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answer: I guess you’re 15? or 16?🫶🏻
good luck for the gala!!
I agreeee they should put it on Netflix
hmm I’d say you’re 14-17
yay a blog!! love these!!
I needed the message tysm leida 🥺 🫶🏼
i’d say you’re 14-18!!
Girl don't worry I wasn't able to go either and it was like 7-9 hours away in California 😭😭😭
I miss my Taylor Swift collages too but rn Grey's Anatomy has taken over my life. I'm on season 16
It's 19 seasons in total but rn they'll be filming the 20th
For me time just goes super fast lately
Oh nooo sorry taylor isn't coming near you
Hmmm I'd guess around 15??
Oohh fav movie ehh maybe the greatest showman?? Idk a lot. But I also love the older romcoms and stuff
hmmm 16 or 17?