I'm getting them bc one of my front teeth is like further up than where it's supposed to be (idk if y'all know what I mean) but yea... 😁


Tap I'm getting them bc one of my front teeth is like further up than where it's supposed to be (idk if y'all know what I mean) but yea... 😁

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oh no hope yiu’ll be fine!☺️💕
you’ll be fine dw. just think about the beautiful smile you’ll have afterwards!💞I will eventually be getting braces but I can’t wait bc I really want nice teeth😂
I made a chat page for us
i was supposed to get braces but it’s just for cosmetic reasons and tbh it doesn’t look that bad and I can’t be doing with the pain 😭😭😭😂😂😂
but girl I’m sure ull be fine ull have perfect straight teeth afterwards 🤩🤩 could never be me 😂
omggg they arent that bad and btw i got the news that im getting mine off in 8 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!
my parents might not let me get braces and I have rly bad teeth so think that your lucky 🍀
yeah they do hurt when you first get them on and every time you get them tightened (a few of my friends have them) but they’re not the worst thing in the world. I actually can’t wait to get mine😂
thank you 😁
aw it's okay girl
hey madi omg tysm for ur super sweet comment ur the bestest!! 💞💞☺️☺️🥺🥺💞💞
and I’ll be on in a little I just have to read this book and then my page will come and say night and then I’ll be on for an hour x
Its gonna be ok Madi alot of my friends have braces and they say its not that painful and I'm also getting braces soon
don’t be scared, I had braces and really the only bad thing about them is that the way you have to floss SUCKS
But some ppl say that when you get them tightened it hurts soooo bad but honestly it hurts but like it’s not that bad
andddd I have to get my braces back on bc I lost multiple teeth 😂 and so I have to get them on again 😭😭 but we can do this together girly! I just don’t Like the way they make my face look it lowers my self esteem 😔
but you’ll look beautiful in them 😊😊😊😊
lol hi
and it’ll all be fine and I promise it’s worth it when you get them off you never wanna stop smiling 💖💖 and I ate gum and popcorn while I had braces and nothing happened so you don’t have to give those foods up 🤭
lol okay
awww 🥺🥺 tyyyy
awwwww 🥺 tyyyyy!!!! also haha yeah FACTS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
also yw and yes np glad I could help you out a bit 😊😊
nooo I bet your smile is beautiful! but I would understand not liking your smile bc I’m not a fan of mine at the moment haha
lol nun much
hey Madi I need ur help
It’l be okay! 🙌🏻❤️❤️❤️
*new post*
don’t worry!!! i have them on rn and they DO NOT HURT! like i would say i’m a pretty sensitive person but still! no extreme pain!💖💖💖 i took 3 ibuprofen before i went so my mouth wouldn’t be to sore and i just tried to keep medicine in me every 4-6 hrs as proscribed☺️
and u will be a little sore and it’ll be hard to eat but nothing u can’t handle!
and the honesty made me look older so 😁
lots of smoothies,mac and cheese, pancakes were pretty easy to eat, and FRIES i lived off of fries for the first two weeks 😂
it’s not so much pain as it is getting used to something being in your mouth while you eat ☺️
oof I will have to soon too so we are in this together
oof I still have to loose the rest of my baby teeth lol I don’t try to pull them out soooo
also thx! you are too!
lucky and np
how old r u?
don’t worry Madi I have them and they don’t hurt
I am to in February 8th 🥺😭