Zack James
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Zack James Girlys HMU

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haha ok
I know right Hermione should be with harry
☺️ really?
sorry I don’t sing
Haha Hello Ladies~Zack
you’re the center of attention! *laughs*~Bryli
I try... I think I might be a little too confident though.... and outgoing. well im gonna stop pointing out my flaws and start on my beautimus qualities😉~Zack
Words of wisdom there bud! You can be confident but don’t turn cocky!~Bryli
Haha I'm trying not too......Are you and your twin close?
Yeah, I mean we tell each other everything but we do fight like siblings do. I like to annoy him😂~Bryli
Me and my sibling dont get along very well...... we have never been close
I’m sorry to hear that!~Bryli
(this is my other account so if you wanna rp go to this one)
😍😍 ~ Salma
😊😊What's your name?~ Zack
hey *smirks*,
Was that a good smirk or a sarcastic one?- Zack
hey, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you could like one of my collage ? It’s the one where it’s righted Spring . My dream it’s to be futured so if you could make it true. I count on you ♥️♥️♥️