if you care, please take the time the read and research to educate yourself and others. to all my fellow black followers (if i have any) i’m here for you 💗 


🖤 if you care, please take the time the read and research to educate yourself and others. to all my fellow black followers (if i have any) i’m here for you 💗 PLEASE CHECK REMIXES FOR FURTHER INFO

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again, these are just a few of MANY things that can help you. take care and i lub you guys muah 💘!
it does 🥺🤧
i agree🖤
this is an amazing think to do 👏 hats off 😊
^^ sending all my love. we can make change 🙌🏼
this is powerful thank you
In MN, riots were pretty bad- tons of buildings went up in flames and a curfew was issued. But, apparently, the people who were burning buildings were actually white supremacists and anarchists- not actual protesters. they were trying to make the protesters look bad
honestly I can’t believe this is happening- we’re really going back in time:( especially since it’s so close to where I am
* correction: i noticed a huge spelling error within my message. for some reason, minneapolis autocorrected to mississippi. i literally don’t know how i didn’t catch this. the location is inaccurate and i’m sorry for that. i hope you still understand the message and take consideration of this issue. sorry again 💗 drea
thank you for speaking about this ❤️ nobody wants to hear it but it’s important
thank you for this powerful message. this is so important to speak up about this injustice and be actively anti-racist for it is not enough to just be non-racist
are u full filipino or mixed? i’m half filipino half white🤠
preach 👏🏼👏🏼 this is a super important issue that is not to be taken lightly. i don’t know where i stand with the riots, but i really hope something comes out of all of this ❤️❤️✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
sweeeeeet :,)
cuz if u were half white half asian u could be in the caucASIAN squad😂
re// yeah, it really sucks. but i mean.. the peaceful protests didn’t work. what else were people gonna do? they’re so out of hand now, but.. stonewall was a riot too, you know? it’s in our history. people don’t listen until things get drastic. 😪
yeah, exactly. thank you for speaking up about this, by the way. 💖🌺✨
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it’s absolutely disgusting that something like this is happening now. It’s disgraceful we should be passed this by now
and the fact that it’s gotten to the point of riots and destruction is upsetting but it still goes to show just how inexcusable blatant like this is yet those in power still ignore or don’t care
*blatant racism like this is
not giving any names COUGH COUGH trump COUGH
aw thank you, only doing my part in this tragedy. i honestly can’t believe that this is still going on today. 😔
thank u😊
tysm! I’ll tell him you said happy bday too :)
re// 😭😭🥺 thank youuuuuuu💜
this is so heartbreaking, that here in the US, the land of the free is now unjust & anything but. the fact that racism is still going on, is disgusting. black lives matter 😤❤️
sorry for the late reply but yeah this kind of behaviour is just so upsetting and especially at a time when we are all supposed to come together to beat Covid19 :(
yes I didn’t want to say because I didn’t want anyone to think I was anti-blm but it is worrying that people are gathering so closely when such an infectious virus is still at large and we had just started to see signs of it slowing. I’m in conflict with myself because on one hand I think people should stay home until it’s safe but at the same time I recognise police brutality and racism has gone far enough and sadly many people would probably have forgotten this by the time lockdown was over
I actually think maybe online protests might be a safer idea in times like these. flooding servers and causing them to crash but sadly this is illegal :(
re: exactly, a balanced needs to be struck between protesting and maintaining social distancing because everyone needs to stay safe