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I am active😂
Sure, I’m active rn!
hey can I please sign up?? (my remix isn't working) My username is Hey_SAB, and I'm very devoted to music- I even play two instruments! I am active every day. xx
Thank you! I was wondering if there was specific times for people to post or can we just post when we like (but asking you beforehand of course)
hey on my account I made a cool collage for the club! check it out if you have time 😍😘xx
heyo?? I’m done the art intro. are you done the music intro?
Can I post?❤️
thank you for following me
I hope i can be apart of this group. if not, I definitely appreciate what positivity you are putting into the pc community 😊
mgtaylor so do I! ❤️❤️xx
can I post on here?! I have SOO MUCH art! and I also will post my bio and favorite music
okay thank you :) ♥️
Thanks so much 💗
since I’m a member... can I be in the bio? is that what the bio is for or is that the people that run it??
hi, I'm a member but I'm not in the bio
thank you so much for accepting me, @girlbawse, I am sad to know you are leaving pc, and i hope you succeed at your next step in life, but you will be missed💛
also, I am a member but i am not in the bio. and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help out the club, reply to comments, you know anything to help. 😊
Hey everyone! Those who are asking for passwords or for their name to be in the bio, from what I’ve heard before- TheOneOreo and girlbawse have quit Pic Collage, things will be back in order soon. In the meantime, please be patient and understand. Thank you~ _Mochi_