Collage by _PinaColada


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hi Claudia, how are you? it’s great to hear from u! I’ve moved to Cav but yeah, i’ll make u a icon!
hi claudia, just wanna know if i text u with the email u gave me or i email u my number?
what the heck does hmu mean ahaha soz
ahaha okie sure. yeah i remember it. i’ll probs email u it during the weekend cause i’m only allowed my phone during then but yeah
k talk to u soon then xx
ahaha oops forgot sorrrrrry 💗💗
you should start collaging again! 💗
i’ll text you to order
come and vote for the collages in my contest!🌊 go to the remixes and like the 3 you think are the prettiest!💗💗you cannot like your own ( if you joined ) have fun! 💗💗