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why are you following a hatepage? it may have been unintentional but I unfollowed you for it. maybe it was just so you can find them easily or know when they upload, but still.
hello! I just wanted to let you know that you are following _star-bursts hatepage. just incase you didn't know
thanks so much for the follow! I think this account is really cool and unique, and a good way to get small accounts noticed!! 🙂
stop following a hatepage
it’s called -Star-Bursts-HATEPAGE
please unfollow Star bursts hate page
-Star-Bursts-HATEPAGE is the one you are following btw. please unfollow them.
^^ I agree please unfollow the hatepage (-Star-Bursts-HATEPAGE) and I love this account!!😊
Oh, I know why you are following me now.
Thank you so much!
thanks for the follow btw I love ur account
could you pls follow me
hey thanks for the follow! I think what you're doing on this account is super helpful :)
I love this account so much!!! not only because it spreads a lot of joy to the people who get featured on this account, but the fact that it recognizes the smaller accounts
thanks for the follow ❤️
have a look on my acc
what how did i not find out about your account alot sooner. it's very sweet of you to appreciate those collagers who are underrated that sadly not get featured, but are as talented as those who do (if that's makes ANY sense haha) ♥️
please vote what icon I should have on my page! (the most recent one has two icons in it)
Hello, this is AquaSunshine, a shared account between Audreyhepburn24 and Mgtaylor. On this account we will do contests and games, and fun stuff you won’t want to miss out on. trust me 😊 We are about to post a sign up sheet for our first games! hurry before there is no room left! Thank you 😊 *dont forget to smile today (sorry for the copy paste message)