🖤 ✨ Collab with… ✨ 🖤 
The talented @SonicTheGreat! I had a lot of fun doing this and I really hope we can collab again soon <3


🖤 ✨ Collab with… ✨ 🖤 The talented @SonicTheGreat! I had a lot of fun doing this and I really hope we can collab again soon <3

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aw ty! I had a lot of fun making this and yes I’d love to do it again!
Aw, np!
I'm having a contest! Everyone get's a prize by following the rules. I'd love for you to join :) (so sorry for copy and paste, feel free to delete)-Me_4life
ofc bestie ily
love this!! my contest is still open!! i would love it if you joined
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I keep looking back at the collabs we’ve done so far and I realized how much differently we do our collages😂
hey! voting on my contest is open! check out the remixes in my latest post to vote!🤩
Hey! This is me, Flying_Frogs. I’ve decided to make a extra account were I’ll be able to host contests and chat. This will allow me to keep my main account a bit more organized ☺️🐸 Come check it out! (sorry for the copy paste, feel free to delete :)
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The time has come! I am finally hosting a contest. Come to my page to check it out! I’m so freaking exciteddd, thank you for your time 🙇‍♂️🐸Flying_Frogs
hey, u might wanna come see my newest post. it’s got something to do with u!
yes u r! I love ur acc sm🥰🥰🥰
and yw!
I didn’t realize it til now but there’s a sparkle in Nick and Joe’s eyes🤣
lol yeah it does
ty, ty 🥱🖐
hey, have u heard of @l0v3ly_n1ck_j0nas?? they followed me and Idk who they are
thank youuu and love this
awww ty!!
Hi! This is Me_4life but on a different account because I don't want Lxvely_vibezz to see this! Her birthday is coming up and it would mean so much if you could go on my recent post (on this account) and say happy birthday!
TYSMMM ❤️❤️❤️
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hai! this is @-lushhh-, or samara, and I noticed you followed my extras account, @that-girl____i-wishh (I changed it from @manatee-mochiss_ today) and I was humbly wondering if you could spread the word ?? I put it in my bio on my main and no people saw :p and if not I understand!! -Samara 💕
HAHA THANK U!! that literally means so much to me!! :)) and haha don’t worry I have some chapters prewritten already!! it means so much that u want more chapters!!
Ik I said no I’m not SonicTheGreat multiple times but I was trying to stay undercover😂😂
eek thank u so much!! :DD
come join my contest! it’s Jonas Brothers themed
hello, it’s samara, at @-lushhh-‘s extras account!! I just posted a SOUR contest on this account and I’d love for you to check it out!! I am aware that @L3m0n_z3st is already holding a SOUR contest, but I’m hoping to make it as different as possible! if you have time I would love for you to maybe participate if you had the time!! Love, Samara 💕☁️🦋 *sorry for copy/paste* [feel free to delete]
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thank you☺️
omg the jo bros!!!