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You said you wanted to talk ?
oh... you saw that?
Yeah , I did
We can talk whenever you want LanaBear
um... well. Did you see the question I asked in your post? I deleted it but did you see it?
No , I did not
You can ask me again
Im here and I miss you so much and Im sorry
I feel so bad ....
I was only going to ask again if you saw it
Please Baby
I really want to know what your question is
Do you want to get back together? If not, I understand why. I know I can be a b**ch a lot but that’s because I’m stressed but I know that’s not an excuse and I’m sorry... but do you?
And I know that we argue a lot but.. that’s kinda part of a relationship
I think there is a few kinks and stuff we can work out along the way
I think we got this though .... You are all I can think about
I should of never left
no, it’s my fault
I broke my own heart when we were dating and I wanted to leave the relationship because I thought it was you but truly I was hurting myself
I have to confess something to you
what’s that?
you can tell me anything, I’m here for you
I took some pills last night
Please please don't be mad I just didn't know what else to do and I cut myslef but please dont be mad
Can I ask why? You know I’m always here for you. Why didn’t you talk to me about it. I could have tried to help. And I’m not mad... I can’t be mad since I did the same thing, but I am worried about you.
I did it because I didn't know what else to do .... I couldn't stop crying .... I just felt so alone and I thought I couldn't come to you .... I didn't know how to explain it to you
I still don't ... I hurt you and that tears me up on the inside
This isn’t about me right now. It’s about you and making sure that you are okay. Don’t worry about me. Can you at least try to explain it to me. I’m here for you and I always will be. Why didn’t you think that you could come to me?
I hurt you ... I know that ... You weren't ready for me to leave ... I still left anyway .... I still wanted you but I left .... Then I got home and I was listening to music and all of the songs that we bonded over were playing and it broke me
I’m sorry... but you didn’t hurt me. If anything, I’m the one that hurt you
I felt like I truly lost you and losing you wasn't what I wanted at all .... I wanted you to be happy and I thought maybe going away would make it better ... I relaized I couldn't take it and I wanted to hurt myself because I hurt you so I took the pills and cut myslf
You didn't hurt me ... I hurt myself
I’m sorry
You don't need to say sorry .... I am sorry
I feel so terrible ...
don’t. I wasn’t there for you and I should have been
No . It was all me
Can I hug you ?
of corse
* hugs you tightly and kisses your forehead *
Lets pretend we never left each other
do u have email
do u have Pinterest
no as just good friends because faith is taken to someone else
I wanted to date her but she said she taken
she is really sweet and cute girl
Lana , we shouldn't date
Im breaking up with you again because you like someone else ... I hope you don't mind but thanks for showing me you care about me
You shouldn't have asked me out again knowing you loved someone at school
Did you not see the comment I put on your post?
I didn't look ...
it’s fine
Well , we had good times
Friends ?
Alright , I love you
thanks..can we still talk tho
Sure LanaBear
You good ?
Alright , How are you ?
I’m okay
how are you
Im glad you are okay
What are you up to ?
not much, just figuring out my life. what are you up too?
Uhh , algebra test ... yikes .. you know how I do when I test ... we have been through this before
you’ll do fine:)
Thanks ....
Always need your wishes for me
I do better when I get them
Hey , so are you and that girl gonna date ?
I don’t think so but I hope
I hope so too .... That hurt to say but I did
Im gonna miss you .... I shoudln't tell you any of this I am so sorry
no, it’s fine. I shouldn’t have said that I hoped that
No , It is how you feel . I am glad that you are moving on and are becoming happy
I still feel bad about it tho
There is no need to . I need to move on from you . I just don know how to do that .I have always said I want you to do what makes you happy and that is what you are doing so
... but it’s actually breaking my heart. Everything is
Im fine ... I want you to be happy Lana . Being with me doesn't make you happy so .... Why would I want you to stay here ?
I want you to go off and be happy so DO IT BABY
It did make me happy
Well , not anymore ....
That is okay though ...
It really is Darling
I don’t feel like it is but okay
It is ... I will get over it
but I want YOU to be more HAPPY
I am happy
Don't worry about me being happy or not as long as you are happy I am
black is my favorite color