Collage by TruthHurtz


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*jumps on you, wrapping my legs around your waist*
*runs my fingers through your hair* Daddy I want ur tattoos:(
hey I’m Elle
*kisses you and bites your lip gently* You’re hot
*nods eagerly and watches*
*bites my lip, getting a little turned on* Ooo daddy
*feels myself get wet and blushes* Mm
so wanna do anything
*tilts my head for you and giggles gently*
*bites my lip* mhm
*nods, holding back moans* D-daddy... I want...
oh gosh daddy... i want... you to eat me... out so much i... cxm... and i want you... to fxck me so... hard... you rearrange my insides *blushes and moans between words*
*gasps softly and whimpers as your fingers enter me*
*leans my head back and whispers quietly* o-oh daddyy
*holds your hand and sucks your fingers like a good little girl*
*watches, still doing as you told me*
*takes your fingers out for a second to talk* Yes sir *puts them back in*
*sucks on your tongue hard*
*whimpers loudly in your ear as my pxssy tightens around your big dxck* a-about what...
*tugs your hair hard and says your name softly*
*says it again a bit louder for you*
*nods and places my hands on your chest, bouncing softly on your dxck*
*rides obediently and moans, biting my lip*
*looks down as my hair falls in my face, moaning and keeps riding and bouncing*
*screams your name, digging my nails into your arms and squirts*
*archs my back as my legs give and pants softly*
*breathes heavily and lays my head on your chest*
Thank you handsome😌
If I ever try to walk away again, gosh, please don’t let me. *looks into your eyes*
*closes my eyes wearily and traces lazy hearts on your chest*
Gm dada
*smiles softly, blushing and lays my head on your lap*
*blows you a kiss before taking out my phone*
*puts it down* I love you more *plays with your face happily*
*scrunches up my nose and smushes your cheeks*
Don’t hurt daddy. *kisses your head lovingly*
*giggles and kisses back* Daddy let’s go to the club pleasee
Hehe *runs to my room*
*jumps on my pink bed and looks at my shoes* Hmm
*nods and gets my black glittery thigh high boots*
Thanqq *goes to my closet and get a silky black off the shoulder top and a short jean skirt* K turn around
Hehe ty
*wiggles my bum gently for you and giggles*
Rawr *giggles and gets a sweateri
*nods and holds your hand*
Of course. In front of everyone so they know you’re MY daddt
*buckles and smiles*
No looking at other girls daddy.
*stares for a second* You’re hot *kisses you hard with tongue and then gets out*
*walks in and smiles wide as the purple and blue lights hit my face in the dark room* Woahh
*nods eagerly and grabs your hands, pulling you to the center of the dance floor*
*ruffles your hair and takes my sweater off, pressing my body against yours and dances*
*turns around, placing my hands on the back of your neck and grinds my little bxtt against you*
*smiles and bends over, wiggling it on you as boys and some girls stare*
*kisses back, surprised*
I love you too. Stay here. *giggles and runs away to the back rooms*
*steps on the stage giggling and wearing revealing clothes*
*points at you and gestures for you to come*
*giggles and dances for you*
*smiles and reaches for you to help me down*
Weee *waves at boys that are staring*
*frowns as the girls stare and goes to them* Thats MY daddy. Okay? MINE
Rawr *glares at them then goes over to you and dances against you*
There were girl looking at you. I’m not scary though so it didn’t work but I can sure as heck make em jealous. *grabs your face and kisses you deeply*
*adds tongue and moans softly into the kiss, smiling*
Mm daddy *bites your lip and gets wet* We should stop now
*punches your chest playfully* We’re cute😌
Lets go to Walmart hehe
*gets my sweater and holds your jacket*
*gets in the back seat and lays down*
*plays on my phone*
*places my hand in yours and smiles*
*gives you kisses on your hand*
*nods* Of course
*nods* Yes
*kisses your cheek*
*smiles* Yesss
*squeals loudly and jumps on you*
*kisses all over your face* Ohhh I missed you I missed you I missed you!
Oh no, thats terrible. *looks at you sadly*
Oh yayy. Lonz Lonz will be so happy