Collage by ofon


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lol I spelled Awesome wrong
do you want to do the background or text?
I can do the text
is there a certain theme you want to do?
ummmmmm..... not that I can think of. we could do Billie eilish or Ariana Grade (you pick)
we can do Ariana Grande. Do you want a simple or complex background?
I think a complex background
do you want it to be from a certain music video? you can choose the song.
I think that it would be cool to do an older song of hers like... Pink Champagne
there’s no music video bc it’s an unreleased song but I’ll just put something together lol
ok... if you want a different song you can
tell me if you want me to change anything!
OMG!!!! It is exactly what I pictured in my mind!!!
If you want me to change anything pls let me know... and if not you can post it!!
it looks amazing!!!
I’ll post it now, you can post whoever you get the chance!