Ik i have missed a lot on here so feel free to please catch me up in the comments☺️🤍🏰Pics will be in the remix


✨🎠tap🎠✨ Ik i have missed a lot on here so feel free to please catch me up in the comments☺️🤍🏰Pics will be in the remix

82 9
that’s ok you’ll be taking a step back, I do hope you’ll be on!
more pics to come
you should make collages with these incredible bgs!
looks like you had so much fun!😆
can’t wait till more pics!😄
The pictures are GORGEOUS!!!
they are making me want to go there lol
btw tysm:))
thank you!
wdw looks amazing!!
ahhhh miss Disney the drop tower and the avatar ride
and the Harry Potter ones are just THE BESTTT AND SPECTACULAR
I hope you had an awesome time... we weren’t able to explore Universal studios as much... but it’s an awesome place to be in
if feels like you’re in another world... 🌍 a world of magic
and the lighting on the castle is gorgeous!!! all the castles, all princes and princesses and all those movies like Aladdin, the little mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella and much more!!! it’s BEAUTIFUL
aw tysmmm!!😊
i agree with @sweet_lavender you should make collages out of these masterpieces
and i hope you had a blast
and i love the pics!! hope u had a great time✨
ofc 🤍
yeah you definitely should!👍👍
aww that looks so fun
Hope you had a great time ❤️
Thank you!
Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! My family’s going there in April, do you have any suggestions for what to do while we’re there? We’ll be at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot!
ohhh... well you did go to Disney which is the main attraction! ahaha yeah I’m a Harry Potter fan too! I am a Harry Potter and Percy Jackson nerd. but yes it’s a fun place
awhhhhhhhh I hope u had fun
thank you! ❤️
can I collab with you btw?
ooo i hope you had fun i love disney!
yay that sounds so fun!!
love the pics!!
new post
Okay, thank you so much! All of those rides were definitely on my family’s list, so this will help so much!!! I honestly think that I’m most excited to go to Epcot just because I love food lol 😂 What was your favorite thing that you did?
new post<33
🏖New Post🏖
I’m going there in April too
My sister really likes taking pictures in her free time as well I usually like riding my horse in my free time though
Ahhh thank you again! It’s my first time going to Disney since I was around 5ish so I don’t remember a lot about it! It’s all new to me and this helps a ton!
thankss! ICE PALACE? Correct me if I’m wrong I just never went to Disney world😭
ahh okay😭
looks like it was so much fun!!! what was your fav part?
heyyyy♥️♥️how have you been😁
Thank you again! I’ll be sure to tell you all about it!
thank you!!
your pictures are amazing 🤩🤩
ty ❤️
wanna have some fun? Join my Grand Contest!
hey how have you been!
Heyyyy!💕💕 how’ve you been?!
oh lol me too sometimes I oversleep and it makes me even more tired! also are you on spring break? since you said you’re not that busy?
Also that’s good that you’re focusing more on God than everything else! I try to read Bible everyday and you should try that too!
I have been pretty good lately! and since the mask mandate is off, it’s so weird seeing people without masks lol 😂!
new post
Thank you 😊
welcome to my acc! new post!
ohhh make sense! and I didn’t know you were homeschooled! do you like it?
yes! we all have our moments!! I can relate a lot! and tysm😊♥️
that’s cool! I really want to try homeschool someday!
I’m good thxx!!😂♥️
wow you’re homeschooled!! that’s sooo cool!!! I wish I was homeschooled! at least I don’t have to go to school
yeah bc it doesn’t matter when you do the work you just have to get it done so that’s so cool!
hi how are you
thank u luv🥺💖
new post!
aweee you’re tooo sweet 💕 how are you😉
new posttt
omg i love disney! i went to disney springs last december!
tysm!! ive been well. how about you?? anything you’re looking forward to?
tysm! hru?
aww thank :)
i really missed this account! its very pretty! i love ur style
ahhh Tysm how have you been??♥️
thank you! ❤️
How’ve you been?
aw thanks! (also 100th comment)
I’m pretty good too lol enjoying the sun outside! lol
aw tysm!
ohhh nice I bet you look beautiful 🤩 here where I live it’s not as hot yet for tanning but I can’t wait until it will be!
omg really? I live more in the Pacific Northwest and it’s always raining lol ☹️😂
oh lol it’s almost always cold here but in winters we barely get snow actually more rain that snow 😂
same once it snowed, rained, hailed and it was sunny all in the same day can u imagine how crazy it was?
would you like to collab? we haven’t done that in a while!
thank uu!!! and yeaaaah Taylor is the best😩💖
Thank you!!
thank you!
Hey girly❤️ I’m back!!! Check out my poetry contest on my page! I would love to catch up some time!!
new post❤️💗💙
omg surgery?? are you okay? and yeah my birthday is next week and so my friend and i (we’re 2 hours apart) are celebrating our birthday on sunday with some friends from our class!! and saturday night im going to a quinceanera and ive never been to one so im kinda nervous haha
aweee what happened?
how’s the surgery goes well! and Im fine with waiting just lmk when ur free! no pressure!❤️🙂 hope you’re okay!
Awwwwww thank you!😊
awe that’s sad! 🥺
ohhh yeah i get it. i hope the surgery goes well!!<3
I'm good thank you!😊
I heard you hurt yourself doing basketball how are you doing?
I wish you good luck with your surgery and I'm sorry you got hurt hope you feel better though!
wow thank you so much!! that means the world to meee
Awwwww your welcome!❤️
i heard you hurt yourself! how are you doing??
hope you’re surgery goes well!!
aweee ty hru?
tysmmm!! it was so much fun!!!
I’m good thx♥️
would you like to join my camp
thank you :)
aww thank you!!!💕
tysm! 💕
Hi! This is my new confessions/advice account. Everything you need to know about it is posted <3
thank you!!
new post!
thank you!
thank you!! i just posted another lol (that kind of night)
haha cheese is a classic! 🧀
awwww thank you so much 😩💖 hope you had fun!!
💦New Post💦
new post
aww tysm💖💖
Did you know Purplerain- is back?
ahhh ty!! how have you been?
thank you!
thank you!!!!
Awwwwwww thank you!😊
hahaha yessss!!! I’m sleepy and tired from school!! how’s school for you?
wait what surgery are you okay? I hope you’re doing well!!💕
thank you !!
hi how are you?
heyy, how’re u
yesss glad it’s on it’s end!! and ohh I hope it all gets better soon and I hope you can play again💕💕💕
good what you doing?
i miss you too!!😭 sorry for not responding, i just came off spring break! i have no excuse tho bc i literally just sat at home and watched tv😂
how have you been?
new post!!
thank you!!
Awwwwww thanks!😊
and thanks so much!!! that makes me feel better :)
it was very relaxing! didn't do much other than get some driving time in!
what've you been doing?
Thank you!!
thank you!!!💖💖💖
thank you sm!! <3
Thank you so much!!! How have you been??
I’ve been super excited because of Disney vacation officially starts on Friday!
thank you! ❤️
thank you so much!
how’ve you been?💕🌸
yes😔 the line most certainly came from hurt as well. I hope you are doing okay, and know I’m here if you ever need to talk❤️
ahhhh tysmm!! how have you been?
awww I’m sorry to hear that
Awwwwww thank you!😊
that’s awesome!! i think i joined somewhere in 2016-2017! my names lexi :)
hi, hru?? also, do you have a name I can call you? 💕
I’m pretty good too! have you done anything fun lately?
tysm!! hru?
I’m great
hey how are you?
oooh that’s nice! do you see the often?
thanks! 💕
aw that’s ok!
Thank you!!
thank you and i’m good thanks!!
that’s nice! also thank you!
same I don’t play chess lol
Heyy <3
hru? collage sign ups on my page
I am hosting a summer contest and would love for you to join!❤️🍍
200th comment!
ofc anytime!! tysm for commenting!!
i'm sorry about ur surgery!! that sucks!! and i hope you can visit family another time!!
if you don't mind me asking.. what did you do to hurt ur acl?
hope your leg feels better after your surgery!! it will get better after a while!!
oooo that probably hurt!! i too play basketball!!
i love ur collages how to you make themmm
Heyy! How are you?
new post!
hope you feel better!!
I’m doing well!
Looks like you had so much fun!!
Now here is ur cookie for commenting on my post 🍪🍪🍪
omggg tysm!! how are you?
thank you!!!!
Thank you!!
aww have a wonderful break~ also congrats on 1100! 🤗
Awwwwww thank you!😊🌱
hey!! I’m back!
**~copy and paste~** hello! please check out my contest if you don't mind <3 – @-metanoia-
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🙌NEW CONTEST! join now:))
thanks! I’m excited lol!
hey hru??
tyyy :))
new post!
ilysm!! thank u!!
praying u get better! im doing good, what about you?
tyy! and in pretty good too
thanks u!
how’ve you been? haven’t talked to u in a while
yesss so happy abt that!
ty how are you?
aw tysm!! 💕
thank uuu
hi!!! how are you?!
Hey we haven't talked in a while. Howve you been?
THANK YOU!!!! 🤍🥰 AWWWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 🥰🥰🥰 thats so awesome when does your cheer season start?! 🥰🤍 I actually just had first day of tryouts yesterday and i have them today too!! im doing really good!!! love ya!! 🤍🤍
also when you start posting again would you be up to collab!!
oh no sorry it’s two different events , my parents are only going and bc I’m going to the beach house I’m not going to the wedding:( but beach house should be fun!
Thank you for your kind comments!
oh wow!!!! I'll be praying for you that your acl continues to recover and youll be strong enough to cheer and play basketball in the fall!! yeah of course!!! I WOULD LOVE TO DO THE TEXT FOR THE BG!!!
well not you because i know you'll be strong enough.. i just mean your ACL but you probably know what i mean 😂
i hope i didn't confuse you 😂 hang on let me try and word it again lol... I'll be praying that your ACL continues to recover and your ACL will be strong enough to cheer and play basketball in the fall!!
hey how are you?
hey hru?
thank you!
yeah ig I worded the caption a little wrong sorry bout that didn’t mean to confuse you:)
i'm also pretty good!
that’s good to hear I’m alright thx:))
okay lol
Awwww thank you!😊
amazing wby?
yep same 2 u!!
thank you!!
hey how are you?
ty!! thats cool that you live so close!!
heyyy! how are you?
omggggg tysmmm!!!
I’m doing great thx for asking
onggg ty!!! how how are you?
ty 💕💕
Hi!!! Yeah I got it!! I'll get started on the text today!!
thanks so much!
when will you start posting again?!?! your posts are soooooo good!!
ohhh!! that's good
oh yeah makes sense! same here! what day does your school end?
hey how have you been
ahhhh tysm!!!!
aww tysmmmm!!!
Ty! It looked like u had fun btw
ohhh Congrats!👏👏👏🥳🥳🥳 I still have a couple more weeks!
new post
thanks :)
AWWW TYSM ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you! tysm for the encouragement!💞💞
thank you :)
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