Room 1 is marked with a : ❌
Room 2 is marked with a : 🔪
Room 3 is marked with a : ☠️

.choose wisely.

(discuss with each other and vote on a room)


Room 1 is marked with a : ❌ Room 2 is marked with a : 🔪 Room 3 is marked with a : ☠️ .choose wisely. (discuss with each other and vote on a room)

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where can we discuss since we’re all on separate teams?
like on our own pages? if so, if you’re on keira’s team comment on my page because i think i might have figured it out :)
You all are seekers, and most people have voted to work together. So the teams have merged. You can discuss here in the comments, so everyone can see it.
I’ll most likely reply to your comments on the monarchy posts, just so everyone can see the information.
I’m thinking that the room that they need to choose is the one with the knife on it. Both the crossbones and the x symbolize “the end” which will essentially be doom in this case. A knife doesn’t necessarily represent this.
crossbones are also essentially an x and x means wrong lmaoo.
okay so I have talked with Keira and she said this is a ‘choose your own adventure’ story so none of them mean death, but we just have to choose the ‘better’ one I suppose using chance and luck.
ok im not sure if his means anything but one of the emojis is red while the others are grey and so maybe it’s room 1? guys any suggestions?
Oh wait yeah
the crossbones make so much sense
yeah the knife would probably be my bet to what the best one is. however, i like chaos.
^^i also thought abt how one of the is red and the rest were gray. however, i just feel like that’s the surface level answer.
I'm okay with going for the knife, that explanation makes sense to me.
IM ALSO LATE BUT yes that makes sense
but what if,, the x means exit, which seems less threatening than knife or crossbones, which both can mean death 🤔
everyone’s thinking of all these logical things and all i can think of is x marks the spot
lol same ^
I’m gonna say the crossbones makes sense though, I’ve seen at least one skull on the page but I haven’t seen any knives or xs
the x was used for strikes so maybe that ones bad
Should we just vote since everyone seems to have different ideas?
My final vote is 2
I'm voting for room 2
I’m voting room 3
ok ill go for #2 too
i’ll vote 2
ok I’ll vote 2
^^okk no idea what’s going on sorry im so late
Okay, we have 11 seekers right? And 6 votes for 2 already, so that's the majority
^ big brain