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You said you wanted to talk ?
oh... you saw that?
Yeah , I did
We can talk whenever you want LanaBear
You didn't hurt me ... I hurt myself
I’m sorry
don’t. I wasn’t there for you and I should have been
No . It was all me
Can I hug you ?
of corse
* hugs you tightly and kisses your forehead *
Lets pretend we never left each other
do u have email
do u have Pinterest
Did you not see the comment I put on your post?
I didn't look ...
it’s fine
Well , we had good times
Friends ?
Alright , I love you
thanks..can we still talk tho
Sure LanaBear
You good ?
Alright , How are you ?
I’m okay
how are you
Im glad you are okay
What are you up to ?
not much, just figuring out my life. what are you up too?
Uhh , algebra test ... yikes .. you know how I do when I test ... we have been through this before
you’ll do fine:)
black is my favorite color