“They're trapped in this world; in these cities, in these gangs – in this h@te and discrimination and racism – and all that binds into one." -Director Hank Fitzgerald 
•West Side Story•


“They're trapped in this world; in these cities, in these gangs – in this h@te and discrimination and racism – and all that binds into one." -Director Hank Fitzgerald •West Side Story• 9/25/21

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Inspired by lyly! I tried my piece at complex collages, and it’s not going so well. I have also given up on my posting schedule because of well-school. Probably will just post whenever I feel like it which I honestly probably about once a month ✨ But I’ll check in about once a week to talk to you guys! I hope you enjoy this one, it’s from West Side Story. Steven Speilburg is actually directing a new movie that coining out in December on this musical so I’m really excited for that to happen. This quote is from the Director and really about sums up the musical. It’s a bit like Romeo and Juliette, except so much better. (in my opinion) If you have some extra time, I definitely recommend West Side Story!
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It's on netlfix, there's a lot of bl00d and some scenes so watch it at your own risk 🥲
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