Remix ur list! :)


Tap Remix ur list! :)

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Ouran high school is so good too
miss Kobayashi is also quite good- I started watching it but never finished-
totoro is also great- lol
ermm Kill la Kill was very good but very revealing 😂
love it dude
the bio on point
what should I do
any ideas lol
I like rarely ever do contests so this should be fun
maybe I should do an icon contest but like a fun one
re:// yes revealing- I was shocked about what happened lol- you’d get used to it I think- also I started watching it but I never finished it
re:// also Ms.Kobayashi was a show I never finished but from what I saw so far it was very interesting and kinda funny
eep also I was so bus making the watched list and all it took me a while to see ur comment sooo
also ty [ the bio thong] :>
bro plz tell me when you meet Overhaul in MHA bc he’s literally the hottest villain 😳😳🥵
dude I give up on the contest already lol
hello! I was wondering that if u would like an icon. if u would like an icon, I have an icon form on my acc. tysm for ur time!
you should watch Bungou Stray Dogs
Hello, I was wondering if you would like to join my icon contest! You can win prizes or just a spam of likes! Thanks! -BTS_Fans_Bianca_Di_Angelo
you should watch a silent voice it’s literally so good
nah I kinda loathe contests and like I don’t rly have time to keep up with one rn ahah
a silent voice is on netflix if you’ve got it i’d highly recommend it
ok but like i just saw ur comment and um i think yes that sounds amazing
thank you!!❤️❤️
hi! I saw that you didn’t know her YouTube channel, I’m trying to helpful and not annoying by telling you since I am one of her followers! it is brookie B and warning: self advertising: I have a PicCollage youtube channel and a gaming you tube channel, called CC Rey Games and CC Rey PicCollage:)
short answer, yes she is brookie b