Do any of you have a bias in txt yet?

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Tap Do any of you have a bias in txt yet?

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ahhh thiS IS SO G O O D!!!! a ~ nope but i have my eye on taehyun and this moment😂 what about you??
JSJDJDJ THIS IS JUST SO GORGEOUS💕😱 @caption ahhh no not yettt
Good! Thanks for asking! How are you?
That's great!
I'm just working on homework, nothing special... 😂
That's exactly what it is! Well, actually, our school has March Break next week so I'm looking forward to that! I'm not sure if you have March Break where you live but we usually do...
hey wonderful person!! thank you so much for all the spam! it really means a lot!,💕💕✨
WOW thank you so much!!!!!💕 AND JEEZ I LOVE YOUR PAGE
tysm for the spam! this is AMAZING
thanks for the spam!!
oml my eyes are blessed ❤️❤️ this is gorgeous @caption hmmm I’m still deciding, maybe Hueningkai? (he speaks my first language yayy) but beomgyu makes me soft uwu (he’s such a cute baby <33)
thank you! aNd can I just say that this is the actual most eye blessing collage I’ve ever come across.....gOd you deserve sOOOOO much more followers, I’m not only saying this to be sweet I actually mean it....
@caption is it possible to have one?
thanks for the spam :)
I’m obsessed with txt’s music
I’m trying to not have a bias yet even tho im failing miserably, but i think Hueningkai is the highest in my boas list