23.12.19 「t a p」
It’s still two days from xmas but I wanna wish everyone a happy holidays! thank you for the support, I love you all sm 🥺💞
QOTD: what’s a song you memorised all the lyrics to?
AOTD:  cheerleader by OMI


23.12.19 「t a p」 It’s still two days from xmas but I wanna wish everyone a happy holidays! thank you for the support, I love you all sm 🥺💞 QOTD: what’s a song you memorised all the lyrics to? AOTD: cheerleader by OMI

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I’ve seen all the mcu movies too!! aha I have no life either. what’s your favorite? mines Ragnarock
Also, I love all of your posts. The fonts and the colors of the text you use really stand out against the white background, and they help to bring your whole account together because of the continuous use of the same colors. I also love the images that you choose. You always choose the perfect images to go with what your making a post about. 💓
re summertime sadness / sameee
yeah it’s fun! and tramping in the mountains sounds fun too! around where i love you can really do anything😂 you can walk around the city, go to fairs and visit small farm places. there are like two or three water parks near me so that’s fun in the summer. what can you do where you live?
Girl ilysm
Awe thanks uwu
sending you uwu’s now; ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💛💕💛❤️💕❤️💕💛💕💛❤️💛💕💛💕💛💕💛❤️💕💕💕💛❤️💛❤️💛💕💛💛❤️💛💛💕💕💕💛💛💕💛💕💛
yeah, why did you think those sparkles would explode? lmxao
yeah, I’ve never gotten a feature except when I had my old account, literally only ONE feature.
yeah I do live in no, just not in the same city as you though, I’m in Auckland
* nz ^
It’s pretty good here! the thing is that I’ve been smelling and seeing smoke in my area lately.. I have no idea if it’s climate change or if people are having a bqq and burnt some food .
oil that’s been in a pot/pan... when it flicks on you’re skin that shxivt HURTS
your city sounds amazing!! the adrenaline forest sounds super cool. umm my favorite thing about my city is probably the weather. it’s not too extreme and it’s about the same most of the year. we never have earthquakes or tornadoes, and it never snows more than 6 inches. what about you?
aww that’s so sweet! ☺️💓 also np, you make so many people on this app so happy and I just wanted to spread some of the love back to you 💗💗
I honestly love reading these so so much!! the way you do the same lilac coloured font for every post makes you account so organised and neat. I love how the layout of everything has so much effort and you pick the best little pictures to go underneath your little stories. I love reading these, and I think I’ve read every single on their so entertaining!!!! you’re account is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on PicCollage, you post super unique things. I can’t imagine how much time you spend on writing those paragraph long compliments and taking the time to notice all the little details in everyone’s collages. you are literally the nicest person on earth, and I wanted to thank you for that! keep making other people’s days, thankyou!!!!💖💓💞😂💖💓💞☺️💫💖💕
re marvel / yes ikr korg is my actual son
aww thank you!! you're so sweet☺️
thankyou so so much!! And I wasn’t sure whether to put the newspaper as a background, but thankyou for noticing it! I also thought the text needed something behind it so I just went onto text and put that colour behind writing and then I made the text that colour. thankyou so much for noticing all the details!!! and yeah the gold frame is so easy to style. thankyou for noticing how I placed my text!!! omg you read my mind every time!!! I love reading your comments they make my day 110% better!!!!THANKYOU FOR THAT!!!!!!☺️💖💗💕💗💖💕
aweee thank you so much 😊
aawww you are such an angel. I love u so much. x
awww thankyou!!!! you are SO KIND ahhhh!!!!!!!💖💖💗💗💗💗💗
I love your acc queen ❤️
Aotd: any Horrible Histories song ahah😂😂😂😂
omg i want to see us so bad!
i’m not sure what schools are where u live or what to compare mine to bc i’ve only ever gone to one school but🤷🏼‍♀️ i go to a small private school and we have uniforms. it goes from 7:50-3:00. we play basketball and soccer and softball and volleyball and golf. we have 8 classes a day. yeah that’s about it😂 hbu?
I don’t really have plans for Christmas
expect for opening presents and hanging out with family, wbu?
aweeee ❤️😊
i see some of your comments on other post and your so nice (though i’m sure you hear that from everyone) ♥️♥️♥️
np beautiful you are like the sweetest angel ever love you and tysm !
don’t we all?! 😂😂
yeah it’s early😓 your school sounds cool😎 we get a 15 minute lunch too😤 that’s insanely short to me idk. at my school girls can wear khaki pants or plaid skirts with a polo shirt with the school logo or a school hoodie. i loveee my school. it’s small so there’s very rarely any drama and never any fights like at public schools. do you like your school? and what’s your dress code like?
ok cool, i’ve seen like 20 or 30 minutes of get out but it was really good so i’m sure i’ll love us:)
i love your account so much! it’s so cute and i love reading ask the cute and juicy things you put on your account 💕
aawww tysm angel 😊
your uniform sounds really cool! and i like my school! it’s co-ed and it’s a very small private school. i love that u said it looks like a nun💀 ngl i would hate to wear a dress everyday, do u like wearing the dress? and what sports does your school have?
yeah i’ll let you know how i like it if i watch it:)
hey bestie I was wondering if you could follow me plz I love you (and your acc) soooooooooooooo muchhhhhh ❤️
hey boo, merry xmas! hope ur having fun xx
merryyy Christmas 🎄
dear super talented amazing collager. I am running an icon contest on my acc it would mean a lot if you could enter. but come quick due date is Jan 10th. make sure to tell lots of your friends and followers on pc! love Ariana 💖💖
thank you!! you too🖤🖤
awwww thankyou that is the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me!!!!! ahhhhhh how are you so nice!!!?? thankyou for being so lovely to everyone and making There day!! I hope you have the best Christmas ever too!!! Merry Christmas!! and thankyou soooooo muchhhhhhhhhh!!!!!❤️💚❤️💚❤️☺️💖💗💕
thank you so much!! I hope that your holidays and Christmas are lovely 🥰 you spread so much love around and I wish for all of that love and warmth to come back to you this holiday season. 🤍 Once again thank you for spreading the kindest words and the warmest compliments that make everyone smile ☺️
np love! have a merry christmas!!❤️💚😘
aww thank you so much❤️you’re literally the nicest person and i always appreciate seeing your comments on my collages, merry christmas!!
awww thankyou, I hope your celebrating goes well too!!☺️💖💕❤️💗
Thank you, you are the sweetest! And merry Christmas to you too! ❤️
just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas! thanks for all of your kind and lovely comments, they really make my day!!!! have a fantastic Christmas and a happy new year!!!!!
awww thank youu!! that is so so sweet :) merry christmas to you too❤️🎄 I hope you have the most amazing time with family and friends :)
thanks!!! 💗
HAPPY HOLIDAYS❄️☃️ please like my latest collage if it gets to 100 likes I will make a collage contest Thank u 🌟💫⛄️
thank you so much! and i love supporting you! you truly are an amazing person, ily moreee♥️♥️
dang those dresses sound pretty bad💀 and dang that’s a lot of sports! our school has 5 if i count righttt
I don’t deserve you and your nice comments and wishes! love you so so so much, grateful to have a lovely friend like you. my best wishes. merry Christmas 🤍
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 lylylylyly
Merry Christmas! thank you so much for the lovely comment! it’s people like you who keep me motivated to create collages❤️ I hope you have a lovely day 😊
dangggg and idk what u mean so ig not?😂 whats sports day?
aww tysm! you’re so sweet, i always love how your compliments are personal ilyyyyy❤️
and i love youuu♥️
awe ilysm
you are an angellllllll 👼🏻 !
I love you too much ! thanks for understanding my collage so well 🥺 you’re one of a kind! and yes the text is simple so that the attention shifts onto the edit
i love you
ohhh yeah we had that in elementary school but it was called field day. ur explaining skills are better than mine tho😂 and yes ma’am we do pe two or three times a week. wbu?
i had an amazing christmas!! :)
tysm!! I’m so glad that my theme came through and other people can see what I was going for. You’re too sweet 🥰 I hope you’re having an amazing Christmas!! what did you get? 🤍
aww thank youuu for all the support you’ve given me throughout the year I really appreciate it lovely❤️🤩🥰
Re: Oh my gosh, that comment means so much. It really leaves me dumbstruck that people, like you, really look forward to seeing my work. 💕💕 Merry Christmas!!💕
thank you. you are too sweet. it’s actually amazing how much time u spend on these comments. ur actually the sweetest, i wish u an amazing holiday!💚
check out my latest post !
merry one day late christmas 😬😂❤️💚🤍
i used to hate pe lol. since kindergarten we had the same teacher for it and she always made us do a 50 minute workout everyday and on monday we would run a mile. now we got a new teacher and she lets us do whatever so i love it😂 we play dodgeball a wholeee lot
you’re so so kind like you spread so much positivity on pc and it makes me so glad to be in this community 🥺🥺
no problem!!!
tysm 💖💖💖💖
yeah i hated it😓 and yess since preschool actually. hbu?
i love (most of) them😅 ya get tired of some of them ngl. but overall our class is literally a family. we’re all best friends i love it sm
what was it like moving countries??
aww your welcome🥰🥰💗💗
that sounds really cool! but sad u had to move away from ur grandparents :( i’ve lived in the dame city since i was 1 years old. even the old city is only an hour away tho. yeah it’s pretty nice being really close with all of my classmates!
and that’s good that ur main friend group came with u to the same high school
I honestly love you❤️
omg thank you so much😌honestly I don’t understand how you can be so nice and have large comments for everyone! you truly make everyone feel so happy and proud of their work when they aren’t💗
omgggg 13 going on 30 is soooo good! hahahah I’ve watched every marvel movie by its publication date so it’s all messed up for me😂
omg girl you’re literally the sweetest. thank you so much for that 🥺🥰
yeah we almost moved about a year ago because my dad got offered a job really far away and i cried sm bc of it😅 i couldn’t imagine leaving everything i’ve ever known and i had to tour two schools while i was there and it just wasn’t the same. yeah after high school i would probably go to a college kinda farther away from home. i probably won’t leave my state tho. also yeah ik what u mean about ur friends i can’t imagine leaving mine :) just curious, what season is it there?
your account is so unique and entertaining, i love it <3
aww thank you so much! your comment really made me smile and brightened up my day ☺️It really means the world that you love my collages so much 💓💓Thank you so much, I cannot explain how thankful I am. You’re account is amazing, you’re actually the sweetest 💗💗
I know I’ve said this before but I truly can’t thank you enough for your lovely comments! thank you for taking the time to write them because they mean a lot to me💗
ahhhh thank you :) you are so sweet 💕 i appreciate your comment so much!!!
ahhhh im gonna cry thank you sm for taking the time to comment on my collages 😭😭💕your comments made my day 💗
aww your welcome , you seem like a really nice person☺️💕
Hey Lia how are you I'm so glad you texted I wanted to ask a question, but I haven't had the time. I wanted to know if you wanted to be my first one on my tropic talk show Tuesday that I'm starting in the new year. I know you said you were interested and I kept going through other accounts to see who I should do first and you kept coming up. There is no one else who is always supporting others and juts giving their time to write a simple comment to somone. And not in the simple where you don't take any time, but yours you can tell their are well thought out. Your one of the most supportive person on my account and I can't thank you enough. 😁Back to Christmas it was amazing I also loved getting together with my family and we all just hung out and played all kinds of games. This year for Christmas I got LED lights for my room which just look awesome and I also got clothes and money. I also got candy an over abundance of it it's crazy how many boxes of it i got. This is so long sorry about that I hope your doing well😁💕💕
thank you you’re so kind🖤🖤
well thank you. i really appreciated it 💗
oh it’s winter here! summer there sounds amazing, when it’s summer here it’s just really hot. for college i plan on majoring in psychology! i really want to help people in a way that i know i’m good at, and i think i’m a good listener idk😂
i just like helping people with their problems and then it hit me like “hey there’s a job for that”😂😂
thank you, that means so much to me! 💖💖
no i think that’s cool! i used to want to be a manager over a small company but then psychology came around😂 ur grandma sounds pretty snazzy😎😂
aww thank you for that really sweet message. merry christmas to you too!
AOTD: basically all Selena Gomez songs and Selena Gomez & The Scene songs 😂
aotd: fergalicious by fergie lol