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this is an awesome idea💞
this is incredible
i dont think using the excuse “i was mad i didn’t mean it” suddenly makes you unliable for ur actions of words and i ESPECIALLY don’t like when ppl with power over me use it (parents or teachers) it feels like a cop out and a way to not own up to ur mistake, if u feel bad and don’t mean it, then say that, adding you only did it because you were upset comes off to me as a way to distance you’re self from taking responsibility
(@jUsT-peachy) I completely agree with what you said it sucks when people use their power over u against u (it's like when someone says they said sh t to you oNlY because they were in a bad mood that p sses me off) and i'm so sorry that someone has done that to you
i hope you find it in you to forgive them regardless if they have said sorry as that might make you feel better 💚
i håte that you’re so loved by everyone when you’re so mean to me, even if you don’t realize it. i håte that you’ve been way more successful and have a better home life at your moms and have so much more money than me. i håte that you’re life is almost perfect and that mine is the way that is. you were my best friend and my first heartbreak. i’m glad you have a new happy life, i just wish mine was that way too.💙
im the youngest so im always getting bossed around even now that i am a teenager it sucks and i just wish that i had a voice of my own sometimes im always being referred to as the “baby” but im not and its just so annoying
any words of wisdom?💙
wanna rp?