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Heart 12 Response 9
can i still sign up?
(i can join in a couple hours bc i’m at lunch in school)
go ahead!
mallory day on the plane
Rainn just did her thang or something
(wait are we on the plane or in the airport?)
(kk thx) Rebecca sat in here seat watching the clouds in the sky
mallory loved traveling especially out of the country for her modeling job. she grilled through offers to model.
Cyra was staring out the window, “GUYS LOOK, IT LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN FROM HERE.” she said, as she pressed her face up against the glass pane of the window on the plane.
mallory laughed and walked over and sat down next to this girl looking out the window (cyra) “hey” she said with a warm smile
Jade sat down in a seat alone.
Rebecca looked at the girls window, nodding in agreement with her
Marigold reads.
Tessa walks around taking photos.
hi again folks
On the plane Julia basically just read books. She hoped there weren’t too many actresses and modals. She has done photo shoots before but weren’t her favourite.
Taya exited the air port with her sketch book in her hand. She had only been to California once and the warm air made her remember those days. She smiles and placed her sketch book into her book bag and pocketed her pencil.
Jade walked out of the airport following Taya. She had a tiny backpack on one shoulder which had her phone, charger, earbuds, notepad, pen, gum, and a few other things.
Julia left by herself. As she left she saw a limousine and a with her name being called out. “Ugh...”
She squinted when the sun exposed her and she turned behind her to see Jade, “Little bright isn’t it?” she joked with a smile.
She got in the limousine and waited for some other girls.
Cyra exited, “its so good, to be in stable ground now,” she said to no one in particular.
She waited for the other girls but no one came
Cyra went inside the limousine, and mentally awed over everything.
mallory got in the limousine and smiled and looked around. she smiled at all the girls “hey!” she said
“Very,” Jade agreed. “I’m Jade.”
Then Jade stepped into the limo.
Rebecca exited the airport and into the limo
mallory is talented and sits in a limo
so talented
Charity waited in the limousine for everyone else.
*Simon rents a scooter and skeets next to the limousine*
“Yeah, I guess” she said.
(me toooooooo 😂)
Julia looked outside to see who was there. No one. Except Simon.
(omg you should!)
*Simon waves awkwardly at Julia* yo
“ugh, I there.” she said with a weird look on her face.
*Simon laughs and skeeters away*
“Wait!” she yelled. “Your a friend of the bachelor right? you should get a ride in the limousine!”
*Simon sticks out his tongue* I’m good
(You should add benji!)
“Well, ok then.”
(I really miss the selection...)
(me too 😭😭😭)
Julia buckles her seatbelt as they leave.
“Same. it’s... ok “
*Simon stops abruptly to put his party hat on*
Julia sees someone chancing the limo. “Wait! someone’s trying to get in!”
^Benji benji benji...
*Simon scooters over to benji* hop on limos are overrated
the limo stops and Julia opens the door.
(I dO nOt KnOw)
(got on the scooter bc limos r overrated)
(LiMoS are overrate But a scooter? for two people?)
(BiG fAcTs.)
(my sister and her gf do it all the time to save money 😂)
it just slow up hills
“None taken. I don’t want to be in here as well.” she remarked as she closed the door.
*Simon skeets away and tries to race the limo*
(My brother had a scooter...)
the limo is ahead of them. But when they get to the traffic lights... they’ll lose.
SkEeT sKeEt!!!!
*Simon turns the speed up and tries to keep his party hat on*
*His hat flies off* noOoOoOoOo
“Excuse me? May you please go faster?” she asked the limo driver as he sped up a little.
*the party hat smacks the window of the limo* oOpS...
The limo just beat them. Julia hopped out and did a victory dance.
“We beat the boys! we beat the boys!”
aww man
*Simon goes to retrieve his party hat and puts it back on*
As the limo parked the bachelor (Liam young) came out. “Hello everyone! welcome! So far your the first group here!” he said cheerfully.
he walked to the boys. “Hey Simon! and benji is it?”
*Simon walks up to Liam and smiles* hey Liam look at all the ladies hoping to win your heart 😉
“Yeah well I’m hoping I choose the right one.”
Julia wasn’t amused. She was quite bored in fact.
Liam laughed at benji. “Your a funny one.” he said.
(are Simon and Benji still a thing?? 🤨)
(At the selection but here not yet... You are aloud to date the girls here because they want drama)
“So let’s show everyone there rooms!” he excitedly remarked.
*Simon pulls out some tea and sips it through a straw because he does that*
(oOoOoOoOoH fAcTs.)
They walked to a big building. “Here everyone gets there own apartment. Styled differently based on there wants and needs.”
*Simon hands benji a key* here this is for your room
“Unfortunately Not.”
Julia waited for her key. she hoped it would be a nice small apartment and nothing fancy.
*Simon blinks* what about my doge...
Liam whispered, “He can stay with me and my dogs.”
*Simon puts an arm around Liam’s shoulder* listen... Liam... Rex and I have a good thing going in my apartment u don’t want to kick him out do u?
“Listen... Simon... it’s not my rules here. But, your my friend... so keep him a secret.”
*Simon puts his hands in his pocket and acts like they were never talking* u got it boss
She finally got her key and walked straight into her apartment. “Ugh!!!!”she moaned looking at the big, pink, fancy apartment.
*Simon walks over and sits by benji* I’ll let u in on a secret as long as u don’t tell Liam I told u
“My mother did this!” she said to herself. She dumped her stuff and went to the park where Simon and Benji were. She went to the tree and sat down underneath it.
*Simon whispers in his ear and giggles* Liam let me keep my doge in my apartment
“I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.”
Julia looked and benji, “What about a dog?” she asked.
*Simon covers benjis mouth with his hand* gahhh shut up and yes... my doge... shhhh
“I don’t want to be here.” she said quietly.
*Simon looks over at Julia nervously* I didn’t say dog I said dodgeball bc... I play dodgeball
She completely ignore the boys. “My Mum Made me come here. I wanted to stay home. But she wants me to get married to some rich dude.”
(hey guys, what's going on?)
*Simon takes his hand back and gives benji a “shut up” look*
(not much...)
(yeah just talking pretty much)
“Yeah. I guess. But I want to find my own person to marry not have my mum set something up.”
*Simon smiles then looks around again cautiously* I have to walk him before he takes a dump on my bed or something
“Yeah. She’s been doing this my whole life.”
(ok cool... i think i'll join tomorrow)
*Simon pulls benji into the apartment building and gives him another “shut up” look* I’ll tell u once the coast is clear
she turned around. “Yeah! what’s the breed of your dodgeball?!”
“um, Julia.”
*Simon stops mid step* I have a dog back home you know I miss the little guy hehe
Liam saw Simon. “Hey again guys!”
*Simon actually is going to melt* heeyyyy Liam
“So, What have you been chatting about?”
“same to you.”
^Julia said.
*Simon shrugs* u know dodgeball and dog breeds
“Dog breeds? oh cool.” she said raising an eyebrow. “Since you told Benji about Rex, you may as go feed him together.”
I was just about to give benji a tour
*Simon melts* oh uh yeah okay yeah uh huh okay
“I’m going to give the girls a tour too. What about we do a group one?”
*Simon nods* sure we can meet up in the back garden after I walk Rex
*Simon looks around* not that I have a doge
“Ok cool. Cya!” he said walking to the girls. “Hello ladies!”
“Would you ladies like to go on a tour?” he asked with charm / Julia rolled her eyes without him seeing. She didn’t really want to.
*Simon nods and leads benji to his apartment were Rex was laying on the couch but comes bounding in wagging his tail* hey boy did ya miss me?
“Julia?” / “No thank you.” she said leaving. / “ok, well I guess it’s just us.”
Julia walked to her apartment and saw Benji and Simon. She saw a dog and ran inside. “AWWWWW!”
“How about the cafe first?”
*Simon tackles julia* who are u!!
“omg! I’m Julia.” she said.
*Rex is in a frenzy wagging his tail and licking everyone’s face while Simon is awkward around Julia and is remelting all over again* yeah this... Rex
He lead the way.
“He’s such a cute dodgeball!” she said. She is now a little frightened by Simon.
*Simon is stressed so he gets some ice cream from his freezer and curls up on the couch with Rex trailing behind him begging for somma dat mint chocolate chip*
Tessa the stalker walked around taking pictures of everyone.
Marigold the bookworm read.
“Are you aloud to have a dodgeball here?”
*Simon says through a mouthful of ice cream* you weren’t supposed to know but whoever tries to kick out my pup is getting a kick from me
( 😂 )
“Reading, writing and going on a good adventure!” he said.
*Simon grabs the leash and clips it to Rex* cmon boy let’s go for a walk
“Ok. But I didn’t do anything, so why’d you tackle me?”
*Simon turns to benji* it’s time to give mr yum yum a walk
“Can I tag along? I have nothing to do.”
well u ran into my apartment yelling AWWWW so my instinct was to protect my dog
“Nice!”Liam said. “Do you want anything while we’re at the cafe?” he asked.
OMG 😱😱😱😱😱
He smiled and ordered two cake pops. “Here you go.” he said handing her one.
*Simon walks out the door* I don’t see why you can’t come *he turns and walks out the apartment building*
anywho it's really late so I'm going to sleep. farewell aimes 👋🏼
She followed silently.
“Not a problem.” he said taking a smile bite of his cake pop.
*Rex loose leash walks next to Simon and looks super perky to be out doors*
(Why does he keep smirking?)
(he has face problems)
jk idk 😂
“Aww. Isn’t the dodgeball adorable!?!”
“This is my first one.” he said.
*Simon nods but says nothing to Julia*
“So What brings you guys here?” she asked
(Has anyone ever had fairy bread???)
*Simon shrugs* I live here Liam and I are friends and we go to school together I’ve known him since kindergarten
(It’s a classic Aussie thing. Basically just bread, butter and sprinkles! ITS THE BEST!)
(YuM yUm)
“Oh cool.”
*Simon looks away as Rex takes a dump before picking it up and throwing it in a garbage can*
“It’s not bad”. he said having another small bite.
Julia feels awkward... she knows she basically made Simon mad.
*sad? mad? something...
*Simon is quiet as he watches Rex trot around and sniff the grass* I can’t let anything happen to my boy Rex or Liam...
She rolled her eyes when he said the name Liam.
*Simon smiles* I need them u know so if u hurt them or if anyone else does they will feel the pain
(Basically talking...)
(just chatting pretty much julia Simon and benji are walking Simons dog Rex)
“Bigger cake... normal cake.”
“I don’t think anyone would hurt Rex.”
^ idk
“Oh hi there!” Liam said to Matt!
*Simon looks back at benji concerned* u okay mate?
“You like yogurt huh?” she asked benji.
*Simon laughs and starts to walk back towards the building to put Rex away*
“Hi! I’m Liam the bachelor. Your Naomi?”
Julia went quiet. She was thinking hard.
*Simon gets exited* okay so u know how Liam is turning 20 soon?
She rolled her eyes again.
*jazz hands* I want to throw him a surprise bday partayyy
“Cool.” She said sarcastically.
(no they’re walking outside with Julia(
(No. Liam is with Gwen at the cafe)
*Simon looks at Julia confused* what’s your deal with Liam every time I mention him u roll your eyes
“What?! no I don’t!”
ha yeah
“Fine. Maybe I do. So what?”
^what a mood
Liam started laughing Liz
so why?
*what! why did I say Liz? 😂😂😂
“Maybe I just am sick of hearing his name! Maybe I don’t want to be here and my mom forced me to come!”
“I wasn’t judging! wait till you see me eat spaghetti!”
*Si nods slowly* I see...
*Simon brings Rex into the apartment, unhooks his leash and flips on the couch with Rex who’s pretty much laying on him*
“My Father passed away when I was four. My mum couldn’t wait till I turned 18 because she wanted me to get married ASAP.”
She wished she hadn’t said that.
(oh ok)
“Maybe I should go...” she said getting up to leave.
(wow everyone talks when i’m asleep 😥)
mallory was there the whole time and then walked to her apartment
hi guys I'm freeeeee
oof i’m at school sorry
(heyyyy same)
Julia sat in her pink apartment. She was watching a movie.
Cyra was walking around LA, exploring.
Julia left her apartment. She walked to the massive library.
Marigold was reading
mallory walked around her apartment. it was beautiful. the only thing she missed was her dog. She loved animals and when it does it was ruff. she has wanted one ever sense.
(who owns this account?)
anyone there?
Julia was at the Library with about 5 books in her hand looking for more.
“Hey Gwen!” she said closing one of the books slightly.
“Nothing.” she said trying to hide the book.
“Nothing important...” she said. “Anyways, What are you reading?”
(anyone like my salad icon? 😅😂)
(Yes, it’s very... healthy? 😂)
Cyra danced by herself in her room, her door slightly ajar.
Julia was in the line to borrow the books
Julia didn’t say much after. She walked back to her apartment and sat outside her door.
(where’d everyone go?)
While she was sitting outside her apartment door, She was reading a book with a plain black cover.
(That must suck... I finished school for the year! 🤩)
(😂 so far it’s been nice having a break but we don’t get the big summer break like Americans do)
(I just had a full on fashion show)
(I’m searching for two good dresses to wear for a party & a wedding aHH)
no one is on pc today... 😭
(it does???)
Julia has been in LA for 1 day. She was really busy reading this weird book. she had to keep it a secret from everyone.
Oh nice! not about the feet part...
I'm on pointe so THATS fun.
Wanna rp?
Julia leaning against her apartment door. She refused to go in there.
sure** not sue lol
Marigold was still binge reading like the book worm she is.
She was reading a book with a plain black cover on it. She didn’t want ANYONE to see it.
Marigold was read sALt of the sea and SHE WAS SOBBING
She felt all mysterious... “No one can see this!” she mumbled to herself.
She wiped her eyes. "Oh Joana..." she mutter tears falling off her face because she's a VERY emotional reader.
She couldn’t put this down. It was a journal of someone. She found it and well, It states things that are gonna happen. Attacks, murders and more.
Marigold finished the book and the picked up The Young Elites by MARIe FREAKING LU.
(the young elites is so darn dark)
Julia hopes no one is there. ‘What if they know I have this? what if there out for me to? What if... it’s someone here? TRUST NO ONE!’ she thought.
Idk if I should join this bc it’s already 400 comments in....
(You should! legit nothing has happened...)
Well Kat I joined about a minute ago so I think you’ll be okay.
I just need to actually think of a character
also do ppl get eliminated?
*Simon skeets in with rex* ITS YA BOIIIII
(Yes But they don’t leave. They can be a normal character that isn’t apart of the bachelor tv show)
Rohan walks in, looking around. Everything is so much different from the Boston Sunurbs.
Julia starts shaking with fear. ‘I’m ok’ she thought. She sat still outside her apartment door.
Well somehow I’m going to have to think of a character
(Make a mean character or sassy or something)
Oopsie I must do Math Homework
bye bye frens
All my characters are sassy
I’ve never made a character who’s sweet
‘No ones there!’ she thought hearing footsteps. She closed her eyes as benji walked past. “Please don’t hurt me!!!” she said.
*Simon realizes this is a tv show and poses* SASHA FIERCE
(Make a sweet one then.)
mallory walked out of her dorm room
I’m just trying to think of a good backstory
(lol kat only make awesome savage smart people.)
Jamie walked around taking photos of things. He saw Simon and took a photo with him posing. “Work it!!!” he yelled
mallory looked sprung as she walked and kept walking bc she was cool and bored
I think I have one..
*Simon and Rex are camera ready* YAS REXYYYYYYY
I just need to think of a name
is it a girl or boy?
ooo what about faith
or eliana
She opened one eye. “Oh... it’s you!” she took a breath of relief and quickly shut the book.
or matt
*give sacrifice to the rp gods* OPEN IT OPEN IT
or caden
i have good names :)
*Falls on knees* Oh please rp god open the rp.
mallory kept walking still!
faith or eliana or sydney or christina
ITS NOT OPEN! let’s hack it! hehe!
(lol, don’t hack it)
lol don’t do that
we should totally to that
BiG fAcTs.
*Simon let’s Rex off his leash and let’s him run around bc he’ll always come back to him*
“Yeah.” she lied. “Sorry for tripping you.” she said sitting on top of the book to hide it.
ughh I don’t know if I want to do this backstory or not
Because it’s kind of morbid
why do u need to make a character?
But it’s not like the worse thing I’ve ever entered
Because I don’t have one...
It’ll be ok. Trust me.
sorry I’m really slow sometimes 😂
I think she meant she’s going to make the character now...
like I said I’m slow sometimes
Julia didn’t feel safe where she was. “Uhh Benji?”
*Simon walks over to Julia and benji with his hands in his pockets* what’s up?
“I sort of need to tell someone something but I need to trust you!”
“If I tell you thing, you promise you won’t tell ANYONE?”
*Simons still standing there* can I know?
Marigold was still reading 'The Young Elites.'
“I guess...”
Tessa was taking photos of people.
“I need to tell you somewhere private...”
*Simon kneels down closer to benji and Julia kinda a forming a circle so no one can eavesdrop*
*Simon looks hella suspicious* okay...
The finally finished the book
“Not here. I feel like someone’s watching.”
*Simon gets up* I know a place
“Ok.” she said grabbing the note book.
*Simon lead them to some a rusty ladder on the side of the building and climbed it which lead to a secret room with a large open window* in here
Marigold stared at the three of them she was reading and STALKING.
She followed. “How do you know about this place?”
*he climbed inside but tripped and fell on his face* oOf Me TrYiNg To Be GrAcEfUl
(Good job Marigold. MULTITASKING QUEEN)
(Yeah sorry, I meant KWEEN)
(I suck at spelling! Where did I get Queen from??? 😂)
BiG fAcTs.
She climbed Inside and looked around.
BiGgEr FaCtS
*Simon turned back to the room that had a rug a couple beanbag chairs, a lamp and a rug* this is my secret clubhouse I’ve never showed this to anyone... please don’t tell anyone
“Yes benji. Hurry up”
Marigold sneak followed them.
“I won’t.”
Okay I’m back with my character
Tessa was now talking pictures of her feet since she didn't now where everyone went.
*Simon looked around again feeling paranoid and shut the window behind benji* okay we’re alone
“I guess I tell you the secret now huh?”
*Simon nods*
Marigold climbs up the ladder and watches, her face barley visible
“Well, this morning I was walking around LA and found... this.” she handed Simon the note book.
Marigold takes notes.
*Simon looks at the cover almost scared to open it* what is it
“A note book. With everyone’s names in it from here, Murder plots and Attack plans...”
She continuously takes notes at a lighting speed.
"Okay, feet are my favorite." Tessa then snaps a picture of Gwen's feet.
“Yeah. I’ve been paranoid all day. I didn’t want to tell anyone since it could be ANYONE!” she staring and Simon suspiciously.
*Simons head snaps up* REX!! I left outside! *He scrambled up to go and carry his dog up the ladder into the clubhouse*
Marigold gasps the journal looked familiar in some sort of way but she couldn't place her finger on it.
*Simon panics* we need to get Rex... *He forced the window open*
Marigold dives down from the ladder and into a bush.
*He notices the bushes moving but ignores it and whistles for Rex* cmere boy!
Julia walked back and forth thinking. “Could be anyone.” she mumbled.
(What date is it in the rp?)
(Not sure)
"I like yours too!"Tessa grins.
(Whatever date is fine)
*Simon picks up Rex (this is the only reason he works out) and carries him up the ladder, he pants as he drops the dog into the clubhouse* okay now we can examine the notebook
She sat one a beanbag staring at the closed notebook on the floor. “Anyone... could be anyone.” she mumbled again.
*he shuts the window but puts a blanket over the window in case someone spots rex*
She screamed Marigold darted out of the bushes she saw a corpse.
She doesn’t know what to do. Her brain is thinking and she can’t hear anyone.
*Simon glances out the window* what was that
She heard something. a man said something, “I know you have my notebook. I must have it back JULIA.” she screams. Only she can hear it for some reason.
November 29. The day her father and triplet sister were burnt to a crisp and the day her triplet brother disappeared. November 29 for the past two years were filled with regret and paranoia. November 29 was always a day Adara spent the day locked in her house with her mother. November 29 was the day the Coleman Family disappeared off of the red carpet for good.
She walks back to the body...."Jenna?"
She flipped open the notebook to see something.
Tessa SNeezed.
“You must give it back. It’s mine. Flip to today and see who’s next on my list.” he said to her. She started freaking out.
She flipped the book open to today. November 29.
Tessa shakes her hand. "Tessa."
However, this November 29 was different for Adara Coleman. She was stuck here instead at home.
And she already didn’t like it here.
*Simon takes the book from her and pulls out a switch blade pinning her to the clubhouse wall with the blade pressed against her neck* mal ackjar ivanti too?
“December 29. Danielle Warren.” she said with tears in her eyes. “Please don’t do this.” she whispered.
(Simon pinned Marigold to the wall?)
(nah Julia)
She goes silent from being afraid of Simon and the random guy. Tears fall from her face.
Adara sat on a chair.
On a chair.
And hoped she wouldn’t be ashes tomorrow
mallory walked
(sry what did i miss)
She hears something he said and cries even more. “P-please don’t.” she said again.
*Simon looks at her* you’re the one *he lets go* I knew it I knew it we have to burn the book
And she hoped that her mother wasn’t ashes eithe
She hoped that she could sit on this chair tomorrow
“Don’t burn the book.” he said to her followed by a threat. “Don’t burn the book!!!” she yelled
Liam saw Adara. “Hi there!”
*Simon grips his switchblade tighter and Rex growls* down boy we don’t know if he has her yet
(aww poor benji WE LOVE U BUDDY)
“Don’t burn the book.” she repeated snatching it out of his hands.
(It’Ll bE oKaY bEnJi!)
Adara looked up, “Oh hey,” she said, her voice nearly a whisper. She was very paranoid.
(I’m making things up as I go along...)
“I’m Liam the Bachelor! your Adara right?”
(I feel like I’m giving myself paranoia)
mallory still walked
*Simon just about stabs her but misses on purpose* you can’t have it!! ackjar imfelia de alnessia!
she has been walking for a while
Marigold pulls the body from the bushes
“Yes I can!” she yelled still crying. “I need this book.”
“That’s me,” she said, trailing off. Her body was shaking ever so slightly and she couldn’t help but look over her shoulder, even though there was a wall.
*simons eyes turn red* he’s using u give it to me!
(Actually I am giving myself paranoia)
(meeee too bud)
“That’s it Julia, fight him. Win the book. Kill him” the voice said. “What? no... I’m not going to...” she said.
(I can relate Kat)
mallory walked and turned the corner
*Simon glares but isn’t really talking to Julia anymore* I know you have her give me the book! how did you even get out in the first place...
(And it takes a lot. I’ve done stuff in rps with demons and murders and bloody bizarre writing and creepy dudes wearing masks and guys with cleavers. However, her backstory is actually giving me paranoia)
Julia fell on the floor and screamed. “what I-is h-happening?” she felt weird. “Please don’t hurt her.” she whispered.
(it must be... intense)
To confirm her fears the body was an old friend that went by the name of Jenna.
(Yeah... Julia rn is giving me Paranoia.)
*Rex is snarling and almost about to bite Julia but Simon still holds him back* give me the book and no one gets hurt...
( I listen to 'The devils playground' and write creepy stories that then keep me up all night)
(what did i miss?)
(Even Skylar’s mom doesn’t give me paranoia😂 But this does...)
“Don’t hurt them... leave me and all of us alone. Please.” she whispered. She was in a lot of pain but she didn’t know why.
(What is with Skylars mom?)
(also who owns this?)
“No!” she yelled at Simon hugging the book.
(Well tbh. Skylar’s mom isn’t that scary, but to the rp puppets she probably is)
Marigold pulls out her Swiss Army knife and looks at the body the skin was a faint blue.
(oh okay cool)
(probably 😂
“Simon! stay away!” she yelled.
(She basically killed people and brought them back to life and communicated with people using voo doo dolls and constantly trying to kill us for her pleasure in short)
*Simon stabs Julia in the heart but instead of dark red blood it’s black and oozing before it disappears into a dust and Julia’s wound suddenly heals he sighs* I got him in time I think
(oh cool). (😂)
Julia Screamed from pain and fell on the ground again.
Adara awaited for his answers
"Oh no.." she whispers under her breathe it looked a lot like DLD.
(What did she ask him?$
*Simon turns to benji* u tell no one * he turns back to Julia as a warm light comes from his hand and eases her pain* okay you’re fine for now just... give me the book
(Nothing but they were talking...)
(wait what the heck happened. someone just got stabbed)
She hugged the book. “I can’t.” she cried.
(what does she look like Adara I mean)
(Lol I know)
(Usual home office baloney)
“So, have you been to LA before?” Liam asked.
ok so mallory is normal and still walks and hasn’t talked to anyone ayy.
Marigold pulls a mask over her mouth and washes her hands. DLD was a deadly epidemic jat created in hier free time.
*little wings pop out from Rex’s back but Simon glares at him* u can’t shape-shift now buddy *he looks at benji* I’ll explain later
Julia cries and holds the book tight. She wants to open again.
“M-my sister... Today... gone.” she cried.
Adara nearly sighed in relief, but she managed to say, “Yes, I grew up in California,”
Marigold lits the body on fire.
“Oh nice! I grew up here. in the beautiful LA.”
^that was Liam btw
mallory walked out of the building and walked the board walk alone. sad. bored.
Julia tried to open the book again.
Jamie walked past Mallory. he smiled.
Adara nodded, “I lived in Beverly Hills,” she said.
*Simon is still talking to benji* pet Rex so his wings don’t pop out again *he looks at Julia* the book... it’s evil I’m supposed to be the guardian I knew something was off with you... he followed you the man in your head is following u
I might make another child because this character’s backstory is legitimately freaking me out
Like I love it
She looked confused. She dropped the book. “What man in my head?” she said suddenly forgetting everything that happened.
mallory smiles at someone “hey” she said with a warm smile and a wave.
But I guess the fact that it could happen irl
Freaks me out a lot
“Hi.” Jamie said to her.
(I wanna read it but I can’t find it)
*Simons eyes turn red again and he’s no longer talking to Julia or Benji* garmeth amwe de rothiope carmo *he looks back at Julia* he’s still here... he’s hurt though
“i’m mallory” she said.
Julia was really confused. “Benji, What is he talking about?”
“I’m Jamie.” he said politely.
*Simons eyes go back to normal* we have to burn the book DO NOT open it ever again
“you doing anything?” she asked
“But, I need to find out who’s it is!”
“walking and talking to you.” he said
“We can’t burn the book!” she yelled grabbing it.”
mallory lightly laughed and smiled “wanna walk the boardwalk with me?” she asked
Bc I’m private
“Sure.” he said with a smile.
And Idek write it all out
“So what’s it like?” adara asked
oh ok.
*Simon tosses the book to Rex who holds it in his mouth* u can’t see inside I’ll tell u what’s I side later
mallory started walking and said “you here for the bachelor show” she said then quickly said “like not to compete but you could if you wanted too...” she said as she blushed
“LA? loud. Busy. But it’s nice overall”
why was she so dumb. she silently cursed herself
“I’m the photographer.” Jamie said
“Simon! I need the book! Rex, Drop it!” she yelled
“oh cool!” she said and finally breathes again for he didn’t call her out for being weird
not sure. EM? where are you?!?
*Rex growls and snaps at Julia* he’s not going to listen to u he’s my angel
“Do you think I’d have a chance at winning the Bachelors heart?” he joked
“Simon! please” she suddenly went quiet. her face went blank.
mallory blushed hard and looked down “im awkward you’ll learn that quick but hey if you wanted to” she said with a cute laugh
he smiled.
“Aving all these people here?” Adara asked
*Simons eyes turned read and shadows formed in the palms of his hands as he readied himself to strike* alcom chey kisconla! I know you’re here
“Give. me. the. book.” she suddenly said. “Or the dog gets killed!”
*rex stands protectively using his wings that popped out again as a shield*
She stared at Simon with no expression on her face.
She walked to Rex and said something in some Language that the dog understood.
*Simon stands in front of Rex protectively* u don’t even know how to kill a Ackjarian angel
Julia punched Simon in the face. “STAY AWAY!” she yelled.
I’m just going to go now..
She ran to benji and pushed him to the ground.
*Rex howled in pain and began to writhe around in pain Simon struck Julia with the shadow spheres in his palms knocking her back and paralyzing her* don’t touch my dog
(Don’t go!!! I didn’t understand what you said to Liam)
Julia screamed. “No... No... NO!” she yelled.
“So, what’s your family like?” Liam asked her
“Ahh! welcome benji.” the man said to him.
(and mallory waits for jamie to respond)
*Simon pulled out some matches and lit the book on fire, as he did the shadow benji was touching began to shrink*
“You have a really nice laugh.” Jamie said.
(this got super weird really fast 😂)
(oh sorry badicmy she said she was awkward and jokes that if he wanted to he could win his heart)
(Yep But entertaining)
(I guess)
mallory smiled and blushed while looking at the waves “thanks” she said “anything interesting i should know?”
Julia closed her eyes and fell asleep.
“What do you mean?” Jamie asked
*the book burned and the shadow disappeared, the voice was gone too and everyone was exhausted, he was still out there though and would be back*
Julia woke up. “My head hurts. What just happened?” she asked.
(how’s it to have so many ppl here for you?) Adara quirked her eyebrows, “Well...my mother is good-ish,” was what she managed to get out
*Simon just breathes heavily with his head resting on Rex who’s breathing slowly and doesn’t respond to Julia*
“Oh. I see. Nevermind about family... What’s your favourite colour?” Liam asked
I really hope Em opens it up tmr
me toooooooo
“You burned the book!?” she said smelling smoke.
she said she was going to open it yesterday or today :(
mallory shrugged “any hobbies or interesting facts? “
(same! I like this RP to but I like the selection)
(emmmm open it)
*Simon sits up his eyes back to normal and he looks like a regular human again* It doesn’t belong to earth it had to be destroyed
“Blue,” Adara said, she liked cool tones much better than one warm ones, warm tones remind her to much of the embers, “And yours?”
“Oh, taking photos, eating cake and hanging out with my girlfriend.” Jamie said.
(I have an idea for a date and if Lilith ever gets a date I really want that to do it)
“White” Liam said.
(And Just ahhhh)
(I’m excited)
She looked at Simon. “What happened?” she asked again.
(With all the other drama)
mallory laughed “cake is the best thing ever created!” she said “who’s your girlfriend?” she asked
Adara nodded. This was not a good day for her. The thing she wanted to do the least was socialize, but she cane here for a new start.
“well, no one yet but hopefully someone soon.” he said with a smile.
*Simon thinks it over slowly* I should probably start from the beginning...
(I’m going to bed soon because tomorrow I have a long day)
(And I need some sleep
(And I need to study)
(me too I’ll explain my thing to Julia and benj than I gtg)
Julia sits up. Her head hurt. She looked at Simon. (OMG A DOOR SLAMMED AND SCARED THE CRÃP OUT OF ME!!!)
(oh night to a lot of people bc some just left)
mallory looks into stores as they walk in the sunset “and do i get a hint on who it might be”
(who is he talking about?)
“Maybe you’ll know soon.” he said
*Simon looks from benji to julia* I’m not human I’m from the planet Ackjar 659 I’m the guardian of the Devils book which is owned by the council to punish sinners, I was supposed to guard it but it had fallen to earth some how and I tracked it here
(really tho who ima confused)
(yeah I’m pretty sure this weird stuff will pass after I explain it)
“WUT?!?” she said. She started laughing. “Haha! Funny joke Simon!”
“i really want to know soon because now the suspense is gonna keep me on my toes” she said lightly laughing
“Don’t worry Mallory.” Jamie said.
“i won’t worry if you tell me” she said smiling and lightly nudged him in the arm with a laugh
*Simon ignored her* Rex is a fallen star on Ackjar stars turn into the animals that make our planet they usually snap shift. he was injured and I saved him so he’s my guardian angel now I protect him he protects me. I work for the Ackjarian council as a convict tracker and the man who’s voice you’re hearing is Thibolt
(i want to but a dog sometime this rp. best present ever. actually love puppies)
“Wow, ok. But what is with the man in my head? I’m not hearing anyone!”
“Mallory, don’t worry”
“fine” she said with her hands up smiling
*Simon continues* I’m tracking him and now that the book is destroyed he’s less of a threat. if he comes near you or his shadow he’ll feed off your life force. Rex and I can protect u though now that he’s targeting u two.
Julia thought about everything. ‘I think Simons a creep.’ the said in her head.
“ah huh.” she said ignoring him.
*Simon laughs and lays on his back scratching Rex* sorry for tackling you earlier I could sense Thibolt around you and u came after my dog so I just assumed...
“so sorta cheesy but favorite pet” she said “it’s a big deal” she laughed
“Ah huh.” she said again.
Jamie smiled.
*he stands up and holds his hand out to shake Julias* now that you know what I am you can get to know me... I’m Simon and you are?
“Have you ever seen a psychologist?” she asked
(oof 😂)
*Simon falls over laughing and says through laughs* what good... would... that do..?
“I think he needs... help.” she said to benji.
(oh my gosh simon 😂😂)
(mallory waits for jamie to respond to her urgent question)
*Simon raises an eyebrow* oh that’s right you don’t remember anything
“Remember What!?!”
(I’m sorry but people asking you “how does that make you feel” ISNT HELPFUL)
(I know!!!!)
*Simon says something in a different language and Rex suddenly shape shifts into a magnificent angel doge* TA DA
“WUT THE HECC!” she yelled
*Simon laughs again and Rex turns back to a regular doge* who’s crazy now? *he yawns* aaaaanyway I could use some ramen
She stepped back and suddenly remembered what happened.
(while mallory waited *cough she looked on ems account and i think she is active right now.)
“My sisters in trouble.” she said
*Simon looks at benji* aaand the memories kick in...
good night
“The man... he said he’s Going to kill her tonight.
Julia looked at the floor. “She’s going to die and there’s nothing I can do about it.”
(*cough *cough jamie should answer mallory)
I left BC I was finishing a book👍🏼
sorry idek myself
Marigold was now sitting in her car.
She was hiding from the bacteria... DLD was starting to spread killing people within days of having the disease
Tessa was taking photos.
Marigold was still sitting in her car now listening to 'devils playground'
Tessa's memory card finally filled up.
heh hi
wait who owns this account?
hM, CJROSS idk her name though 🤷‍♀️
ah got it
anywayssssss so here’s my plan
Marigold then strolls around looking for some more people to stalk
so I’m open it tom after school. we’re gonna have the canning. I’m leave cause I have this thing at church. then Saturday I’m rp in the morning probably eliminate some people and have some more dates. then I’m run a 5k. and then. idk what I’m do on Sunday so yeah
aH. okay so I have a call back tomorrow for a show at like 2:30-5:00 ish and then I have swim 6:20-9:00
She still walks and walks looking for people to stalk.
hM okAy.
ok adios I gtg night
Au revoir ma amie.
Marigold runs into Matt.👍🏼
wow great job matt 🙄
i would have my character talk to yours but i was talking to jamie before she had to go to bed
I have around 10
oof it’s 9:00 here and i’m tired and will prob be forced to bed soon 😒
Marigold stumbles backwards. "My gods I'm sorry."
(It's 11:27 and I'll probably go at 11:45 or so)
Tessa walked into the film store to by more memory cards.
hi again
Marigold sighs. "I'm such a klutz...I'm Marigold some people call me Goldie or Mary." she shrugged.
Jamie smiled. “I should go Mallory. see you soon!” he walked away
Julia was really upset. She bumped into Marigold.
“Oh, hi. Sorry. uhhh...”
Marigold was kinda used to seeing guys without shirts on since she was on a swim team for 9 years. "That's a nice name." she says squinting because of the sun.
"It's alright." Mary says she the applies hand sanitizer.
Marigold laughed. "Do you play basketball a lot or something?" she then turned to Julia. "Well I'm a well known Actress..So you probably have"
Julia looks at Marigold, “You!!! You were spying on me weren’t you!”
"Spying? I don't spy."
“I saw you on the ladder!”
"I was cleaning....There's a deadly epidemic going around you now." she says.
“Come on! Stop lying! you were spying on me and my friends!”
"Wow...I've only been on a swim team" she laughed nervously Matt seemed like a nice guy.
"DLD it's a destructive lung disease...It pokes large holes in your lungs." she says.
"Oh what if I was? I mean that journal you found is-" she cut herself off. "Nevermind"
“What did you see up there?” she asked angrily
"More then enough to get you all arrested."
“Arrested? hah! hun, you have no proof.”
(btw DLD is something I made up XD)
“No proof because we didn’t do anything wrong!”
“Nothing! We did nothing wrong!”
"She found a murder journal...Holding onto something like that evidence is a crime." Mary smirked.
(haha. 😂)
(It's just a more severe cause of another lung disease but it's not an epidemic)
“Oh... that...” she paused. “It’s gone now! I couldn’t have showed anyone it!”
“Exactly! it was... fake.”
"It Isn't fake..I've seen it before someone was writing in it someone dangerous."
“Really? That could put you in jail hun!”
"I have great lawyers sweetheart." she smiles.
“It was fake... we were bored and wrote stuff...”
“How’d you even know all this? trespassing?!!”
"Liar, the person who originally owns the journal is a serial killer someone quite famous.."
“What? You!?!!”
"I'm only spying for something." Marigold said it was half a lie she was undercover to catch a serial killer.
Julia stepped back. her face went blank.
"I'm Marigold Lychee...I guess well known full of a family of Actors and musicians as well." She smirked.
Julia pushed Marigold. “Stay away from the book. Stay away from me.” she didn’t mean to say it. It was the man.
Marigold sighs and pulls her sweater close and spins on her heels to walk away she didn't have time to waste on people like them.
(Da eViL mAn...)
Julia fell to the ground and screamed.
Marigold was completely off guard and pulls out her pistol from her purse. "Don't you ever dare touch me again."
She starts crying. She couldn’t see Marigold. She could only see her sister being killed.
She screamed again. “H.... E.... L.... P”
"Oh please it's not even loaded." she tucks the pistol away.
She cried. “My sister... she’s... gone?” she asked the voice. “Yes...” he said.
"I'm sorry..." she shakes her head. "She's lying and it's making me anxious I'm...an undercover detective." she mutters the last part.
She starts crying and suddenly forgets everything. “Where am I?” she asked
"Undercover detective." she raises her voice.
Tessa was now taking more photos she had ten bags full of memory card now.
Julia is really confused. “Where am I???”she asked again.
"A lot of things....It's not entirely based on work it's also a lot of other things.."
She walked to Marigold. “What just happened?” she sighed knowing it wasn’t good.
"Go away." she says plainly looking in at her straight in the eye.
gN I gtg too
“What happened? I don’t remember anything!”she said
it's midnight and I have school tomorrow 😂
(ok, gn)
it’s literally 3pm
(wow smart 😂)
Mallory smiles and waved to Jamie as he walked away “hope I see you soon.” she said then later returned to her dorm.
I’m here
But I probably won’t do this one
wait whatttttt when did this happen??.
can I sign up still?
I’m gonna
Julia sat there all confused. “Why!!? why does this happen to me!?!” she said to herself. She still refused to go to her apartment so she slept outside near the door.
okay I made an extra character
do you run this?
so what should I do?
Mayson cleaned some dishes, wiped off tables, etc 🤷‍♀️
Cassie was running around like a lunatic because she does not know what else to do.
they weeebblee and they woooobbllleee but they don’t fall down!
shows almost over
when it is do you want to go in the delection(
yah sure
everyone's off and on
it’s beginning to look a lot like Saladmass
I cant wait for saladmass, legend has it is that it rains salad and that everyone gets a whole box of salads
there’s also saladdeers oH mY
sO ManY wOnDeRs oF salAdMaSs
(boys go to jupiter to get more stupider)
what is my life
*switches back & forth* 😂
hi again
mallory walked
Julia woke up outside her apartment door. “Good morning me.” she said
morning all you beautifull people
aHhh chickeN wheeze I missed like a thousand CommeNts