^plz take account review poll (link in bio)
Oof I post a lot of non-collages, sorry


^plz take account review poll (link in bio) Oof I post a lot of non-collages, sorry

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yaaa i did it💗
I highly recommend not updating
it makes it so hard to access everything there’s no more swipe down for the explore, notifications, and account it’s all on this unorganized side menu with multiple tabs
aw thanks✨
already updated, and I really dislike the new update!!
aww thank you !! 😍😍 I hope it does
whoa that’s sooo cool !!
can we collab
AW TYSM I’ll check it out
done it!
oooooh yay I’ll do it ASAP
thank you
ofc you can!!
I did the scout review poll!
no problem!
Thank you. 💕
aw thank you💘
that sounds fun to learn
ty fo the comment on my bullet journal post, my handwriting rlly isn’t the greatest!!
Thank you. Also yes, there are some weirder ones. Let’s see the examples: 🤡👹🤖🌝🌞
I’m sure that there are more lol
thank you!! yeah I love the quote too😂
sry you were eliminated cause you didn’t enter
yasss we can so do taytay (queen)! you can do the bg if you want!
my favorite color is orange . my favorite animal is a dog. the last book i read was touching spirit bear. and my hobbies are cheering, basketball, and volleyball! ❤️
okie just making sure
you are a great collager!!!🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️
helloooooooo! you are such an amazing collager, and I would love it if you entered my contest! ends July 20th 😋
that’s fine, I just posted 💗