😞okay, well I've been ignoring the haters...but😞
🙂check comments🙂
😔entry to the Divergent Games😔
☹️QOTD: do you go on the school bus? AOTD: yep☹️


😕click...😕 😞okay, well I've been ignoring the haters...but😞 🙂check comments🙂 😔entry to the Divergent Games😔 ☹️QOTD: do you go on the school bus? AOTD: yep☹️ 08/25/17

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🌹🌹and you are not alone💜
this is incredible!!!!
🌹I'm sorry you have to go through all of this, and I'm glad you feel you can trust PC with this! you are not alone. 🖤
🌹this candor collage is mawh 😘. If u ever need to talk I'm here, I understand what u are going through, it can be tough but if u stay strong It'll turn out alright in the end.
🌹I go to a small school where most people stay for primary, then they go to a bigger school, so I know how you feel. But the haters in my school never go. it's a little ironic because they're the ones that want to leave
🌹 This collage is AMAZETURTLES!!! This same thing happened to me. Everyone left for the 'popular kids'. So now I'm THAT weird person who tries to be friends with everyone...🙄😐😔 Middle Schoolers are weird.
🌹 Beautiful collage! And I feel ya. I broke off a friendship with one of my best friends of 2 or 3 years in February. Quite a few things happened and I just finally broke off. Anyway, around that time, we had started to hang out with a new group. There were 7 of us total (including me and her). She still stayed in that friend group and hung out with them. It made me so mad. I couldn't exactly avoid her. But that's besides the point. I feel you is basically what I'm trying to say. "You don't lose friends over time, you just find out who the real ones are." There's your quote for today. 💜😅
AOTD- No, I don't
Also, I'll try and start on the collab today. Be warned, though, I'll probably make like 5000 different versions; I always do. 😂😅
Of course 💞
You are welcome! 💜 Glad I could help. :) And thank you.
Here's 1 and 1.5
I put our users on it so someone won't steal the layout, that's all.
Here's a simpler one. #2
I'm going to make more later. 😂😅 I've got to go now, I'll be back in a few hours.
Hope it gets better🌹
you're welcome!😊💜
do u like Kat?? there's a lot of hate regarding night prowess and it needs to stop!! #welovekat!! ❌Stop Hate❌ xx 😘😭
I don't know what happened. 😂😅
Thanks and sure. Who's doing the quote again? 😅 Am I?
Oh, and one more thing, I'll remix you the background, but I'll give you the collectible in a separate remix. That way, you can adjust the PNG to the size you need for the text. :D
There's the original, too, if you want it. :) I'll get a few quotes and you can choose.
"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." "You aren't always going to win, but stories don't end when you lose." (From my bio 😂😅). And one of my favorites: "Someday, when the pages of my life end, I know you will be one of its most beautiful chapters."
Which one do you like best, and if you don't life any of them, I can always find more! :D
I have spammed you so much. 😂😅 Sorry about that. 💜
Okay! 💜 Thank you and you're welcome!
Sure! I'm going to post it after school, but you can post it whenever. 💜
hola how was your day??!!
🌹🌹Np I'm always here if u wanna chat 💕 Btw what's ur name? Heyyy I'm Leila 😝😝
I like this!
Serena! This is so pretty!!!