▪️First one of the black and white theme!▫️
💕Thanks so much to @glitter_brain for my fab icon!💕


◻️Tappy◼️ ▪️First one of the black and white theme!▫️ 💕Thanks so much to @glitter_brain for my fab icon!💕

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this looks soooo perfect !
how do u make it with a perfect quality ?! mines are looking good in my camera roll but they have a very bad quality when I post them !
hi, its a pleasure💐😀👍🏻thanx for using🌸
I'm not sure💕
np !
the first challenge is here due this Saturday
yay teammates
thank you! You are so kind!💦😊💕
jay! lets rock that team😀🌸👍😀🌸👍💐💖💐💖
Im not so sure it's a collab team..🙃I think everyone in the team must post their own collage to add points to our main team, and then its elimination rounds from there..? I must have misunderstood. 😬 If it is ok to collab on the team, then I'll like to do the background?😀🌸👍🌸👍
oh ok💕
sure, I'll ask and reply to you🤗💖
hi there, I asked, and for this round we have to post our own collage. Im sure one of the later tasks will be a collab, and if not, I'll collab with you anytime. good luck with this one, Im sure our team will get great points😀😀🌸🌸👍👍💖💖🤗🤗
thank you🌈
you have already remixed one collage
what's the second one for
ok cool I'll judge the second one the one you just posted
sorry for the misunderstanding
I never said that😭If I did I'm sorry😭When was this?
I'm sorry😭💔was this last week or this week?😪😓I really sorry I really mean it😭If it was last week I wasn't online😓I have co-owners but their never say anything bad😓I'm sorry again😭
pacify her she is getting on my nerves i love song 😍
How do you edit your pics? it looks cool 😊
no sorry 😐