Collage by AlishaMarieSummer-Extras


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the second remix is pending review
I’m glad I made it to the finals but clear-blue-water is such an amazing collagers I can’t wait to see her win!
wait omg I have to write a speech! wow I’m horrible at writing and I’ll sound braggish for sure 😅
ok thnx!
ahhh why can’t I see my speech when I remix it
I’ll try again later on
hope you like it💞 give credit if used
thank you so much!
oh thanks but I really can’t find a reason why I should win
and I realllyyyyy do not wanna sound brag-ish or anything
your welcome
hey! I just wanted to know where you get all of your wonderful fonts, literally love every single one!!💙
welllll do ya want me to write another one?
I don’t mind if I have to
are u gonna have another games? I was extremely busy when I entered and I’m so sorry I just didn’t have time I had so many exams
like another games after this one?
okay thanks!💕💕💕