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its so obvious you just want attention🤦🏻‍♀️
im going to stop investing myself in this because ik thats all you want
She is not annoying! she is a wonderful girl get to know her if you don’t believe me!
we aren’t attacking we are just asking you to stop being so very rude
also just saying when you type mean things on my page I can just delete them (if you do it again I will report the comment
you are fearfully a wonderful made by Christ, any so is everyone else reading this!❤️
Hehe lets all disagree!!
okay let me just say, for one this app is for collages. For two, this isn’t the place to spread h8te, and you creating h8te on here doesn’t help anything for you, it only makes things worse for you.
if you start being kind, you’ll see that will get you way farther. You need to respect others, and I guarantee simple bliss has been respectful to you. She probably never created a h8te page about you either.
I got an A so get lost
Please, keep your mouth shut.
Tbh no one cares abt what you scored in a school test. You sound like such a baby when you use that to defend yourself. Also I bet Laura’s getting a’s on her test so stop bragging if you aren’t the best 🙃.
I think your confused about who is the jerk to t s clearly u
oh congratulations b+ 😑🤫🤐
nobody’s cares