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Hi Matthew
ur kinda cute 😂
*looks at u and bites my lip*
ur not too bad urself Alfie❤️
and I’d love to do something...😉🤤❤️
i plan on breaking up with my boyfriend..we barley talk soooo
ooooh ya😉❤️
thanks :) xx
:\ yeah he didn’t talk to me all day yesterday
yeahhh i’m not happy with him anymore...he jumped into a relationship too fast.
but if u wanna rp we can 😝😍 cuz it doesn’t rlly matter anymore.
hey matthew, im natasha
awhhhhh.....*looks down*
ummmmm sureeeeeeeeee....truth.
i rlly like this one boy....but i used to b in love....i fell in love 2 times...but both of them lied to me.
sorry i didn’t answer i was busy
so the acc name is delicious teens but r u rlly delicious 😂 (that was prolly rlly cringy)
bruh ur gonna turn me on 😂
*pulls u closer and kisses u back*
*takes off ur shirt* daddyyyyy
*bites my lip*
yes daddy!
awweeee....i haven’t broken up with my boyfriend yet.....but lemme think about it okie..?
okie daddy
sorry no...bc that usually leads to sending pics and i don’t rlly do dirty pictures...bc i have a backstory about it...i sent someone some dirty pictures and they got posted....but the person took them down but a lot of ppl saw it.
i sowwy daddy
i trust u but not yet okie..?
sure but i’m rlly turned on *bites my lip*
*pouts* but dadddyyyyyy 🙁
*hugs u* i sowwy daddy 😔
hey Alfie, I’m back😉❤️
daddy i wanna make u hard💦
*teases u by rubbing my puxxy on ur dxck* 😏
*sucks ur dxck*
hehe *rides ur dxck* daddddyyyy i love u.
aweeee that’s so cute daddy *kisses ur neck*
*slips my tongue in ur mouth*.....
hmm no i don’t think u have brought that up *smiles*
hmmmm no i don’t think so....
*sits on ur lap* i dunno daddy
hmmmmm not now??
i sent some pics of what i look like
*kisses ur cheek*false
I love u more daddy❤️
*kisses u*☺️
daddy imma make a chat page for u and me.
it’s up
mmmm baby❤️
of course daddy
anything for u☺️
I can send a dirtier one, if that’s wut u want
ok daddy
*looks away* i can’t seem to find anyone that does tho.
*hugs u* aww baby
me too baby *kisses ur cheek*
Alfie, we just met I’ll show u my pxsśy another time
sry babe
is that all u want in our relationship? pics and sëx?😓
I wanted something more..
Alfie... maybe this isn’t gonna work out..
maybe we shouldn’t be together..
what’s up baby???
it’s probably for the best... if we just have a few days of a break..
*cries, and runs off*😭
nothinnnn 😂
me and nathan haven’t talked ever since i told him i self’s on his and my chat page if u wanna c
yeah ik i see it
i bet u would ditch me for her in an instant...
*looks down* r u sure???
*stops running, and turns to face u* Alfie, this isn’t working for me😭I thought u were different from other guys... but ur just as perverted as they all r😭
I thought we had something..💔😭
*holds ur hands* thxs baby.
Alfie I just need a few days..😓
oml 😂 i just thought of something rlly funny!! but nvm. 😂
and idk it’s up to u.
*puts my head on ur chest and laughs* nothinggggg
i don’t hate u, I just need a little while to be alone..
*giggles* nope.
*laughs* nooooooo
awwww ur begging that’s cute 😂
*bites my lip* yupppp but i’m still not telling u
*moans* idk baby...can u..? lol
*rolls my eyes* rlly..?
*thinks* maybe
ummmmmm yeahhhhhh i’m fine......
ummm nooooo.....
awwwwww *pouts* okie.....🙁
bye baby <3
REALLY ALFIE???!!! oml thankkkksssssss for breaking my best friend’s heart🙄🙄🙄i’m so mad ugh.
ugh screw it i’m not even gonna b an áśś hole...good bye!
Hey Matthew I'm Cassidy
i‘m dean.
eh thank you, it‘s nice to meet you.
Matthew// I sit on that dïćk? 🍆💕💦👅
How are you?
hey Matthew!
i’m sorry Alfie...i over reacted.
hey matthew
hey Alfie, want me to take care of your dîck 🍌🍑
hey Alfie into one night things or wanna be my daddy
hi Matthew I’m Hailey