Okay so if you’d u didn’t know, this a band called RoadTripTV- They do covers etc...(go check em out😉) and basically my best friend got us tickets to see them live for my birthday(yes it’s soon😂✌🏻)  YAYYYYY🤩💕Forever_A_Dreamer_🙃✌🏻


🙃TAPPPP!🙃 Okay so if you’d u didn’t know, this a band called RoadTripTV- They do covers etc...(go check em out😉) and basically my best friend got us tickets to see them live for my birthday(yes it’s soon😂✌🏻) YAYYYYY🤩💕Forever_A_Dreamer_🙃✌🏻

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harry styles💕
sure, you can remix in the sign up sheet
sure! I can do that!
I remixed you our final with our usernames on it!! time to post!!
sounds good! I'll remix the quote and background once I find the perfect one!💕
it’s personal but thx 😭❤️❤️❤️
sure I’ll rp
good u?
ah thanksss. and also np. 💞✨
i spam acc's i like. xD
just listening to rap music
drawing isnt my thing either. 🌚
aaa. i'm known for sarcasm too. ❗️🌚
thats great, do you write poems? 🌸
oh yeah i get that. ppl actually fall for it sometimes. 😂
i would love to read one of your poems if you dont mind. i love reading poems. it gives me inner peace. for some reason. i'm weird. 😂🌚
small? oof how old are you if ya dont mind?
i love poems like that. its more realistic
i hàte the ones where they over exaggerate about how great everything is like bruhhh.
i'm turning 13 next month.
it was a good poem.
i'm hamnah, everyone calls me ham. or anything you like tbh. i have many nick names. 💀
i dont have goals in life, theres no point when i'm just gonna dîe one day and will be forgotten. SO YEET. wbu tho? 💀
hun, that wasnt sarcasm. 💀
also, i lowkey like marshmallow, not a big fan. 🌚
i'm also known for honesty. so yeeto neato despacito
happier is a nice song.
i was aware of it. lmfàoooô, but i mean, i dont give a single fûccççk about anything anymore. so rip.
ikr schools stupid.
waste of time smh.
true like bîtčhhh, i have to stalk ppl in insta. like does she even know how much hardwork that is.
i don't celebrate Halloween lmfàô
sorry. i had to. 😂💀
i dont have braces but i NEED braces. 💀
ok i'm done being stupid. 👽
tbh i feel like mostly ppl with braces look smexy
thats what all the smexy ppl say ;)
did i forget to mention, i flirt a lot. even with girls. 🌚
also dont take anything i say seriously. 🌚 if you did then rip
now i wanna see what you look like. 👀
nnaaaahhh i'm straight
as straight as that pole your mum dances on 🤓
its like most of them are just narcissists tryna waste my time and attention.
ok youre a cutie.
real talk initiated.
dont let the stupid ppl get to you, youre legit one of the cutest ppl i've seen. like bruh. i dont see the ugliness. 🌚 plus, youre not even 14 yet YOURE GOING THROUGH PUBERTY. ik this sounds weird coming from me tho we've just met. but if i were a boy, i'd prolly be all over you. 😂 dont call yourself ugly. cuz youre reqlly not. i mean, i'm the most honest person when it comes to giving opinions, if you were ugly i wouldve just kept quiet tho. and if you were okay-ish. i wouldve told ya. but youre not any of those. youre actually really pretty. 🌚
also, i didnt hit puberty yet either so rip
dont compare yourself to me hun, i'm no where as far as pretty as you. so sheesh.
plus, i actually hate my looks. but its called 'not caring about opinions'
if anyone called me ugly, i'd beat the shii out of them.
and i'm not nice. i'm honest.
dont call me dear. uwu
ay, you have insta?
i dont come much online here. sometimes i take breaks without informing. so maybe we can stay in touch there. you seem like a fun person. 🤓
oof, i dont have sc
tho i'm an indian
this world is crazyy mann
like we get to talk to ppl from all around the world through this thing called internet
now what
eRgh I’ve had them since november 2017. ive broke like 6 brackets along the way & they fixed them the other day and they hurt so much dude. bit guess what i already broke 2, so OoPs.
awh i feel sad for you, where i live you can dress however you want as long as it follows the dress code. im sal, you?
I broke so much, my dentist just shook his head and cut he wire and continued on. on the other hand, he literally was super mad when my sister broke hers 😂
thanks so much! ♥️
No, when I broke my bracket they cut the wire and didn’t fix them bc they were in the back. and when I broke a few more, in the back they didn’t fix it bc they were focusing on the front of my mouth. so when they were fixing my back they fixed those brackets and added new ones. I don’t think you pay for the brackets you broke they just fix them
tysm for follow me ❤️❤️❤️♥️❤️
hiya!! how are you doing?
I'm not too bad, just a little confused lol. Relationships amiright? but yeah, I'm ok
what have you been up to?
so cute !!😩💝
I love your collages!🍂my contest for fall quotes end on the 6th and I really hoped you could enter!
You've got an amazing friend!!! love them too!!!