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ya Ik it’s so sad
oh hey!!! I’ve never had a chat page dedicated to me😁I’m honored
anyways yeah I get depression or whatever you call it too and I’ve noticed I get it like twice a week and it’s kind of a frequent thing with is weird
oh hope u feel better and pls don’t think about u know what and it rly like attack’s u like by surprised and like ppl rly suffer with it
yeah no I know I never will commit and something my friend told me once keeps me in check. she always says “like I have depression too but I don’t understand why people would kill themselves that’s just stupid. it’s different if someone else kills you or you want to die but killing yourself. you would have to be and idiot!” and In a way she’s right😂❤️
so true and also the pain yikes and also when somone is rly depressed ( not u)
they don’t look st the good things in life only the bad things
and I forgot to ask🤣 what’s ur name how old are Goin
okay my name isn’t really Star but that’s what I wanna be called for now and age...
you go first!😜
kk i totally get u and I’m... 12 almost 13 ( ur prob older but I hope we can still be friends
yeah of course I’m only 13 so not really an age difference 🤗
Hahahahahahahahaha Wtvr ur only a few months older 😂
u don’t have to say where u live but I live in Florida
that’s cool I love in the second biggest state (Texas)😜
quick note about the Depression thing some ppl think only certain ppl can get it but that’s not true everyone gets it just some worse then others
yeah that’s true but it’s weird cause I don’t ever remember being depressed before this year then it just hit me
ya also like one secend u can be depressed and the next u don’t even remember u being depressed
true true
let’s talk about something else😂
ummm so do you like anime?
like depression only hits me rarely for a little amount of time thank god and sometimes it’s because I’m thinking about.. well here it goes... my mom dies when I was a baby from cancer ( not trying to make u feel bad for me lol😂
aww I’m sorry but yeah at least you have a reason (don’t mean to offend you at all) I just get depressed because I feel sorry for myself sometimes. or maybe it’s the end result. idk really
but seriously do you like anime
or what other stuff do you like
oh it’s ok but um Anime is ok not my fave thing I like marvel though did u watch endgame
yeah I saw it the second day it came out😁
oh lol I saw it a week after
but did u like it
oh ya me to I was crying a laughing and being shocked
it was an emotional roller coaster😂