🌙🦋Hey look, it’s Grace VanderWaal! The other artist that I listen to obsessively!🦋🌙



🌙🦋Hey look, it’s Grace VanderWaal! The other artist that I listen to obsessively!🦋🌙 SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP MEEEEE! IM STARTING HIGH SCHOOL ON FRIDAY! IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR FRESHMEN PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME. 😬😬😬

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Thanks and love this 💕
Gardes do matter! Do service hours if your school does that mine does and you get a servic cord at graduation but you have to do it each year I wish I knew that it's too late for me but yeah take advance classes, to have a good GPA
and you shouldn't care what other ppl think of you it won't matter a few days later and time flies trust me so have fun!
Grades* lol
Hopefully that helped idk
Good luck ♡
WOAHHH GIRL THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! and AWW GOOD LUCK WITH HIGH SCHOOL, I’m not sure how I can help you cause I go to school in Australia so it may be a bit different💞💞
soOo pretty omg!! high school is scary ngl but it’ll work out 💕
GORGEOUS!! awww good luck!!! I don’t live in America so I don’t really know, but I’m sure you’ll be fine, you seem like an amazing person
Thank you!! This is amazing 🌼 That outfit seems so cute!
thank you!! and yes those are great princesses☺️
thank youuuu ❤️
gorgeousss and good luck! high school is sooo much better than middle school and the people are so much nicer. I’d say that you just have to make sure that you’re open to making new friends, and don’t be cliquey because staying away from the drama is always a good idea! but I’m sure you’ll be fine lol
my advice is don’t die as always 👍
omg thank you sm that means a wholleeeee lot 💞
oop sorry for the late response ANYWAYs this is so bee auto fill✌️btw I can’t help you too much cuz I’m going into 8th grade but it’s not gonna be like high school musical but honestly that would be worse than regular high school cuz I cannot sing(I literally can’t cuz I’m always out of breath about 5 seconds in😔)
oh haha
aw ty 💕 also how have I not been following u lol
@caption: just be open to trying new things! I was a freshman last year and wasn’t open to much and I really wish I hadn’t been. go crazy and try new things and go to football games cuz if they’re anything like our school’s games, they are LIT.
aye good luck with freshman year !! I was wAy nervous tbh going in, but I ended up having an awesome year, so I hope u do as well. Sending all my luck ur way✊🏼🥂
duuuude you CRUSHED this!! 😍😍😍
thank you and no but I will definitely check it out❤️
Fun! Book Reading can be a good break in the summer and it’s usually really calming! have fun reading your book! it sounds interesting! 😁
I don’t know anything about HS because I’m still in junior high, but just be you I guess! 🤩
too stunning for my eyesss 💞💫
thank you :)
tysm! this is too
I would say don’t be afraid to try new things, definitely try to participate in sports and clubs and just be involved in the school’s culture. also obviously get good grades because once you mess up bad it’s going to be hard to bring back the gpa
awww tysm
i live in australia, so I'm not sure how things work in america... but good luck anyway :)
I love this sm 💜
😂that’s the opposite of me! I can’t trace at all cuz it’s hard to be precise with fingers😂
aw tysm and wow this is amazing!!💗
OMG😂😂😂 that actually made me laugh
sameeeee 😭 top ten reasons i wish i could live in nyc ;w;
woahhhh this is so stunning 😱😱
haha lol!! thx! this is beautiful
wow this is amazing!! omg that sounds fun, what instrument do you play?? I play the piano and flute 💓💓
and I'm doing good thanks, I've literally been doing nothing, just staying at home dYinG of boredom lol
b e a u t i f u l
thank you 💕
TYSM!!! this is so so so so stunning!
omg that’s actually very cool!! i love instruments but i’ve never really been good 😂😂
tysm!! wow this is amazing😍
haha it was ur 1st collage and IM GOING TO LOOK FOR THAT FACE REVEALLL😂
lol ya you have definitely improved a lot from that and that’s really saying something😂
haha tysm!!!! 🤠❤️❤️
school started Tuesday for me
ah thanks so muchh
😂😂 well that’s impressive omg!! 😂👍🏻 and as this collage shows, grave cancer walk, she makes me want to play ukulele she’s a lil talent 😂
grace vanderwaal***** omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂 💀
re: yeah it was rlly cool we had a tank and we got frog eggs and we put them in their and we got to watch them grow
np and thank you!!☺️✨
Ty for all the sweet comments!
ofc 🥰😘💞
I love this!! a piece of advice- don’t be cliquey, get involved in your school, and stay close with your friends
and “make new friends but keep the old”
aha you're probably not that bad lol 😂I play the piano and flute and the guitar and the ukulele are so cool, I would love to learn both of them 💓💓
omg this is so late but TYSM!💛💛
😂😂😂 yes same!! I still am tbh I got to see Paul a few years ago and was dying 😭💗
thanks mannnn if you saw my guitar in person you’d see it’s a tAd BeAt uP 😂
I know right!
all of your collages flow so well somehow no matter how many images you use! that is a talent that i will never have 😂
aww thank you!! whoa really?! I started school 3 weeks ago. ikr! school is making us all busy!
aww ty!!
right? I usually like to keep a words other than the ones I type out of my collages but that saying was just too cool to keep out of it
of course!!
no problem!
thank you! and np!✨😂
ah i meant ❤️❤️
hey, how was your first day of high school? and honestly, i’m a lot better and i feel very balanced if that makes sense☺️
awh thanks
sksksksks haha and also if u didn’t see the comment, no I am not a mum I meant that I HV a rlly overprotective single mum, that one was on me hehe, sorry for the confusion but yeah I can’t be bothered reposting🧡
this is stunning! :)
thank you! so is this🤩💞
Thank you!
thanks ⚡️⚡️
aw thank you!
tysm 😊😘💕
aww, when I started piano I found it so tricky to put both hands together but only after loads of practise I could lol, now it’s much better but I guess it’s because I started when I was 8 aha
thank you !! And my day was pretty good, could’ve been better but ig it was only the first day.
thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it! Also I love your account!!
AHHH I LOVE GRACE!!! I obsessively listen to her too!
it’s so funny seeing this collage, I’m a junior in high school now ahah, and this is still my iPad wallpaper
funny how things have changed, huh? strange, isn’t it? the passing of time?