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🏵️12/03/21🏵️ Check comments beacuse it's too long

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super cute!
☘️ hola come check out who’s on your team and do your college☘️
I think I'm slightly obbsesed with this 'style' (as I call it)😂 but it will be the last post of this 'style' for now I might post some more of this every now and then. Also tysm for 200 I never knew I would get that many so tysm I'm so grateful Q: fav book A: Harry potter⚡ and my fav book from the series has to be either the 5th or the 4th. (Also sorry i sent this late i completely forgot to put it in the comments)
hello do you want an icon if so come over to our acc and remix the icon form (sorry for the copy and paste, feel free to delete)~Jailyn and Nora