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I don’t! what do u like?
well, maybe you can start with finding a fun username, rather than keeping the one you have right now. I’d say make collages that you have fun making and just enjoy yourself. PicCollage is all about having fun, being creative and meeting new people 😊 I’m Karma btw
I can help you if you like! We can make an icon, think of a new username, maybe even do a few collars to get you started! If you have a main account, tell me, and we can use inspiration from there.
*hehe I meant collab instead of collars,
I can help if you want, what do you like to do or just what do you like in general?
Hi I’m the girl who helped you on the account @kindnessandcourage. I just wanted/needed to say that I am so proud of you. if you need anymore help, contact me through Pinterest @PacaAlpaca. I’m Alex btw💓