yes i’m still alive, wbu?


💜28/10/2023💜 yes i’m still alive, wbu?

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so so gorgeous 🩷🩷
and i hope you get better soon as well 🫶🫶 long story short it’s just my life and the way i think of myself, comparison to my sister, feeling unloved, etc </3
aww thank you so much!
I'm so sorry about that, that's horrible :( I'm here for you if you need to talk and I hope you feel better soon💓
I'm okay, thank you for asking, I just felt a little unmotivated lately, don't really know why but Ig that will pass :) ANYWAYS I have holidays for a week (the autumn break)!
thank you jesse! I guess we are friends now? And somehow I think it's better that way
how are things w your crush?
thank you! That sounds exciting, I even have a skateboard at home because I really wanted to start doing it, but I was always kind of afraid of getting hurt. It's been a few years now, I think I might try again. How did you actually learn it? Did you take courses there or did you teach yourself?
omg snowboardinggg! I've actually NEVER been on a snowboard before but I really want to try it out! I always just ski
aww you're so sweet, I missed you so much, I'm so glad to talk to you again lovely <33
yes I just can't understand that😭😭 she's literally one of the kindest people on this app and her collages are so stunning! they're probably just jealous
oh you guessed it! yep it's me, I didn't want her to just see the h@tepage, luckily I don't have one myself, but I can imagine how painful that would be. I hope she doesn't let this get her down, she doesn't deserve this
ahh thank you so much xx
this is beautiful as well! we love nice clean minimalist lines 😍
Thank you!!
This looks amazing 💜
your account is gorgeous!
thank you⭐️
I have been doing great! Love the collage <3
thank you so so much, you’re so sweet and i appreciate your support soo much 🩷🩷🫶🫶
i’m doing okay, i’ve just been pretty busy. i’m so sorry to hear that your mental health isn’t going well!! i’m here if you need anything at all 🩷🩷
Aww of course 💗
thank you Jesse! I‘m feeling better today :)) yes! I‘m in Portugal for five days w my family, it’s beautiful here! have you ever been there?
You're right, one day we'll find the one who makes us happy. We still have a lot of time haha
Aww that‘s great to hear <33 Have you given her any signs? I rlly hope things will work out for you!
how are you? are you feeling better today?
Okay, I'll try when I'm back home, then I'll tell you how it was! Maybe you have any tips?
that‘s for sure! My best friend always snowboards, I really admire her for this balance! I think I would fall down every second lol
unfortunately not! The nearest snow resort is about an hour and a half away, do you live near one?
Aww you‘re too sweet, you’re definitely one of my best friends on pc as well, ilysm💓💓
I 100% agree mit you! I don’t understand how some people can be so mean :(
aww you‘re the best, I‘m so glad to know you🫶
this is so good 🫶
thanks :)
hey Jesse! how are you? <33
thank you so much! would you like to be friends? <3
Thank you!
yeahhh of course
how are you?
hey jesse, how are you? is everything okay?💓
hi! do you have any dating advice
Beautiful :)
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hey jesse, how are you? I miss talking to you lovely, hope everything's okay 🩷🩷
merry christmas jesse!!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR JESSE! i wish you a lot of happiness & joy in 2024, may all your dreams come true <33 i miss you a lot, it's been a while since we talked.. please come back soon🫶🫶
hey jesse!! I hope you’re doing okay 💜💜
I js started outer banks 😻😻
hey jesse I miss you! I hope you’re okay. sending love 🩷🩷🩷
jesse i miss you so much, we haven't talked in ages.. i hope you're doing okay <33
hey jesse, are you doing okay ?? i miss you terribly omg, please come back ♡
jesse dear are you doing alright? I miss you so much ❤️❤️
jesse i miss you so much 😭💘🫶