✨8/6/21✨ [TAPP]
I literally start school in 2 weeks so I probably won’t post as much on here sorry guys😃 but I’ll probably post a collage weekly! :)


✨8/6/21✨ [TAPP] I literally start school in 2 weeks so I probably won’t post as much on here sorry guys😃 but I’ll probably post a collage weekly! :)

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this is amazing! and ty!
thanks again!
🤣thanks AGAIN!
I love this!!
ahh thank you!
ooh girl tbh I used to think you didn’t post much- now you’re gonna be posting x2 as much as me 😅😩
and good luck on back to school! I’m going back on the 18
oh and I almost forgot- STUNNINGGG
pls join my icon contest!!
yep!! I had an account last year and I forget how I did it- or maybe I deleted my account before it-
thank you! <3
ooh wow!!
I hope you get back up there on this account!!
of course!! you totally deserve it tho!! 💕 and I’m great! hbu?
finsihed the collab :)
y’all should follow my tiktok
Omg! Hey everyone! It’s me, Lauren, but my account is @rainbow-waves. I haven’t been very active as i play travel softball and have been on vacations and at tournaments. As school is starting, and softball is slowing down, I am thinking that I am going to start posting! I will come up with a schedule to post as well as posting on my extras (maybe still not sure). Please share this and share my account so i can build my friends I’ve made on PicCollage and everyone is aware that I am coming back! Thanks ❤️❤️Lauren @rainbow-waves
*THIS WAS INTENDED TO BE COMMENTED FROM MY EXTRAS ACCOUNT* hello, it’s samara, at @-lushhh-‘s extras account!! I just posted a SOUR contest on this account and I’d love for you to check it out!! I am aware that @L3m0n_z3st is already holding a SOUR contest, but I’m hoping to make it as different as possible! if you have time I would love for you to maybe participate if you had the time!! Love, Samara 💕☁️🦋 *sorry for copy/paste* [feel free to delete]
🏰new post🏰make sure to check the remixes for the full caption!
this was from a text I got so I’m doin it to my frens on pc: ↓Read it all!↓ ↓I mean it!↓ ↓Read it all!↓ 💀If you were killed, I wouldn't be at your funeral.💀 👊I'd be in jail for killing the person who killed you.👊 👭We are true friends.👭 💁We ride together, we die together.💁 😌Send this to everybody you care about, including me, if you care. #⃣See how many times u get this.#⃣ 💯I want you to know you are an amazing friend, till death and forever.💯 😞If I don't get this back, I understand.😞 🤗But I have a game for you.🤗 🤔Once you read this letter, you must send this to 15 people, including me.🤔 ❤If you get at least three back, you are loved.❤ 😦Nobody knows how important something is, until they lose it.😦 😍Tonight, (right at 12:00pm) the person you love will realize they love you.😍 😯Then, at 1:00pm to 2:00pm, be ready for the shock of yourlife!😯 😲If you break this chain, you will have bad luck.😲 💓With love, send this to the 15💓 🙍If you don't, you will turn ugly in one year.🙍 🗣A friend told me to do this, so past it on.🗣 📲Tomorrow, two boys/girls will ask if they can I have your number?📲 Send this message to 15 nice, people or bad luck starts for a whole year.📅 🙅This is not fake.🙅 🙌Apparently, if you copy and paste this, you will have the best day of your life tomorrow!🙌 😼Good luck! 😃Oh! And don’t send this to a group chat!!😃
(copy/paste feel free to delete): Hey! Sorry I took a bit of a break. Check my latest collage for the update!❤️
can u teach me how make theese amazing aesthethic collages??
thank you!☺️
Hi this is STUNNING 🤍☺️☀️
Such a pretty aesthetic
this is so cool!!! <33
🏵round two of my contest is out!🏵items have been provided by @throneofdoom so come join! Anyone is able to enter, even if you didn’t enter the first round🤗
Ooooo I love this, it’s so peachy 💗
thank you!!!
your review has been posted! ✨
you’re welcome! thank you for letting me review you!
tysm ☺️💖
Amazing collage this my third account as my main account is Breathin_Dreams can you please me an icon as I have changed my username on this account which is Forevermore_Dreams 13 used to be called BettyVeronica46
this is sooo stunning!