Beauty standards are stupid. Y tu?


TAP! Beauty standards are stupid. Y tu?

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This is so cool 😱
thank you! This is so cool too!
I’m shook at how good this is 😱! you are so right, beauty standards are 💩. you don’t have to look a certain way to be beautiful
this is simply stunning 💓
thank youuuu, you too!
this is amazing btw❤️
Yay! I’m so glad this got featured! You totally deserve it 💕
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this is stunning!
well, you find the bg and quote if u want? I’ll do the text and finishing stuff.. if you need ideas go to my Pinterest acc oceaneyes- aka. 0fficialRae and there’s a board of pc ideas,,. find a bg from there and a quote that’ll match the bg.. sound good?
you are so talented!❤️❤️
congratulations on feature
so so gorgeous!!!!
wow I’m speechless xx
ummm AMAZING!!! 😉
this is beyond!! wow. amazing!!!
Oh lawd, this is NICE
This is just the best WOW
this is so cool omggg
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that is exactly what needs to be said
what an artist
that’s really good! 👍
wow amazing!!!
this is amazing!! wow
that is sooooi good
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Wow! it looks amazing! nice work!
this is amazing
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wonderful work❤️
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this is pretty
this is beautiful ❤️
this is so beautiful xx
this is so beautiful and amazing I want to die. how do u even come up w that??! u r an amazing collager!!! I love it soooo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️
your ugly
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WOW I don’t know how to do this... :(
omg... this is B E U T I F U L !!!
so beautiful ❤️❤️ luv it
this is amazing!!!! the message is perfect and the effort u must’ve put into making it.....wow just wow! well done definitely deserve the feature ❤️❤️
this is Beautiful!!! I’m so amazed oh my gosh!!! 😍😱❤️
love it