How are you guys? I haven't posted in a while.


{click} How are you guys? I haven't posted in a while.

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yayayyayY i love your edits
yee I'm great
yeah of course! these things take effort and creativity and yours are absolutely amazing
awe thanks i will :)
thanks! :))
thank you so much!!
thanks, it we t well :)
music on the radio that's overplayed and old taylor swift songs
but tbh i shouldn't be complaining bc im still listeninf to tøp for over a year lfllekdjakks
thank you💜
it was good, i got good teachers and no classes with people i don't know so that's good
hey!! i'm so glad you're back. i thought you left for good. @caption: i'm pretty good i guess... aside from my school in which i have no friends and it gives me a TON of homework 😭😭😭 how about you?
just try to have a positive attitude about the whole "school" thing and you'll do great! i know it's hard, but it makes things so much better.
yeah. sorry, i'm not good at giving advice at all, i want to help you. guess i can't
you're fine
i shouldn't have responded like that anyway
my family isn't into music award shows and anyway my dad is wàtching the news during it
well the next activity was Simon says and she looked at me and said "think you can handle this?" in a super sarcastic voice and gagsjdjckldlennf
my rarely do tbh
thank you fren💜💜
yup but there's only two but there's more songs on yt
she has more songs but they're in sound cloud (maybe you could find them in YouTube)
uh the theme is fall because it's 4 piccollages fall contest :p
he's talked to me a bit, yeah. he's so sick from these anxiety induced seizures and he doesn't have any appetite because he's always sick so he's not eating and hasn't for three days
and he gets very dumb and rude when he's sick, not flat out mean, but he gets very thick and it stresses me to death
Last night he told me he was sick at work then told me to leave him alone when I offered to either come help him or give him advice. I was worried to death about that and very hurt by him saying that and I started goin crazy with my mind wondering for an hour. then, when the sick episode has passed I tell him all about how stressed I am (because I'm st the limit where I het suicidal) and he really wanted to come spend the night with me after he got off work so he could help me calm down my anxiety and feel comforted with him there, so I went through the trouble of convincing my parents to let him come spend the night
THEN, he said he would be coming in at around 10:30, and usually we hear his car pull up and our dog barks at him when she hears him coming to the front door. as she does with anyone she's not sure of, especially at night.
mom and I were playing with Mason and Piper our rabbit and guinea pig when he got there at 10:30
he said he pulled slight off of our drive way and came to the door and knocked a tiny bit, barely making any sound because he was worried we had all fallen asleep ????? because he was being dumb and thinking we had since I was away from my phone and not answering his anxious texts of "aRe youU sure I ShouLd CpmR oveR"
and so he assumed I was asleep and my parents were asleep and he didn't even try to get out attention, he was saying he felt like a burden to me and my family anyways and that my parents only cared for him out of pity
so he left and texted me when he had wifi at McDonald's that he was going hom isnhead.