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And professor snape would like to add the prongs is simply jealous that lily thought you were an egotistical bully for most of your childhood.
Mr. Prongs, being the absolute gentleman that he is, would very much like to enlighten Professor Snivellus to the fact that Lily married the one and only him, and didn't even speak to you for the entirety of her adult life. Need Mr. Prongs mention that you were a straight up Death Eater? Bully, Death Eater, which is worse? Mr. Prongs doesn't regret what he's done, as it would appear that he had the right idea. Mr. Prongs is very certain, that given the opportunity, any normal, good wizard would leap at the chance to torment a future death eater.
Mr Moony would greatly appreciate it if Professor Snape would keep is abnormally large nose out of other people's business
may I add that if professor snape was such a "terrible person", wouldn't he have, let's say, killed Harry? but instead, he followed dumbledore blindly and protected him at all costs when he had every opportunity not to. instead he risked his life being a spy to the most merciless, ruthless wizard of all time?
ah, but he was a death eater, was he not? again, no regrets
SO was Draco
AND even so, snapes main purpose was to protect lily.
now, you may say, "well he failed" BUT
(look at the next collage)
(the tumblr post one)