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me too
check it out
ok thx
hey Tehila tysm and Yh Ik it’s so sad. Actually I had a friend on pic collage she was suicidal and we became quite close and she came out as bi and I was just encouraging her and she seemed to get better but she still got some mean comments and then I left for like a month and came back and her acc was deleted and honestly I cried cuz I don’t know what happened to her
I prayed and cried for a whole day cuz I honestly don’t know if she’s alive and happy or dead
That’s why ppl like u make me happy cuz u r the type of ppl this app needs
lol Yh it is kinda confusing 😂
oh I’m so sorry I can’t imagine what losing ur mum must feel like my friends mum died from the same thing recently. I know ur dreams will come true and u WILL make a positive change in this world.
when u we’re talking about reposting something some reposted
aww thx ur a really nice person too
cool we’re pretty close then
check my new post
Teams are up
Round One Is Up!! Good Luck love 🔆✨
it’s me Arianna
hey guys it’s Paris-lovr here on my friends account, do to some things that had nothing to do with any of u I’m leaving pc😭 the only people who can use my collages are tori,billieelsihfanpage,lau,afrogemer,and stopcyberbullyingsqaud
I will miss u all u guys were all my amazing friends and I will come back after the summer with a whole new account hopefully by then u will still remember me
ok I rly can’t use her account any more so this is my last comment I love u guys alll so much and see u soon
can u stop commenting on my stuff¿ it’s honestly annoying k bye thx😂👋🏻
I’m so sorry you’re leaving! I hope you can come back soon
s**t my life is over
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true dat
and im also bisexual so um yeah @AFROGEMER
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hey are you posting anymore?
guys this is one of my old account lol