05.05.19 「t a p」
I’m keen to make friends on PC so hmu in the comments! 🥰
QOTD: do you have a phobia?
AOTD: I have a phobia of vomit and choking

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05.05.19 「t a p」 I’m keen to make friends on PC so hmu in the comments! 🥰 QOTD: do you have a phobia? AOTD: I have a phobia of vomit and choking

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🍓:: tap the caption for the qotd. feel free to start a convo I’m keen to know you guys! ❤️
this is so cute thoooo WTHHH😭
ur posts r sososo cute
aotd: I have a lot of phobias lol hang on I write them down lemme find the names ahaha
monophobia, arachnophobia (though I’m ever so slightly overcoming that), atychiphobia, nyctophobia, athazagoraphobia, bathophobia, autophobia kjskdjsj that’s a lot
dang my school is lame compared to your’s 😂
well I honestly don’t know how... my zodiac is pisces which a lot of pisces people have atychiphobia (fear of failure/being a failure)
and I’m scared of the dark bc of my thoughts.. which are honestly pretty negative lolol
like I’m scared someone’s just gonna come out and scare me or stab me.. yEp pretty dArk
bahaha not tmi don’t worry. ig I’m more fearing BEING a failure than just failing - it it depends what it is that I’m scared of failing lol
yas do you want to be friends?
tysm! 💓
aotd: arachnophobia 🕷🕸
I’m a pisces too and I am SOO scared of spiders because one time I was taking my dog outside and I looked down and there was a spider on my foot and another time I was making my bed and I picked up a pillow and there was a spider underneath it😫😖
that’s some good tea☕️
ur welcome !! 🥺 and AHH clearly 😂
💘💕💓💖💞💗ur so sweet x
the tea is hot👀👀
aotd: I have a phobia of things that move really fast?? very weird I know
thank you sis ❤️
and O mannn I didn’t think abt that side of it. yea maybe I’m good with having lame school😂😂
aw thank youu and yay my name is enya, what’s yours?
omg yas ofc 💗😌
wyd ?🙃
re/if that happened to me I would probably move
tysm 💕
you seem like a really cool person and I’ve stuck with the same friends on PC for a while, I’d love to be friends💜☺️
aotd: where do I begin😅 ok I have a phobia of the ocean, a phobia of small spaces, a phobia of small holes next to each other, a phobia of losing BTS is probably my biggest phobia😂
aw I love the name lia💓 my name is pretty rare too
aotd: papyraphobia i just HATE HATE HATE wet paper and wet plastic... like thinking about wet ziploc bags is making me nauseous....
^isnt that sad?😂😂😂
I used to wake up with panic attacks and things would move really fast, so I guess it just makes me anxious? maybe not a phobia
ya of course!! and aw thank youu, can you tell me abit about yourself?
TYSM!!! 💖
AOTD:// spiderphobia🤣🤣🤣
thank you so much!
this tea is hot!
AOTD: Clibanisophobia (fear of ovens)
idk tbh it’s been that way my whole life, i never it was a real thing till recently and it was just me being weird
as a child i wouldn’t fruit out of ziplock bags bc it grossed me out so badly (btw it’s not a fear i have it’s just a phobia)
*wouldn’t eat fruit
thank you 💖
haha ooo my birthday is also in October!! and love bts and pretty much too!! do you like their new song phases?
ya same!! it’s super cool, hmm what I like well I guess I like a lot of things haha well I lovee music and I like to dance hmm do you play an instrument?
awh, Tysm!
OOF our tea isn't as bad as yours but occasionally we'll get some REALLY bad stuff😂
yes holes
I can’t even say HoLeS without cringing 🤢
AOTD: choking
dAnG what’s goes on in your school?! 😂 the most we get to is a fight between two girls but that’s it 😂😂
probably chewing/scratching on metal
oooomggg your aotd😱 are you me? lol
AOTD: diving and falling
aotd// I have anxiety so I have ALOT chocking, sweaty feet, spiders, snakes, CLOWNS,heights, falling, being chased, and that’s about 😂👌🏻
your school sounds hype 😂 my school’s kind of tea is our entire class skiving a lesson (it wasn’t EXACTLY skiving bc the teacher wasn’t there but we decided not to inform student office bc the most likely sub teacher hates us) and t-posing around the school playing knock down ginger on classrooms. My school’s tea contains crack and a little bit of lsd 😂
now that i think of it it’s not even tea it’s just my class being crackheads on a daily basis (btw i’m darker_oceans/SugarcoatedRain but I’ve restarted and this is my collab acc)