Gemini outfit for the horoscopes series
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♊️ Element: Air Lucky day: Wednesday Birth colour: blue, yellow, yellow-orange Other lucky colours: yellow, especially paler shades Birthstone: Agate, striped stones and topaz Compatible signs: Libra, Aquarius Quality most needed for balance: thought that is deep rather than superficial Deepest need: communication Associated flowers & plants: lavender, ferns, lily of valley and all kinds of nut trees Traits: positive, keenness, communicative approach, innovative, intelligence, restlessness, lack of concentration, exaggeration, resourcefulness, responsiveness, adventurous, inconsistent Health: overactive- prone to anxiety and insomnia
Thanks I'm sure it will be and I actually need your help with something I need a new year long series and I'm out of ideas. I don't suppose you could help me think of one. 💕🎶
That's an awesome idea but it would be deciding which ones to use I can only have 12. Do you think I should do bands or artists or a mix of both? Who would you suggest as an artist for the first month because I've done some artists before and I want to make sure I do a wide variety of them. Thanks for helping me out! 😘💖
I am also thinking of doing a zodiac theme too as my year long series because I thought maybe everyone would like to know their zodiac and what you could dress like for that particular sign. But I don't know if that would be too similar to anything I've done before.
That's a really awesome idea maybe I should ask everyone what they want as a year long series because I am stumped for ideas at the moment I'm releasing the rest of the outfits in the next two weeks that I've need to catch up on. I'm just trying to think because the year long series is always reflected super well before but it's just finding the perfect idea. I have it I know what I'm going to do I just thought of it! I've been reading the Percy Jackson books and there are 12 main gods so I'll do them.
thank you sooo much for the spam too!! I really appreciate it! and the nice comments!
Yeah term time posting though is a nightmare because nobody is on so my collages are slightly wasted because people don't look at them you know
Anyway so what have you been doing recently it's your exams soon isn't it
having a guess the youtuber on my account