Prizes are in remixes. 1st pick 3, 2nd and 3rd pick 2 and runners up pick 1. They're pretty bad oof. Thank you for all your entries I loved them all-also Adam you would've won something but I think you deleted it :( xx happy Saturday 💗✨


✨TAP FOR PRIZES ✨ Prizes are in remixes. 1st pick 3, 2nd and 3rd pick 2 and runners up pick 1. They're pretty bad oof. Thank you for all your entries I loved them all-also Adam you would've won something but I think you deleted it :( xx happy Saturday 💗✨

155 8
Thank you 💓💓
And I'm good💞
Re: Hi
Re: Pretty gOOd, so far. I made some tea so I don’t feel alone.
Re: I’m drinking GrEEn TeA, AHh I’m sOO hEalthY
Oof I can see you posted something but I can’t see what it is😂
Re: XD what type of tEa do you like?
Hey, how are you doing?
I LovE peppermint TeA
Thank you, it’s nice to know that other people think so even if I don’t think I’m beautiful inside and out😕
Quick! You do your tea hot or cold?
Re YOoo
Re: WhOs your Fav YouTubEr
Markiplier, jacksepticeye, LiZZA And MacDoesit
And what are your pronouns??
Do you like dead vines?
You spilled lipstick in my valtino white bag?! 😂😂
RoAd work AheaD? Yea, I hope it does
OMG thanks for the prize! I can’t believe I got runner up!😃😄
DANG all these collages are so beautiful I just loveeee the aesthetics Oof
I think I’m going to be a Wicca
? What’s cool?¿
Oooohhhhh. Thanks. But, I need to take notes and practice on becoming a wicca
Re: I neeed da TeA
oh not great
thanks for support💙
litty as always 💜
hey! whatsup
WhAt iS uP
Ty! his is the 26th tho. 😋
You’re not. 😂
O-o wELp
It’s really cold in my house so, I wrapped myself in 10 blankets. I’m a burrItO
Coolo 👌🏼
Wooo thanks
Hhaha..I feel so lonely 🙂
Re: c r à p I’m getting worried again
I-I can’t..
M-my boyfriend hasn’t texted back yet, I know he’s probably busy or with his friends but still...I’m still worried about him. I feel like I’m too annoying by texting him “are you okay?” Or “hello?”
They are really nice 💓
WANNA COLLAB ???? (srry I'm just bored)
Collab again I mean😂
B-but..it’s been 12 hours last time I texted him and I feel something that filling up my lungs...I can’t stop worrying
Re: One time, m-my worries didn’t go away for 6 hours..
Do you want background or text
The walls are closing in...
hey 😂 hyd
Okay...even though that won’t help..
Thanks. 🙂
I feel better now.
I feel better while I’m listening to heavy depressing music
Who’s your favorite artist?
thx...? what writing?
OH you mean my handwriting 😂 nvm thx. 💓
In all seriousness, it’s okay. You can see the puncture marks of each individual tooth on my skin tho😂
Although we’re not sure if the dog had a rabies shot or not😬
Korn, Marina and the diamonds, Panic! At the disco and Lana Del Ray
I like Golden Days or Nearly Witches
XD I’ll try
I was talking to one of the kids and it came up and sniped me from behind
is it on Spotify?
if so lemme know the name of it so I can vibe to it
thank you so much!
thx x
dude. is it on Spotify or no
Actually, the dog has no paperwork clarifying its shots so I could actually have rabies😬😂
If I get an infection I could die, but I don’t think that’s very likely😂
I was laughing too, my parents were all like “OMG ARE YOU OKAY?” and I was like “haha the dog sniped me.”
I’m glad you care💓thx
XD I won’t (hopefully)
Re: Same
Help me I’m sobbing rn
I listened to Light of Hope for the first time in a few months and I remembered how much I love that work of art
trans people need to stop. it's retarted
well. lemme explain, I believe trans is stupid because it's been a common and biological fact that there are only two genders. And one day, some green haired autistic women said "Oh I nEeD sOmE aTtEnTiOn!" so she made up some genders and now it's crazy.
there are only two genders. no less. no more.
I understand people can identify as they want. it's a free country. but, there are legitamently only two genders. maybe if trans people didn't use a word that is already used for scientific fact, i wouldn't have a problem. Like. they shouldn't use the word "gender" because that's a scientific word used for the two types of chromosome pairing.
And if anyone is legit born trans or with different chromosomes, that's actually mental disorders. not kidding you, but if other genders existed, they'd be mental disorders.
well. because most of them are annoying. there's this cliche that they all follow. they all are super cringe, they all due their hair to get attention, and they all get mad as hēll if you say one thing that's barely offensive.
yes. but they're cringe. and annoying.
just because something is new or now getting attention doesn't mean they have to be cringe and cliche.
many religions have been started in recent years and they don't act like trans people. and even tho I hate furries too, at least they don't follow a cliche!
by "trait" you mean "trend". because there are only two genders.
pretty much I do. people aren't born trans. or gay either. they're born something then one day they want attention because nobody else will give them any so they make up genders
they're not. trust me. that's like saying you're born stupid or smart. or when you're born you suddenly know the English language. no that's not how it works. they learn about this stuff and "become" it
babies are not born trans. im sorry to say that but it's true. They have no idea what trans even is until they're older. and there's no such thing as a hormone that makes you trans
know wut. I'm done with this discussion. If you don't believe me, maybe pay attention in this subject and maybe you'll learn:
thanks daddy. You can f me as much as you like now
^(excuse that ironic joke)
woAh did you just say gr8 lmāo
oh yes daddi
no why
I want you inside me daddio 👌👌
nah. but I've seen the original vid. creepy af
smash me
^y not :(
I'd appreciate it if ya did
not in PC country ;)
I won't tell anyone.
and I'll uh. give you a uh. Free 2005 TV.
(ok that was all a joke.)
(I was only kidding)
I'm good
awwww thanks 💓I still think the hand looks deformed tho 🤣
it will be next
yah. what about them?
re:// I didn't write it but I wish I did
XD THAT WOULD BE ME AS WELL don’t worry child😂
hey there
Eh. I have a bit of a bad head. Wbu?
No Summit Out Of Sight, Ugly, Out Of My Mind, Not A Storm Too Soon and The Fellowship Of The Ring😬Not gonna read all those in 10 days. But my friends call me a reading machine so I'll most likely read 3 or 4
And I'm almost finished no summit out of sight
All those
I'm sure you'd like the book No Summit Out Of Sight...its soooo good😇
hey !! how are you ? ♥️
me too !! I’ve actually never been this excited for Easter before 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Easter contest on my page !! :) 🐥🐣
it’s okay !! 😁💘
oof thank you :)) <3
thx sweetie! hey, how ya doing?
ok I guess I just woke up, and it’s 11am. I fell asleep at 2 again yesterday 😂
re:// thanks!! is the sudocream thing really gentle?? like does it irritate it at all??
i don’t live there but tysm for your concern<3
re:// oh okey thx
I’m on my period helpppp
re:// that’s cool!