I have so much to say but words cannot express my sadness. 
Rest In Peace Jonghyun our beautiful star ☆


I have so much to say but words cannot express my sadness. Rest In Peace Jonghyun our beautiful star ☆

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😭😭 so beautiful♥️♥️
this is truly beautiful! I fully believe Jonghyun would've appreciated it! May he rest in piece.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
i sobbed, I was heartbroken.. he didn’t deserve the hate.. he didn’t deserve depression to come across him. he didn’t deserve any of this all to happen..
this is..so beautiful..
everything about it is so wrong. poor angel.
This is stunning. I was ever so heartbroken, he didn't deserve any of this... 😔
it’s mostly a rumour but a few people have definitely killed themselves
beau..left..she’s on private...💔😞
NO!! do you know why? I hope she’s okay. we’ve all been going through a lot
there’s been some stuff happening at her home irl...but..
I hope everything gets better for her. she deserves a wonderful life as do you. might I ask why you are once again on private?
I’m rlly depressed...I’m not feeling that safe..and..there’s been a lot happening
I’m so sorry. do you want to talk at all?
I do but I feel so bad..that I’m gonna rant to you...
don’t feel bad ranting. it makes me feel better about my problems to know that I’m hearing others.
😞..I’ll remix it..
I’m just rlly terrible at everything
no, he wouldn’t have
no, I completely disagree
well your wrong
I usually am but this time I’m right
I’m just terrible
why do you say that?
bc I am..I’m just really horrible
no..I got blood on my bed....no..no..no..
if you think you’re horrible than I’m just despicable
blood is on the bed....😭
hey, I told you to stop. I don’t want you to get hurt any more than you already are
it’s not just that...tho..
oh, I’m sorry I think I misunderstood
I just...😭....
it’ll be okay
imma be yelled at..
and//or beaten..
you’ve probably tried this but try cleaning it with water, soap, anything you can find that cleans
I hope everything is going to be okay. just because you made a mistake doesn’t mean you deserve to get beaten
no..I have to run Brb
I hope everything Is okay... :(
it is..nm happened..I just got a glass bottle thrown at me but nm
this is just my everyday life
that’s so wrong. you should really talk to someone irl who can help you, that should happen to no one
I’m just “overreacting”
no. you aren’t overreacting. this shouldn’t happen
it shouldn’t..but it does
I won’t ask if you do t want me to, but you really shouldn’t be going through this
😭😭.....btw like you can ask..but yeah..
I’m sorry...💔
I am a little curious so if you are comfortable sharing I would like to mow what happened. you can leave out the details you don’t want to share
no problem.
about which problem..the blood one...or..
whichever one is bothering you the most
He truly was such an amazing idol.
I’m sorry I gtg..
goodbye, I hope everything is okay
I just...I don’t want it to be true...
it can’t be true...
agreed...i wanna cry so bad about it...
...but I can’t...
my sibling finds it dumb...that I’m sad..
..I told them why I was sad...
they said I shouldn’t be sad over it...
because I didn’t know him..
my Kpop Friends I talk to at school
we’re on break so I can’t grieve with them
(break from school)
...you sure...
it does help with the pain a lot.
I’ll always be able to have his music.
his music, his legacy, his shining point.
same...I can’t expect it either...
I want to cry so bad....but I can’t cry...
RIP Jonghyun💜
same. I try not to cry much but it’s hard
re:// I'm doing ok, for now. It was much worse yesterday, I felt miserable and angry at nothing. It's difficult to handle. I cried alot too. :c also 2) ahhh thank so much, but your collages are always much better than mine ♥♥
yea...crying helps with grieving so much
his smile just kills me 😭
yeah thanks for understanding...like I didn't know him personally nor was a Showl but it is getting out of hand and I started crying bc it was getting to overwhelming but then again I am a empathy person
thanks 🙏 for the comment on my pic collage
your collages is so much more amazing 😉 by the way
what do you need to tell me???!!
please, Georgia
oh, and what’s a whi?
rest in peace
tysm Abbey😭♥️♥️♥️♥️
honestly my crush wouldn't care but thank you
how was your day..??
eh, I just woke up. I don’t have school today so that’s nice!
^ that’s good..💕
re:// yeah I guess I don’t know. I guess I’ll post a bit. my mental health is really bad right now to be honest but I’ve got a good support system so even though pc is basically dying I’ve been thinking about trying to come back and yeah
hahaha Thanks i took a while HAHAH
no!! why would I ever think you are annoying?
honestly..I am..
^ eh I feel like your lying to me.
why would I lie to you?? I actually look forward to talking with you and I enjoy your online presence (if that is a thing)
I promise, you are really important to me
I’m so sorry. I have literally a perfect life and I wish I could give it to you. you don’t deserve the life you were given
^ that sounded rude, I meant you deserve more than what you were given
it matters to me, so much
I may not know you irl but I know a small part of you, and for me that’s enough
no. please stop
does it hurt a lot? (I’m sorry that probably sounded rude)
I knew this one kid who cut and he said the pain ‘felt good’
not true! their so much better than mine!
talk to you in 3 days...
no they wouldn't
iM BaCk.
hey bro
iM oFf pRivaTe
honestly I feel like I rushed this one because I had to post it today and it didn’t have time. but thank you
by today i mean yesterday 😅 oops
look in the remixes of my last post plz
you too!
re:// yes an oc in a way
re// ty lol
re:// thank you so much! do you have army amino?💕
thanks boo💙
😢 omgosh... 😊 thank you!
thank you, but I have so much to work on.
so basically...mgk is a rapper..right?....and yeah..I’m.,like his bIggEsT fAn
and my sister got me his Merch
^lets just say his the guy I made the orange edit of 😂
re:// awww :( if I knew you in rl I would definitely give you something! But also, neither of my parents know much about it.. (But my dad watched Not Today a few months ago, it was pretty awkward.) They just tease my sister and I about it. But my mom is less open minded, so whenever she sees pictures of K-idols she just criticizes them for having earrings and looking "feminine". I get you 😭👍
I love your account!😱😱
Thank you!! I love it when you make BTS edits! They are amazing!!!😱😱
Thank you!! Would you like to be friends?💓
Ok! You can call me Blue!
awwww tysm sweetie ♥️
ty ur so kind! would u like to be friends?
aw thanks 😘
I’m so ugly😂
yeah right..
re:// omg yes Army Amino is heaven for bts stans, I promise that it is totally worth it
re:// thanks the old one took so long to type in and I also just got kinda bored with it
Abbey...is it ok if we talk for a bit?
of course!
well.im just a lonley freak.
I think it’s best for me to sleep Rn so night..
goodnight my friend
nope..I can’t sleep so it’s not goodnight...😞
:( Why can’t you sleep?
if I sleep someone is gonna...stab me again..
yep.. remember a few weeks ago..
my god I’m so sorry
it’s fine.
it’s not fine.
I’m back.i had to take antidepressants.
well true.but I’m pretty used to it.
I’m just so confused at why a human would do that to another human?
it’s so cruel and wrong
she doesn’t care.
she should.
when you turn 18 I’d get away from her, for your safety and well-being
you don’t need to take my “advice” at all though, I’m just a messed up girl
more sane than me.
yeah right
why are people txting me about depression rn..
I have no clue
i told them to stop..and they said “”why”” and I said well bc somethings happening..and then they sent me death notes great.
just another self confidence boost.
people are just WONDERFUL aren’t they?
(I was being sarcastic in case you couldn’t tell)
yeah I could tell..
there just amazing..
Christmas was pretty bad..she ruined it..😞..but apart from that pretty good.. hbu?
llama is perfection 👌👌💕
mum..destroyed Christmas.
I’m a fxcking idiot.
you’re not an idiot, she is an idiot for ruining one of the happiest days of the year
yeah...I was rly happy when I got my new watch..
oh the watch has white leather and then Mickey in the middle ((yes I’m a little child at heart))
don’t worry.