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Hey! It’s been four months, and I recognize I kind of fell of the face of the Earth. I really only ever come onto here when inspiration strikes or I have something to share, but I do appreciate you all nonetheless. I was wanting to do a collage for Asian and Pacific Island Month and Pride Month, but I had a hard time of visually representing what I wanted to say, so I didn’t end up posting. However, I still believe my messages are worth sharing, and I will probably post them eventually (maybe).
I appreciate you if you read this :))
You always word your thoughts so beautifully and make me think. I switch between wanting to leave something behind and not caring at all. I believe it matters most who you are now, what you do for people around you, how you are remembered by those closest to you. But as a writer, I can't say I don't want my words to mean something, to let them linger.
I love how you worded this!! I’m not really sure how I would impact the world itself and I think that’s a big thing to do but it can happen if you try. But I’d like to leave an impact on the people that are closest to me, I want to make a change for the people that meet me. The same goes for my writing and I agree with Anouk ^^ I want my words to strike something in someone
I had to hold off from commenting when I first read this five hours ago because I wanted to write my thoughts as eloquently as you did. I’m realizing now that may have been in vain as you truly have always had a way with words kat. I’ve felt something similar to you my freshman year, I felt like I was holding a part of me off so I wouldn’t get hurt, but in exchange i felt like I wasted so much time not fully LIVING. for me the pandemic was my wake up call, but even now I struggle to find the balance. while I can’t guarantee that you’ll be remembered for generations (heck I don’t even know what colleges I’m getting in to), I hope you know that you’ve left a lasting impact (or legacy) in my life. I’ve been contemplating the micro impacts we make on the ppl we’ve connected with, and I can tell you that I’ve mentioned the words you wrote you to my friends, my family, and even during my last job interview. I will continue to remember even the perhaps cringier first works you’ve had. I will continue to remember your improvement, and how your words made me and the people here take a step back and consider these philosophical ideas. your notion of “one day” may be still in the future, but in my eyes one day is just around the corner. greatness is within reach, keep going you got this :)
as for me leaving my legacy, gosh I don’t know. as mentioned, I guess my goal has always been leaving an impact on every one’s life. not necessarily as a whole but with each individual I’ll meet. because of that, I’m optimistic that I’ll leave this world sated, but as everything is, it fluctuates day to day. I say “leaving an impression/impact”, but I am afraid a selfish part of me wants to leave some legacy behind so badly that I wouldn’t care if it was positive or negative though. it’s something I’m still working through
not only do you leave a huge, powerful impact after writing this, I absolutely love how ur words always makes us all think carefully abt our lives and like yk think abt our mistakes, our futures, what we did right and what we can change to become a better person. i definitely can’t relate with the part of you having difficulties w ur mental health. honestly I don’t know whether I can relate. i think I can relate on how you’re feeling but not completely, I can’t technically fit myself in your shoes completely, but I hope I can, others on here can too. come on here, whenever u feel like it, don’t force urself to do so. don’t share things w others, things that u might eventually regret. but I think u have taught many of us on here that even if we made a mistake, we can still change and become a better person, on the inside and on the outside. love urself a little more <33 and for ur qn, unfortunately I have no clue, I alr have so much on my plate atm that I can’t even think clearly at times 🥲🥲
i can’t even think clearly at times 🥲🥲* ^^ idk why it cut off but yes
This is amazing to read and I’m currently spiraling to figure the answer out myself to the question you asked. Do I care about legacy? A part of me wants to say no, that I’ll be able to go without much on my plate. But when I really think about it, I do want to leave something behind, change the world for the better. How to do it, I have no idea. I’m just starting high school, and I’ve recently been trying to involve myself more and live in the moment instead of just the future all of the time. I feel that I get so stuck up and caught in the work, always needing to do the best and achieving everything possible. It doesn’t particularly leave me satisfied though. I want all the experiences you could ever go through, but at the same time I don’t. And when I complete everything, it really won’t make a difference. I’m so small and insignificant compared to the vastness of the world. I’m still deciding what I want to do and how to do it, but I hope not to get caught always looking ahead. I often forget to enjoy now which always leaves me looking back at the past and wondering how things could’ve been different. So I guess the answer is yes. I do want to leave behind a legacy, and whether it lasts for a hundred years or just ten it doesn’t really matter. Making a difference, however small, would be enough for me. This is honestly an amazing subject to touch on and it’s really making me question a lot of things right now. Thank you for this, your impact here has been amazing, and I love all the questions you raise that people tend to look away from and try to forget about. You call attention to it and make us think. It’s amazing, and it gives me insight I’ve never had before, so thank you for this, and I hope that you become satisfied ✨