I couldn't resist. I'll forever be a hopeless mcr fan. Here's my mcr anniversary edit. I had a really trying therapist session today.


{click} I couldn't resist. I'll forever be a hopeless mcr fan. Here's my mcr anniversary edit. I had a really trying therapist session today.

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dude I'm honestly so excited because the school is like half the size of my school right now and everyone kinda knows everyone there because of it's size and the tEACHERS ARE SO NICE AND COOPERATIVE AND WILL HELP YOU WITH WHATEVER YOU NEED AND I JUST WANNA FINISH SCHOOL NOW SO I CAN GO TO THE NEW ONE
😭 this song kills me.
I DONT THINK THEY HAVE A WEBSITE YET CAUSE THEYRE A BRAND NEW SCHOOL AND I TRIED TO GOOGLE IT A FEW DAYS AGO BUT NOTHING CAME UP ALso I'm not quite comfortable with sharing that info on the internet because ya know stalkers and such (not that I don't trust you don't get me wrong)
thank you fren💜
no, we just had a dilemma with one of my acquaintances who was planning to kill himself, and one of my friends supposedly cut himself. he has scratches but they sure don't look like self harm cuts to me compared to what I do to myself and what I've seen other people do. some other people have cut swastika's onto some part of their body as a joke (which is incredibly terrible, the holocaust isn't something they should joke about) and my thoughts have become more suícidal which alarms me because I don't want to die? but my brain seems to think it's a solution to any problem.
to be honest I have no clue, it's always been a theoretical thing in my mind since my depression worsened. I don't think I'd ever be able to carry through with anything that would be life threatening (besides cutting but nvm that). I'm afraid of pain but at the same time I crave it, my mind has a weird thought process. I've been limiting my intrusive thoughts to just self harm and not anything beyond that. as for the kid was planning to commit, I believe he's okay now. he talked to a teacher yesterday with one of my friends and he was doing okay at school today. and my friend's scratches have me doubting everything again. on my walk home I decided to make a list of things I don't believe/people I don't trust because of the whole manipulation fiasco that went down last year. my friend who has the scars has had a past with depression and cutting so I think they are actual self harm scars, but I could be wrong. some people just scratch the surface of their skin while others cut deeper and I probably shouldn't judge how severe they are to determine if he inflicted them on himself or not. but this is another reason why I'm excited to go to a new school, I'll be able to get out of this environment and a lot of people don't understand how important this change is to me.
thank you for caring so much, you don't yell at me when I slip up and hurt myself like most people do. everything has caused terrible urges lately and the friends that know about my issue haven't seemed to see how it's been effecting me. I appreciate your help and advice so much.
same to you, I care equally as much. ily too my dude <3
thank you fren💜
it was literally the best night of my life
ayyy thanks pal
thanks fren!
they teach the same things over and over again and my mom always tries to get me to talk to people but I don't like anyone there and everyone in my youth group is really annoying :\\
yeah when I get older I probably won't go to church
thank you fren
thank you so much fren💜💜
tell me if you like her :)
thanks ❤️
dude this is incredible
I'm so sorry that school is being absolute shît right now. I wish I could someone make you know in your heart that you are beautifully imperfect like the rest of us, which therefore makes you perfect. You are enough, in everything you do, in every single way. I love you 💛
ahahahah same though dude
that's cool. everyone has different tastes
no problem
lol yes yes I do
thank fren!
thank you fren!💜
the egg says he loves you
ahh I'm sorry I hope your day gets less exhausting
Thanks :)
thanks so much :')