because all my edits are originally made by me unless they were collabs
Because if you see on anyone’s page you won’t see edits like mine unless they stole them which is a whole new problem
I don’t know how I used your background for a collab I did again you need to ask the person I collabed with because they must know because Im sorry that you’re upset but it isn’t my fault and I can delete whichever collab you are talking about if you want and also I would never use anything from anyone here on piccollage without their permission because that’s stealing if I did that and I don’t steal edits I have my own edits
Send me which collab you are talking about please because I need to know
And I’m really really disappointed in the person I collabed with for taking my our background without permission from you and they didn’t even tell me that’s not good and that’s so wrong and it shouldn’t be ok for them to do that because you work hard on your backgrounds and honestly people who steal edits don’t tell me so how would I know? So I’m glad you asked me before doing something crazy
For taking your****** background
Like reporting me or something because I have proof that all my edits that I say are made by me are
Are actually made by me except for the collab background that you are talking about that wasn’t my doing at all and again I’m just trying to help you figure this out I’m not mad or anything I just need to know which collab because I’m just as confused as you are and I’m pretty sure whoever I collabed with has a lot of explaining to do
I’m just saying that I’m sorry you’re going through this but I left piccollage so can you just remix the background asap thank you
omgomgomg i love this!!!
this is soooo stunning! I love this!
I’m so uh...sorry
I did not mean it...promise
but I’m still soooo sorry 😞 (cries) pls just forgive me
or punish me in any way u want besides, I deserve it. do whatever u want to me
wow gorgeous
LOVE your account!
oh, ok I will no worries 😊
I was actually expecting u to be so mad at me...I’m so happy u weren’t
oh ok no problem and I’ll take it down because that’s the right thing to do!
and thank you for understanding and sending the pic
and yes I figured out who it was too so I was going to tell you as well!
it was pineapple _edits but we both know already so yeah haha I’m glad you both worked it out and settled your agreements
She knew it too (first) actually took me so long before I could tell u but yeah (I’m not sneaking in, I’m part of this too 😂)
yep I’m glad too
so who else do I have to apologize to aside from by bestie Brit and u?
Thnxxxxxx 💗
I’m actually quite embarrassed with u telling me but yeah u are actually right. so how old r u?
of course you deserve it :) this is beautiful!!
you know hacc_my_acc?
(pippa)? Do u know her main acc?
oh cool! You’re in 8th grade! I’m at 6th
and oh, it’s fine 😊