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Sam~ *smiles and kisses you back*
Sam~ hey baby girl 😊💙
Sam~ hru babe😊💙
Sam~ I’m amazing baby girl *holds you in my arms*
Sam~ *kisses the top of your nose*😊💕
Sam~ aweeee😊🥰 I’m glad that I make you happy babygirl
Sam~ heyyy babygirl 💕💕💕😊😊💙💙💙♾♾♾♾
Sam~ *kisses you*
Sam~ *smiles* I love you ❤️😊💙🖤♾
Sam~ *hugs you and pulls you onto my lap* mineeeee
Sam~ YAYYYYY! *smiles cutely at you*
Sam~ hey babe 😘💙😊🖤
Sam~ damń baby your so beautiful 😍💙
Sam~ no problem baby 💙😘
Sam~ well honey what do you wanna do?