Collage by DevilsCave


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Hi! It’s Angel_Flower here, and I am just asking you if you could please enter my icon contest! It will only take up 5 minutes of your time! I would really appreciate it if you did enter because I think that you are a very talented collager! The contest is due by the end of January 2020! Thx so much for reading this!
hey you! yes you the fantastic person over there! I finally hit 50 and I am having a contest! don't forget to enter!
Hello! I absolutely LOVE this collage! I was wondering if it’d be okay to feature this collage on my account? If it’s okay, please comment ‘✨’ on the latest collage. And if you’d like to, please comment some usernames of people who should be featured. Thank you! 🥰
hi amazing PicCollage artist, I’m thinking about starting a contest and want to know who would be interested. if you are interested please go check out my most recent collage. thanks again. -Falconheavy1
woah usuper pretty!
Hello there! I am holding a contest on my account I was hoping you would want to join after all your collages Are beautiful and that is the theme of the contest! Deadline Is February 1st good luck! ❤️
love this!💕