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yOu MaY bE cOoL bUt Do YoU hAvE cRiPpLiNg AnXiEtY
mY mEmEs ArE iCoNic, My DePrEsSiOn Is ChRoNiC
ThEy SaY 70% oF yOu Is H20, wElL tHe OtHeR 30% oF mE wAnTs2DiE
congrats on 300 followers!!!
ahhhhhh relataBle
we feel 4 you.
I’m sure you’ll make friends, just give it a little more time:)
lel love them sarcasticness comments
but I’m here for ya’
hope it gets btr🤞🏼🤞🏼
be strong!! everybody’s here for you❤️💕❤️