Collab with…
exquisitelyeverything! Go follow her! She did the nice text and I did the bg!!! Hope you like it! xx 🫶💓🌻


Collab with… exquisitelyeverything! Go follow her! She did the nice text and I did the bg!!! Hope you like it! xx 🫶💓🌻

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ahh love it!💕
hru ivy?
this is gorgeous girl! great job you two!
I really enjoyed doing this too! thanks ivy!
gorgeous !!
yes it’s amazing!
I’m good thank you
no I don’t, I’m homeschooled soo ok don’t socialise often that
I am pretty good too, I just went back to my hometown, for a week! next Sat I am going back to my school city💕🤧✈️
I missed you too!! you’ve been on and off, I think we didn’t talk for awhile!
I love thé vibes!
hru Ivy? xx
I was not expecting it too, but things just happen I guess :( I am going to miss you too ivy, hope the best for you, and treasuring our friendship🌈
stunning !!
Ivy? hru? 💗
hey I’m emma nice to meet you too <3!
hey ivy!! I hadn’t talk to you for so long!! I am pretty good, between friends and catching up on life rn🥲wbu? anything going on?
hello ivy! I am doing pretty good thank you, just catching up with life and a teezie bit of drama😳👀❤️
tysm! and how are you?❤️
Ivy!!! it’s been FOREVER! I’ve missed you so much. yasss I’d love to! when works for you?
I’m good btw wbu?
aw ty! I love the icon too! Bria made it. <3!
thank you! omg it’s been so long, how have you been?
hey!! long time no see!! i’ve been doing pretty great actually!! hbu? what have you been up to lately?
hey how are u? x
I’m free now does that work?
thanks Ivy, you’re the literal sweetest! 🫶🫶🫶
sure I’ll do it now!
chat page is up sorry for the delay!
aww that’s not a w beach day :( did you get a cold then? hope your feeling better soon❤️
your welcome!❤️
well, I don’t feel comfortable sharing her name lol but i’ll say it’s super beautiful. i’ll tell you one of her middle names but she hates it and it dosnet fit her very well lol: henrike:))
I love that song too! one of my faves. do you have a crush too??
my sister calls her Lobster (bc she nicknamed my sister shrimp). dutch people are so tall and she’s already 5’9” and she’s 15 like me lol. SHES TALLER THAN BOTH OF MY PARENTS LOL
my nicknames for her are Waffle and Sunrise
need to find a better one lol
oh wait i have a better name to tell you: her name in one language we are learning means Sky! so there’s that lol
omg congratssss!!!!!!
she’s smart as !!!! did I tell you she speaks FIVE LANGAUGES OML and she loves math and science!!
yeah i’m like 4 inches shorter than her lol
thing is she’s straight and we live in a die hard christian community soooo ya she also dosent know i’m qu**r sooo
I’m good thank you, what about yourself?
thank you Ivy!! that’s good
would you like to clolb again sometime?