💖 stands for my friend audreyhepburn24 and the 🍕is my friend Fun-Life.


Tap 💖 stands for my friend audreyhepburn24 and the 🍕is my friend Fun-Life.

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“hey I’m rose, I haven’t meant many people”
(sorry I’m back)
hey Sophie and Winnie!
(hey kids)
Tho still was in the hospital
(RP anyone ?)
Rome sat in her new apartment as Nadia ran around. It took a long time to set up, but it was worth it. As Rome stood up to make food, Nadia ran out the door. She put down her ingredients before running after her, not noticing the dark shadow outside of her window.
Nathan was in the garden of the university, he was planting a flower.
Maddie walks down to the garden area and sees Nathan. “oh h-hi” she goes bright red
“Na- Nadia! Come back here!” she said to the little German Shepard. She ran all the way outside.
Nathan turned around, he blushed slightly. “Uh, hi.” he gave a meek wave. His hands were covered with dirt, “excuse my dirt hands,” he said with a light laugh.
(is this dude in a relationship 😂)
(nOpe both my OCs, Theo & Nathan are single as a Pringle.)
Maddie looks at him then bursts out laughing
(And I’m a forever lonely bean like always😂)
(you’ll never know KAT 😏)
*she walks up to him and brushes the dirt off his hands, she shivers when they touch*
Nathan quirked and eyebrow, and flicked some dirt towards her. He started laughing.
“Nadia!” she yelled, scooping up with German Shepard and sighed. She took a deep breath and reminded herself why she was here.
She isn’t sure if he’s flirting or being nice so she just laughs
^shall we RP?
Her phone started to buzz again, it was from the same person who contacted her the night before. She blocked them and looked around cause ya.
Maddie looks around and sees a girl looking at her phone
She held Nadia, “It’ll be okay, hopefully...” she said as a silhouette of a person watched her carefully.
She then looked up to see Maddie, still not knowing about the person behind her.
Maddie puts her hands in her pockets and heads over in the girls direction, she’s intrigued
Maddie locks eyes with the person behind her, she is unsure of this person but doesn’t want to speak. instead she just stares
“Um hey!” Rome said to Maddie as the figure snuck away.
*Maddie blinks* “oh h-hi!” She is slighting puzzled
“I’m Rome and this is Nadia,” she said, lifting up her German Shepherd. “I’m kind of new here...” she stated as the figure watched them from a balcony, staying in the shadows
“I’m a newbie too, well I’ve been here for 3 days now but it’s a cool place really! I love your dog isn’t she just adorable? Awh. Well, I’m Maddie!” She smiled at Nadia, unaware of her surroundings
“Thanks!” Rome said, “I just arrived yesterday and I finished decorating this morning,” she stated, “Well it’s nice to meet you Maddie,” she said as the person kept stalking them, waiting for the right opportunity.
“Hey erm I’m going to head to the shops to get a few bits of food and stuff for someone, wanna join?” *she goes bright read as she thinks about Nathan*
“Sure,” Rome said as she noticed the redness on her face, “Are you good?” she smirked lightly.
“yeah, I’m good thanks.” she’s slightly embarrassed that she picked up on this, she carries on thinking about him as they walk
“So, What are you studying at the university?” she asked.
“English and Fashion, ima creative kinda girl! Yourself” she walks smiling into the darkness
“I’ve always wanted to be creative,” Rome laughed, “Um, I’m going to major in culinary arts, but I’m also training to be an athlete,” she said as the man person thing followed them.
“Omg thats so cool! I like going to the gym, but then yeh next day I regret it!* she laughs and walks into the shop
Rome laughed and followed her into the shop, still holding Nadia, “So what are you looking for?” she asked.
“oh u-uh just some little things for s-som.. me. Yeah, me.” *she smiled awkwardly*
I’m back!
Rome nodded, kind of wanting to press on, but she didn’t. She adjusted the sleeves to her leather jacket as she looked around
(where are we right now, like the place?)
(A store)
awh is no one here
Rome wandered around the store as her phone began to bing with more harassing texts. She simply ignored it and started to get some puppy supplies and some decorations for her apartment.
Claire walked around the park with her dog, clover. She felt good! she was happy she wasn’t freezing up with Winnie anymore.
Another text came through, but it wasn’t harassing, “Ro, I’m sorry, just come back home,” It read. She grumbled and responded, “That isn’t home, it’s he**”
Thorn trudged his way to the university, after a while of just standing in front there, he sat there.
*Maddie flicks a bit of dirt at him*
Nathan flocked more dirt at Maddie, and his behind a tree for cover. He laughed, “What’s your name?”
“Maddie.” She smiles at him, blushing slightly
“Aren’t you gonna ask what my name is?” Nathan teased, as his face turned red, Nathan ducked behind a tree so she couldn’t see him blushing.
*She takes a minute to look at him, then quickly looks in another direction*
“Well then- what’s your name?” She laughs and walks over to him
Nathan gave a smile, “I’m Nathan.” Nathan moves so they could see each other more clearly, Nathan had dirt all over him. And there were smudges on his face. “Yeah, I really do need to clean up..” he said gesturing to himself
She looks at him for a minute, *she reaches out and gently rubs the smudges off his face with her fingers. She steps back and smiles softly* sorry, you erm had dirt on your face
Rome hopped onto her motorcycle and drove back to the university.
She looks over and sees Rome walking
Nathan blushed slightly, “thanks.” he smiled, he rubbed his cheek. “well, I’ve got to pick Theo up soon. I’ll see you later I guess?”
“oh okay” she’s slightly disappointed, she wanted him to come over to her apartment but she pretends it’s okay. “yeah. well erm here’s my number” she gives him a scrap of paper and looks at him
She parked off to the side and took of her helmet, flipping her long hair. She probably needed to train.
She stood off to the side and put on a pair boxing gloves. She started to train as Nadia ran circles around her
Maddie glances over and sees Rome, she gives her a small wave
“thanks,” Nathan took the slip and tucked it into his pocket. Nathan started walking back to his apartment.
Nadia started to yip as Rome waved back
Thorn watched Rome, quietly. He was munching on a squashed donut found in his backpack.
Theo was unconscious still.
Nathan cleaned up, and he hopped into a taxi that took him to the hospital to get Theo.
Maddie was sitting on a bench thinking about Nathan, she really liked him but she wasn’t sure if he felt the same.
Rome looked up every once in awhile to see Thorne
(I’m just gonna shower *its night where I am😂* then I’ll be back, brb!❤️*
(it’s morning for me😂)
When Rome looked Thorns way, Thorn pretend to be quite interested in his half-eaten donut.
(wow😂 could we make our characters have a romance?😂I find it more interesting 😂💕)
(You know what’s fun? LOVE SHAPES)
Rome just looked at him with raised eyebrows
(I showered in world record speed lol. also im annoyed because I painted my nails so it looked like blood dripping and I realised you can’t even see them as I have tiny hands😂😤)
Thorn looked back at Rome, and raised his eyebrows.
(my nails are painted purple and blue and there all chipped hEh)
Maddie takes out her phone to see if he has text her, she is hopeful but there is nothing
“Hello?” Rome said as she continued to practice her strikes.
(My nails are silver and YEET)
She stays waiting outside then gets bored and walks inside and heads for her apartment. She unlocks the door and goes to sit down on her couch
^^im actually really pleased with how this turned out
I just gotta fix it a bit & fill it in :)
“Yes?” Thorn replied, as he watched her do her strikes. He made a mental note, to not mess with her.
Nathan picked up Theo and dropped him off at his dorm, and Nathan finally headed to the coffee shop. He texted Maddie, “hey, wanna hang?”
That’s so cool! I have a journal thing and every month for a while I’ve wrote down my favorite things, let’s just say I’ve changed a lot😂 btw I’m Kayleigh- most people call me Kay or Midget 🙂
I’m Sal, but people call me salad like kat 👋🏼
(I have a bullet journal where I rewrite down what I need to do and etc, and I have journaling book where I write daily entries. it’s actually my first time doing journaling, so if I don’t like it I’ll stop)
I’m backkkk
(I love writing! I’ve kept a journal for years and yes I used to write about my favourite episode of sponge bob 😂 But I either wanna be an editorial assistant or a journalist when I’m older sooooo I picked courses that will help me)
“I’m Rome,” she just stated promptly. “Are you new here too or not?” she asked as she did a few flips.
She grabs a drink and looks out of the window, almost waiting for him
Nathan arrived, and took a seat next to Maddie. “hEy.” he smiled
my writing is horrible
Thorn quirked his eyebrows slightly as he responded, “Yes, I’m new I arrived here today.” Thorn shrugged, “I’m Thorn.”
Hey sisters I’m back
Rome just nodded slightly as she practiced some parkour
Thorn finished his donut and started eating some munchkins.
Thorn was confused how could this girl do parkour, when he barely could leap from one side to another
Rome continued training and Nadia ran around and wanted to play with someone.
[Insert a bunch of cool flips and leaps and jumps here cause I’m to lazy to explain in detail]
Thorn saw Nadia and went over to her, and scratched his head.
Thorn saw Rome do a bunch of flips and whatever, and muttered under his breath, “show off.”
Rome continued to do what she did bc yeah as Nadia ran around in circles
Thorn decided to take action. He picked up a twig and threw it at Rome’s head.
Rome sees the incoming twig and kicked it back the direction it came in, “σκύλa” she cursed under her breath and shook her head.
“Yeah...someone through a twig at me,” she shrugged. “So how are you “ she asked.
Theo was still woozy and just laying in bed in his dorm room.
Thorn stayed sitting, he was tracing the steps with his finger.
(there were just some love shapes)
(No we talked about love shapes, nothing really happened😂😂)
(there were still love shapes ABOUT TO HAPPEN. my case is clear.)
Theo heard a ding from his found, him being woozy and all took the phone and threw it out the window by accident. Theo sat up immediately, “why’d I do that?” he questioned himself
(yes aH)
(Ah yes)
“You okay?” Rome asked as someone called her- she assumed who it was and just ignored them.
“Are you sure?” she asked, she didn’t want to press on, but she knew something was up.
“Oh-“ Rome stated. She wasn’t good at boy advice or boys. “Um...well...where is he now?” she asked, “You should tell him,” she shrugged, reminiscing on something that happened in her padt.
“Well, do you know what apartment he lives in?” she asked.
“Oh...Um...do you know any of his friends?” she then asked
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I’m bored
Rome goes back to her apartment and just sits there awhile, alone. She was used to being alone, she never really had anyone and anyone she got close to- Well it never ended well.
bleeeeeep bleeeeeep
I’m a sheeeeeep
someone is here
to cure my boredom